President Trump Gives Remarks on Immigration with Angel Families

President Trump Gives Remarks on Immigration with Angel Families

The President: We actually
spent some time together, so I didn’t mind giving
you a second “hello.” Not at all. We’ve known each
other a long time. We’ve been friends for
a long time, from the beginning
of the campaign. And these are
special people. Please, sit down. Vice President Pence —
thank you very much for joining us, Mike. I also want to recognize
Acting Director Homan, who’s leaving us. He’s been truly a star. And he’s leaving. He’s retiring. But where is Tom? Is he around
here someplace? Tom, stand up, Tom. (Applause.) Tom has been
doing what he’s doing for 34 years and doing it with
strength and dedication. And you are really outstanding, and your highly recommended
replacement is going to do a great job. We know him well. He’s going to
do really great. Thank you, Tom, for
those years of service. I also want to thank the
incredible ICE Officers, Border Patrol agents, and
law enforcement officials who join us here today. If you could
stand up, please. These people are
also special people. (Applause.) And they’re
good-looking people. Aren’t they, huh? (Laughter.) Good-looking people. Thank you very much for
being here and for the bravery. What you do and what you
endure is incredible. I also want to stand and
have the brave men and women from all over
government agencies — we have a lot — maybe just
raise your hand or stand. But we really appreciate
the job that you’ve done, especially during the last
year and a half, because I know you’ve really
put in a lot of extra. So, please. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.) We’re gathered today
to hear directly from the American victims
of illegal immigration. You know, you hear
the other side. You never hear this side. You don’t know
what’s going on. These are the American citizens
permanently separated from their
loved ones — the word “permanently” being the
word that you have to think about —
“permanently.” They’re not separated
for a day or two days. These are permanently separated, because they were killed by
criminal illegal aliens. These are the families
the media ignores. They don’t talk
about them. Very unfair. We have to look
at everybody. But this is a very
unfair situation. And I knew that years ago
when we would be together out campaigning. And I said, “If this ever happens,
we’re never forgetting you.” You know that,
Laura, everybody. Incredible people. And they’re dedicated. These are the stories that
Democrats and people that are weak on immigration,
they don’t want to discuss, they don’t want to hear, they don’t want to see,
they don’t want to talk about. No major networks sent
cameras to their homes or displayed the images of
their incredible loved ones across the
nightly news. They don’t do that. They don’t talk about the
death and destruction caused by people that
shouldn’t be here, people that will continuously
get into trouble and do bad things. For years, their pain was
met with silence; their plight was met
with indifference. But no more. I told them three years
ago when we were together, from day one — just about
day one I would say — I said, “I hear you, I see you,
and I will never let you down.” And we’ve been working together,
and their loved ones have not
died in vain. We all know that. We call these brave Americans
the Angel Families — Angel moms, Angel pops. These are the
Angel Families. Your loss will not
have been in vain. We will secure
our borders. And we will make sure that
they’re properly taken care of eventually. The word will get out. We’ve got to have
a safe country. We’re going to have
a safe country. And your loved ones are
going to be playing and will continue to play
a big part in it. You know that, right? You know that. So here are just a few statistics
on the human toll of illegal
immigration. According to a 2011
government report, the arrests attached to the
criminal alien population included an estimated
25,000 people for homicide, 42,000 for robbery,
nearly 70,000 for sex offenses, and nearly
15,000 for kidnapping. In Texas alone, within the
last seven years, more than a quarter million
criminal aliens have been arrested and charged with
over 600,000 criminal offenses. You don’t hear that. I always hear that, “Oh, no,
the population is safer than the people that
live in the country.” You’ve heard that,
fellas, right? You’ve heard that. I hear it so much. And I say, “Is
that possible?” The answer is
it’s not true. You hear it’s like they’re better
people than what we have — than our citizens. It’s not true. In 2016, more than 15,000
Americans died from a heroin overdose. More than 90 percent of
the heroin comes from across the
southern border. Ninety percent. As a result of sanctuary
city policies, in Fiscal 2017, more than 8,000
criminal aliens — these are really hardcore
criminal aliens — were in police custody and were
released because of our weak laws. Weakest in the world. Weakest in the
history of the world. They were released back into
our civilian population. And these gentlemen had to
do some of the releasing, and I don’t think you were
too happy when you knew. Because you knew — they
know better than anybody. You knew what you
were releasing. You knew it was trouble. And it often comes
back to be trouble. Where is the media outrage
over the catch-and-release policies that allow deadly
drugs to pour into our country? Where is the condemnation
of the Democrat sanctuary cities that release
violent criminals into our communities and
