Pharrell Meets Ellen’s Favorite Kid Trainer Demarjay

We’re back with my
friend Pharrell Williams, the incredible brilliant
Pharrell Williams. [CROWD CHEERING] So many different things you
do, so many different areas. You were here– first of all,
congratulations, on the album. Seven years it’s been, right? Yes, ma’am. Since you’ve done
work with them. Yes. Was that pressure that
it had been that long? I go through modes. You know how like there’s
like method actors, I’m kind of like
a method musician. Like I dyed my hair green and
next thing I know, I was like, oh we’re getting ready to
do another N.E.R.D. album. As soon as you dyed your
hair green you knew that? Yeah, I just knew. Wow. Right? Don’t you think that
like sometimes maybe when you get highlights
or whatever, it feels like all of
your clothes are new? You guys feel that way? It feels like you’ve got
a whole new lease on life. I do. [INAUDIBLE] or whatever. I do. I understand what you’re saying. I’m like that
about music though. No, I know. I understand what you’re saying. Hey, last time you were here,
really the last you’re here you were about to have a
baby and it turned out that three babies came out. Yeah. Three babies! [CROWD CHEERING] Yeah. How are they? They’re good. Yeah. They are beautiful, and
intense, and beautiful. Yeah. And do they all sleep
at the same time, or does one sleep and the
others are up and then they take turns? They’re pretty much
on the same schedule. Oh, that’s good. It doesn’t have to be that
way, but miraculously it is. Yeah. And they’re pretty calm. They’re like super zen. Really, all three of them? Yeah they are. They’re like, they’re cool. In the very beginning it wasn’t. In the very beginning
it was just kind of like rage, rage, rage! [LAUGHING] And we were like, OK, you know. And now they’re zen. Yeah. Lucky. Yeah, and it’s 92 of them. Yeah, lucky. So you’re producing
Justin Timberlake’s album or you produced it. What’s that like
producing with him? Because he’s a producer also. Do you clash on
things, or do you– how do you do that? No. It’s always, I mean whenever
we get together is always fun. When I met him we did a song
for I think his last NSYNC album called girlfriend. And after that I mean we
just kind of had a rapport. He trusts me. I was telling him,
like look I think you can do this on your own. And not to squeeze anyone out. I just felt that he was
in that place, because he was such a leader. And you could kind of tell he
wanted to call a lot of shots. Yeah. And I was like well you should
be doing this for yourself, let’s do it. And we kind of had the same
rapport since Justified. Yeah. He’s terrific, isn’t he? He’s a good guy. He’s a good guy. So you’re performing at the
NBA all-star game this year. We have an 11-year-old
fitness expert, Demarjay. Who actually you saw. You know who he is. Yeah. He’s covered the game for us. And I heard you both
want to meet each other. So Demarjay, come on out. Hi, Demarjay. Hi, how are you? I’m good. How are you? You haven’t met yet? No first time, [LAUGHING] You’re like such a– your energy is amazing, bro. Thank you, thank you. Yeah. You know I’m trying. Yeah, no. He’s a very special kid. Yeah. And I heard that
he, there’s a song that he does that he
uses one of your words from your motivational speeches. I love you man. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Let’s have a look at the
clip, let’s see what you used. Who wants to tell you something. A speech right now. Either you work hard for it,
or you don’t work hard for it. Yeah. So you use that in a song? Yeah when he said, “either.” [LAUGHING] But he had like this
interesting patois. And I’m like seeing
them or what looked like you know maybe in New York
City court, basketball court or whatever. But he had like
to strong patois. It’s like, wow. And it just fit the song. It’s a song called
Secret Life of Tigers on the N.E.R.D. album. I got it here. Well your parents cleared
it, so we’re good. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Yeah, yeah. So do you have a new
motivational speech for this year? Of course. You want to do a
little bit right now? Yeah, let’s go. With the patois. With the patois? Yeah. OK. People it’s not 2017 anymore. It’s 2018. We have to realize
time is short. Time is ticking. Yes, there’s going to be dream
stealers along your journey who are gonna try
to steal your dream. But let me tell you what you do. You stay locked, in focus,
you have tunnel vision. That means you don’t see
nothing else around you. Of course there’s going to
be dream stealers beside you. But let me tell you,
you put that up and say, uh-uh dream stealers,
it’s not happening. I’m blocking you. Bye- bye. [CROWD CHEERING] Thank you, thank you. With people like that, kids
like that this country’s going to be just fine. Yep. Thank you. Yep. For real. He’s pretty special. All right, well you did
such a great job last time we’re going to send you again to
be our correspondent at the NBA All-Star game, again. [LAUGHING]

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