Preparing for Invasion: Poland’s Paramilitary Weekend Warriors

Preparing for Invasion: Poland’s Paramilitary Weekend Warriors


  1. Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪!
    Even though our backwards government hate you, the people of Sweden are grateful for you aiding us in time of need! 🇵🇱🇸🇪🇵🇱

  2. god
    this video made me want to apply for polish citizenship and sign up for the army
    so glad the citizens are patriotic and not just a bunch of fat libtards

  3. They create paramilitaries for a invasion which won‘t come. Come on, it‘s the century,Russia and Germany won’t attack you.

  4. The russians are coming lol What is really coming to Poland is hordes of afroasians that EU will force on them .Stupid people turning their backs on their Slavic kin .Years have changed ,Russia is not what it was in early-mid 20th century and has absolutely zero incentive to invade Europe .A land with hardly any resources ,and inhabited by manlets and feminazis.Russia has all the resources it needs

  5. Protect your land!

    Have balls.

    Guess thats hated nowadays?
    Oh Communism is back.. left.
    Cowards are the only ones disliking this.

  6. Girls in UK: aahhhhhh omg is that a real gun oh no you could kill someone with that :O

    Girls in Poland: S H O O T T H E B I R D S

  7. Now you guys are saved after President Trump visited, first stop his Europe trip. Now 1 billion, military structure is allocated by Poland to U.S prssent, freedom never come cheap, but it earn back with right partner……

  8. Angela Markel melt, when Putin speak German to her….she is selling all German technologies to russia, she ought to be removed from her seat immediately, she allowed too much M.Eastern immigrant to enter her country, there was a time I read, in news, every evening German girls/ladies being raped, in the public garden, parks, no news paper wrote about it, public protested, she acted as if not her own flesh and blood, yeah , she never had any children of her own. I was so impressed about German economy, after heard of immigrant issues, I never respected her anymore, buying natural gas from, Putin, bad enough, doesn't want to contribute NATO 2% cost. Shame you Angala.

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