then protect them? Like the Mayor of San Diego,
when she warned everybody that ICE is coming, and they scattered. A big operation. A very expensive operation. They were all together. They all scattered. And what are they going to
do about looking at her, by the way? I’ve been asking this
question now for four weeks. She can do that? And where is the outcry
over the savage gang MS-13 and its bloodthirsty creed,
“Kill, Rape, and Control”? Because the news media has
overlooked their stories, I want the American people
to hear directly from these families about the
pain they have had to endure, losing not only
their loved ones — great people. Great Americans. People that would have
been very successful. People that, in some
cases, could have been here one day. Could have been here. I know the way you feel. But could have been right
here, standing here. First, I’d like to ask a
friend of mine, for now a long time, Laura Wilkerson
from Pearland, Texas, to come and share her story
about her incredible, incredible boy, right? Ms. Wilkerson: Yes. The President:
Come on, Laura. Just say a few words. Ms. Wilkerson: We want
to tell you a little bit today about Josh. He was brutally tortured,
strangled over and over. He was set on
fire after death. His last hours
were — was brutal. As everyone standing up here,
none of our kids had a minute to say goodbye. We weren’t lucky enough to
be separated for 5 days or 10 days. We’re separated
permanently. Any time we want to see or
be close to our kids, we go to the cemetery,
because that’s where they are. We can never
speak to them. We can’t Skype with them. And I want to thank you so
much, in this room, for what you’re doing to
understand — you guys know the permanent
separation. It’s the media that won’t
share it with other people. It’s permanent. We can never have them
back on this Earth. Thankfully, I’ll see
him again in Heaven. But I want to thank you,
Mr. Trump, and Vice President Trump for —
I mean, Vice President Pence — for keeping their
commitment to us. It’s been ongoing. It continues on. And please understand
there are so many more of us than what you see here
that have the same story. Over and over —
drunk driving, killed. Over and over. And they don’t prosecute,
or they’re let go on low bond. They’re out in 30 days. It’s sad for our country
and it’s time to take it back. And I want to thank
each and every one of you law enforcement. You know it. You love it, you
want to do your jobs. And thankfully, we have a
President who will allow you to do that now. Thank you so much. (Applause.) The President:
Thank you, Laura. Next, I’d like to ask Juan Piña
from Greenfield, California to speak. Juan, please come up. Thank you. Thank you, Juan. Mr. Piña: My name
is Juan Piña. First of all, I want to thank
the Remembrance Project for bringing my daughter’s
name out to light, and for candidate Trump
to let me speak about her. And I’ve got a lot of
people that I need to thank. My daughter was
Christy Sue Piña. Back in 1990, she was kidnapped,
strangled, stabbed, raped, and sodomized, and her body was found in an
artichoke field. I’ve been fighting for
twenty-eight and a half years. He’s been fighting. He was loose for 25. The last three and a half years
he’s been fighting extradition. And on May 3rd, God
answered my prayers and Mexico finally turned
him loose to us. And he is now in the
Monterey County Jail and we can start court procedures for my daughter’s death. And I want to thank
everybody that was involved in getting him over here, the sheriff department
of Monterey County for the investigator. The sheriff never told her,
“Don’t give up on this. Just stay on it
and stay on it.” And she pinky swore that
she was going to get him over there, and she did. And I just want to thank
the President and everybody. And I just hope everybody
can get what I just got. And I’m out here speaking
for the thousands of victims that we have here
in the United States. And I want to
thank you all. Thank you. (Applause.) The President:
So, Juan fought for many years, and it’s hard
to believe but that’s actually a great feeling. Mr. Piña: Yes, it is. The President: And you
just — incredible job. Incredible job. Also here with us today is
Steve Ronnebeck from Mesa, Arizona. Steve, if you could come up
and share a few words, please. Mr. Ronnebeck: Thank
you, Mr. President. January 22nd, 2015, Grant was
at work on his overnight shift. An illegal alien came in
wanting to buy cigarettes, dumped a jar of change
out on the counter. Grant went to count the change
and wasn’t counting fast enough. So, basically, this
man pulled a gun. Grant did everything he
was supposed to do and gave him the cigarettes. The man went ahead and
executed him and shot him point blank in the face. You know, you don’t hear
these stories, and some of our media won’t
talk to you about it, but this is permanent separation. For his birthday,
I go to his grave. For Christmas — we set up
a Christmas tree on Grant’s grave. I received something
earlier today from Director Homan; it
was a challenge coin. And I want to
thank you for that. To me this is a
sign of integrity. I wish some of our media had the
same integrity as our President, our Vice President, Director Homan, all of you in
law enforcement. I wish some of our media
had the same integrity. And I want to thank all of you,
especially our law enforcement, for what you do. Mr. President and Mr. Vice
President, thank you. Members of VOICE, Barbara
Gonzalez, Jon Feere, AVIAC — I want to thank all of them too, because they’re helping get the
stories out. Sixty-three thousand
Americans since 9/11 have been killed by
