Petty Officer Third Class Cooke – Submarine Sonar Tech

Petty Officer Third Class Cooke – Submarine Sonar Tech

I like being a sonar tech. It’s – it’s pretty amazing to always know where we are, what we’re doing, what’s out there. And we kind of are the eyes and ears of the boat. The thing that drove me to a career in submarine electronics was the technical aspect of it. It’s a pretty big responsibility to do what we do ’cause we’re the only ones that know what’s going on outside the boat. Everyone drives it but we’re the eyes and the ears. I researched a lot online before I did all the paperwork through a recruiter and chose the job and it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The thing that motivates me the most with my career is all that the Navy has given me. Besides a paycheck, it’s given me a lot of training. I’ve been to Singapore, Guam twice, Japan, Alaska. When we went up to Alaska, we were up there just doing some training. We were almost in the middle of this bay, and then we pulled in and opened up the hatch we were around mountains. It was just all mountains and then the other way it was the ocean. And it was one of the coolest things that I’d ever seen. The Navy helps me train all the time. They’re always sending me to different schools. They pay for it ’cause it’s part of my job. I learned a lot in A-School. We learned a lot about ocean environment, biologics, how sound moves through water. I found it fascinating that we go into this much detail to figure out all these different things that we can learn from other boats and ships and everything I learned. It was amazing. The Navy has definitely helped me realize that my potential is higher. Everything we do is pretty intense. I’m Petty Officer Cooke, submarine sonar tech. For more information go to or find us on Facebook.


  1. The picture used to represent A School isn't STS. I'm glad I can at least say the Navy covered the rate I'm working towards though.

  2. @Kilo Vibe- just have your I'd card and social security card with you. Also, relax and when you take your ASVAB, be cool and quiet in the test room. (I hope this helped you).

  3. Be cool about it, like Candis said have your ID and SS card ready, study study study for the ASVAB because your score determines how awesome your job will be.

  4. Make sure you choose what you want to do and what you think you would be good at! Do not just accept a job they put in front of you, make sure you get what you want! Respectfully of course!

  5. If you can't swim you will have the easiest time in bootcamp lmfao. All the people who didnt know how to swim just swam through all of our training….

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