illegal aliens. This isn’t a problem
that’s going away; it’s getting bigger. Thank you. (Applause.) The President:
Sixty-three thousand. And that number, they say,
is very low because things aren’t reported. Sixty-three thousand. And you don’t
hear about that. Also here with us today is
Michelle Root from Modale, Iowa. Great place. Michelle, please come up. Ms. Root: Thank
you, Mr. President. My daughter, Sarah Root,
was killed within 24 hours after graduating with a
Bachelor’s — 4.0 — in Criminal Investigations. Out celebrating, stopped
at a stoplight, and rear-ended by Edwin Mejia
going 70-plus miles an hour. He was arrested but then
he paid a $5,000 bail, and now he has fled. Our separation, like
everybody has said, is permanent. Sarah never gets to go on
to be a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt. My son does not have his
only sibling any longer. My life has been devastated
and so has my daughter’s family and friends. I want to thank President Trump
and Vice President Pence, Barbara Gonzalez, Jon Feere, and Director Homan for all
their support. They have never
given up on us. AVIAC was a group that we
started because we were tired of not having
anybody else to go to, to get information. When Sarah was killed
January 31st of 2016, I had nobody, but I was thankful
for my politicians in my area. And, you know, President Trump
was one of the first ones to reach out to my
family, and he has been there from the beginning. He never left our side. Now we just need to get my
daughter’s killer found. Again, my separation
is permanent. Sarah is never
coming home. I never get to take a
selfie with her again. I have no more
pictures of her. So, please — thank you
guys for everything. Keep up the great work. Our police officers, our
Border Patrol, please continue to fight. Thank you. (Applause.) Ms. Mendoza: Thank you. My name is
Maryann Mendoza. And my son, Sergeant
Brandon Mendoza, was killed on May 12th, 2014,
on his way home from work by a three-time
legal-limit drunk, who was also high on meth. He had drove over 35 miles
the wrong way on four different freeways in
Phoenix before slamming head-on into my son’s car. As you know, they could
fill this stage up every day for the next five
months of victims of illegal alien crime, and
it would just keep going. Unfortunately, we are members
of a club of our children, our loved ones who’ve been
killed by illegal aliens, but there’s hundreds of thousands
of victims every year who are affected by
illegal alien crime — rape, assault, identity theft. These are things that go
unreported, unchecked. You know, if the
public would go to and see the magnitude of crimes
being committed against your fellow Americans by illegal
aliens allowed to stay in this country, you will
be sickened, because the mainstream media
does not let you know what’s really happening. And we are here — the members
of AVIAC are here to educate the public
as to what’s happening. And if anybody has been a
victim of illegal alien crime, contact us because
we have close connections with Barbara Gonzalez
at ICE and Jon Feere. We have connections at the
Department of Homeland Security that we are
trying to get people the help that they need
and sent in the right direction. President Trump,
Vice President Pence, you’ve just been there for us,
and there are no words to describe what your support
and your caring has meant to each and
every one of us. And thank you from the
bottom of my heart. (Applause.) The President:
Thank you, darling. Come. Come. Your story is incredible. Ms. Durden: I’m one of
your legal immigrants. I came the right way. I paid lots of money. It took me five years to
become a citizen, a proud citizen. And I didn’t drag my son —
he named himself “German Chocolate”; he
was born in Germany — I didn’t drag him over
borders, through deserts. I didn’t place
him in harm’s way. I protected my child from harm,
but I couldn’t do that on July 12th, 2012. He was 30 years old. I couldn’t protect him
because an illegal alien from Guatemala, with two
felonies, one deportation, two DUIs — he
was protected. Riverside, California: sanctuary. The judge, the DA,
they knew who he was. They gave him probation
after his second DUI. Five weeks later,
he killed my child. And if that wasn’t enough
to deal with, this is my only child. I have no family. That’s it. The public needs to know,
and they deserve to know, that this could happen to
each one of you at any given second. You hug your child, you
send them off, no matter what age they are. And then you get that
ugly phone call that will forever change your life. And thank God our President
and Vice President, VOICE, my
family at AVIAC, they rallied behind us — they
were the only ones — and gave us a little light. I was going to end my
life; I had no purpose. But President Trump,
coming down that escalator that day and talking about
illegal immigration, stopped me in my track. And I had no clue at that
point that I would ever be at the White House. And I thank President Trump,
Vice President, everybody behind me —
I thank you. I thank everybody
out here. Make sure you get
our stories out. I brought my son. This is what I have
left — his ashes. I wear his ashes
in a locket. This is how I get
to hug my son. So, remember, when you go
and hug your kids, that there are many of us,
thousands of us, who don’t get to do that anymore. And let’s work together
and get this done — all politicians. I don’t care what
side you’re on. You don’t want your child
in a casket or in an urn. So, get it together, for
God’s sake, for this country, for our citizens. Thank you. (Applause.) Mr. Tranchant:
My name is Ray Tranchant. And I retired
from the Navy. I flew off of aircraft carriers
and had a great Navy career. And then I started my
family in the ’90s. I had two little girls,
Tessa and Kelsey, and they had a bigger
brother, Dylan. And I raised them — and
their mother and her mom is Hispanic, and so
Tessa was Hispanic. And they lived near
the border, as well. Tessa was 16; she was a dreamer,
and so was her friend Allie Kunhardt —
17 years old — 16 years old. Both beautiful girls. And they just loved
talking about the future. They went to a Wawa in
Virginia Beach to get a pack of gum, and they were
stopped at a stoplight, and Alfredo Ramos was
driving at 70 miles an hour. He was three times
the legal limit. He had been arrested
before for DUI, in which the judge gave him
no time or fines. He had a fake ID from Florida,
bought by the cartels. He had a fake driver’s
license in this car. And he couldn’t speak
English, and he needed an interpreter for the
last DUI hearing. He was also arrested
for drunk in public. Bottom line: As he came in
through Mesa and he tried to make it, and he was going — he was three times the legal limit. So, the police told me
that, at that, it’s like wearing
almost blackout glasses while you’re driving. When he hit the girls
from behind, it was an explosion. The neighborhood
thought a bomb went off. The girls were almost
instantaneously dead. They worked on Tessa for a while,
and I got to see her in the hospital. Those are the dreamers
that the United States should focus on. I can’t make an opinion
about the young people that are here illegally because
their parents brought them. But I can guarantee you
the government had nothing to do with that. And everybody wants to
blame, but the parents of those children
are to blame. And there was a lot of,
“Well, maybe they’ll feel sorry for them
because they’re kids. And maybe if they behave,
they’ll just magically beat the system.” My mom came from Ireland. It took her 10 years to
get her citizenship. She had a sponsor. If she got in trouble,
not only did she get in trouble, the sponsor
was in trouble. I would have been speaking
Northern Irish right now if she got out of line. That’s the way it was
with INS in those days. And mom loved
being an American. I helped her study
for her exam. So, I’m all about
legal immigration. But the invaders and
people who come over our borders and decide to
take the law in their own hands, and maybe are supported by
a group of people that, for God’s sakes, I don’t know why they
would want to do it — it’s evil, it hurts people,
and it costs us billions of dollars a year. And they don’t seem to
want to pay for it. They want us to pay for
it, the other taxpayers. I want to thank President Trump,
because when those kids died, I was a city employee, so of course I sued
the city and the judge, and the adjoining city
with the judge there. And, of course,
they’re immune. But it didn’t make me
really friendly with the city. It didn’t make me friendly
with ICE, because basically they claimed
they weren’t called. The sheriff’s department
said that we called them, and it was a
back-and-forth. So, no one took
responsibility. So, being in that situation,
where no one takes responsibility in
this government at all means that your standing
in a dark forest at night when it’s raining and
it’s cold and your lost, everybody you talk to,
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, but, you know, he was drunk and
we have a lot of drunks here and blah, blah” — let me tell you, the guy
shouldn’t have been there at that time. He shouldn’t
have been there. And we had many opportunities
to get him out. So what’s happening? Our representative is the President
and the Vice President. They took us in, and we’re
going to fight this battle. And we’re going to win it. And we’re going
to clean it up. And I’m very
proud of that. I’m very proud to
be a part of that. And I will support you, as
law enforcement, and my President and Vice
President as much as they need. I want to thank the
Remembrance Project for standing there when
I had no one else. And God bless you, and I
hope this doesn’t happen to you. Thank you. (Applause.) The President:
This is Tom Selleck. (Laughter.) Except better looking, right? Better looking. Ms. Gibboney: Thank you. Thank you. My name is Angel
mom Agnes Gibboney. My family legally
emigrated from Hungary. We escaped during
the revolution. We couldn’t come to the
United States as my mother planned because my father
was born in Yugoslavia and they wanted us to stay. And because my mother said
no, they didn’t allow us to come to the
American embassy. We went to — we had the
choice of South Africa, Austria, or Brazil. We went to Brazil and
lived there 13 years trying to legally immigrate to the United States. When we immigrated to
Brazil, we were stateless. We didn’t belong anywhere
because the government took our citizenship
because we escaped. And when we came to United
States, we were stateless. And I’m very honored and
proud to say this is my home, my country. And I will fight for this
country until my death. Thank you, law enforcement,
Border Patrol, immigration, Barbara, everybody
that got me here today. And thank you for fighting
this fight with us. Because trust me, you don’t
want to talk in our shoes. And, President Trump,
thank you for always standing behind us. You are the biggest
birthday present I got, and I’m still waiting for that
shovel to help build the wall at the border. I live in California. And I would like to ask,
if you don’t want your state to become a
sanctuary state — so I would like to ask
President Trump, if you would tweet and endorse
us to to help us so we’re
not going to go down. Because if California
continues on this path, the rest of the
country will follow. And I am so proud
and honored of you, Mr. President. The integrity and character
that you have shown us, pulling the daggers out of your
back every day hasn’t been fair. But I want you to know
that I’m very honored to call you my President. And God bless you and
your family always, and Mr. Pence. And God bless
this country. Thank you so much. (Applause.) Mr. Rosenberg: Thank you. Thank you, Mr. President. This is my son, Drew. He was in law school in
San Francisco in 2010 when Roberto Galo tried to make
a last-second left-hand turn and hit him. Instead of stopping,
he tried to flee. So, he accelerated,
drove over his body. My son was on
a motorcycle. His helmet came off,
wedged under one of his tires. He backed up, driving over
him a second time, and then trying to get
away, went forward. By that time, a guy had
gotten out of the car and stood in front of Galo. And he stopped with his
rear tire on my son’s abdomen. And five people had to
lift the car off of him. But I want to talk
about somebody else. And you heard Agnes mention In April of this year,
I filed with the state of California an initiative to overturn
the sanctuary state. There’s just way too many deaths,
way too many traffic collisions. I should just add, on an aside,
we gave out driver’s licenses in 2015. And in two years — the
first two years of that — traffic fatalities on what
was supposed to be safer roads have gone
up 19 percent. Hit-and-runs have
gone up 26 percent. Yet, they’re still telling
people the roads are safer because of that. But there’s so many other —
and then, somebody who is not here, a woman named Veronica Cabrera Ramirez — to give you an example of
what happens with sanctuary — she was a
domestic violence victim. Called the Santa Rosa police. They arrested
the perpetrator. He had been deported
previously. ICE filed a detainer. And then, the day that
they decided to release him, instead of calling
ICE and giving ICE a chance to show up — they
were an hour and a half away — they gave them 16
minutes to show up and they released him. And 16 days later, he
murdered Ms. Ramirez. And according to Kevin de
León, who was the author of the sanctuary bill,
that makes the state safer — if you keep the federal police,
the federal law enforcement over here, and you keep
the state law enforcement here, that makes the state safer. That’s absurd. It’s outrageous. And something has to be
done and I hope that — as Agnes said, if we don’t
kill this in California, it will spread. And I know it already
is in some places. It’s a death sentence for
American law-abiding citizens. Anyway, I’d like to thank
the President and the Vice President,
and everybody else who is here. Director Homan,
thank you so much. You’ve become an
incredible friend. Jon Feere, Barbara Gonzalez, and, my new friend today,
Kirstjen Nielsen. (Laughter.) Anyway, thank you all very much,
particularly law enforcement. (Applause.) The President:
And I just said, “Would you like to speak?” And you said,
“No, I cry too…” — she said, “I’ve been
crying for too long, for too much.” So, that’s fine, right? Participant: Yes. The President:
That’s good. Well, I just want to thank
everybody for being here. I know these families. I know many more families
that have gone through the same thing. And I cannot imagine it
being any worse, but we pledge to act with
strength and with resolve, and in the memory of those who
have been lost so needlessly. And it’s because of
families like yours, that my administration created
the new office of DHS — the Victims of Immigrant
Crime Engagement — which has been doing, I
hear, a fantastic job. We call it “VOICE” so that
your voices can be heard. Today, we have released
the first VOICE report. Within the first months of VOICE,
we’ve opened more than 2,800 victims
registered to receive information on
their perpetrator. We’re following
these people. We’re following them, so
it can’t happen again by that individual. VOICE assisted hundreds
of families already, connected them to crucial services such as grief counseling,
followed up their cases, and helped ensure that
the criminal aliens that harmed their families so egregiously
were detained, removed, and deported. Our first duty, and our
highest loyalty, is to the citizens of the
United States. We want safety
in our country. We want border security. We don’t want people in
our country that don’t go through a process. We want people in our
country based on merit. Not based on a draw, where
other countries put their absolute worst in a bin
and they start drawing people. Do you think they’re going
to put their good ones? They don’t put
their good ones. They put their bad ones. And then, when they
commit crimes, we’re so surprised. We will not rest until
our border is secure, our citizens are safe,
and we finally end the immigration crisis
once and for all. We want safety
in our country. We want strong borders. We want people to come in,
but we want them to come in the proper way. So thank you all
for being here. These are incredible families,
incredible people. Your loved ones have
not died in vain. Much of what we’re doing
today is because of what you’ve had to endure. And we just thank you all
very much for being here. And God bless you all. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks very much. (Applause.) Thank you, everybody. Thank you, everybody.


  1. You idiots think Trump is going to do anything to hurt his business? Trump admitted to hiring illegals, Trump killed the Wall and new border agents when he signed the Omnibus bill All of these "detention facility" owners are ex Government employees that are set to make nearly a Billion dollars from just "caring" for children "separated" and all have given money to Trump and Republicans politicians in Texas, Arizona and California.
    This is a scam to make money, that back fired because of bad press. Trump is a salesman, He sold Oreo Cookies, McDonald's, Pepsi, Pizza hut. Trump will do ANY! to make money. Trump doesn't give a damn about anything but money

  2. News media, in association with Screen Actors Guild, create a manufactured production of immigration problems at the US/Mexico border. It's done exactly the same way as a Hollywood movie production. There are actors who are paid to behave in a scripted variety of roles. Real people are lured into the action, some get hurt, kidnapped, killed, forced into slavery, and are held captive for a variety of uses. This real world stage Hollywood production has a purpose that no one is exposing. The hidden purpose of endless attention given to the Southern Border provides a distraction that results in consumption of Immigration resources such that the real problem goes un-hindered as it has for more than 45 years… the Northern Border. French Canadians are taking the USA. Literally taking it. With the use of Nitrous Oxide as an offensive weapon, the state of Oregon, for instance, has been completely consumed, the Americans have all been killed and replaced with soldiers from Quebec who assume the identification of their American host victims. Oregon State Police are all impostors now, and in reality, they are French Canadian Mounted Police who trained for the take-over to happen about 15-20 years ago. It's a complicated scheme that worked and continues to work toward the advancement of French North America, which will replace the USA if not stopped. The problems at the Southern Border are happening so that the Northern Border can be breached without interference. Josephine and Jackson Counties in Oregon are nearly 100 % consumed. American victims are taken at the places they shop.

  3. Give Trump another four years, when he comes up for re-election. Let it be a landslide . . . and it will not even be a bump in the road, he can continue to work on to help our country.

  4. Nepotism. TЯ☭itor TЯ卍mp is a criminal. Take his children away! Lock them all up!
    §3110. Employment of relatives; restrictions
    (a) For the purpose of this section—

    (1) “agency” means—

    (A) an Executive agency;

    (B) an office, agency, or other establishment in the legislative branch;

    (C) an office, agency, or other establishment in the judicial branch; and

    (D) the government of the District of Columbia;

    (2) “public official” means an officer (including the President and a Member of Congress), a member of the uniformed service, an employee and any other individual, in whom is vested the authority by law, rule, or regulation, or to whom the authority has been delegated, to appoint, employ, promote, or advance individuals, or to recommend individuals for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement in connection with employment in an agency; and

    (3) “relative” means, with respect to a public official, an individual who is related to the public official as father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half brother, or half sister.

    (b) A public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official. An individual may not be appointed, employed, promoted, or advanced in or to a civilian position in an agency if such appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement has been advocated by a public official, serving in or exercising jurisdiction or control over the agency, who is a relative of the individual.

  5. Dude, people are killed by cops and when Americans try and raise awareness you call them "sons of bitches" and suggest that they leave the country. Ive lived in Texas my entire life and I've never once had a dangerous encounter with any illegal immigrant. The POTUS is simply stoking xenophobia. This is absolutely shameful. The race and or the immigrant status of the killer is incidental. SHAME ON TRUMP AND SHAME ON US.

  6. President Trump,the Democrats have armed guards but the Trump team doesn't.The whole world has seen the video of Secretary Nielsen being harassed in that restaurant.If she had been hurt or killed,what would you have done about it? Sir,i understand that you can't spare any Secret Service agents,but how many of them are being trained up right now? Can't you give them real-world training by having them protect Secretary Nielsen? I'm asking because a Bernie Sanders supporter shot Steve Scalise.Bernie Sanders doesn't like your border policies Sir,he wants no borders at all.What if one of his supporters had decided to bring a gun to the restaurant protest? Please protect your team,President Trump.

  7. The Left wants open borders to facilitate the world domination of the anti christ
    The Left kills babies nothing is beneath them.

  8. People should be accountable for their crime no matter if they are immigrants or not! Now let’s bring the victims of families who have been killed by Americans…


  10. I spoke with a Democrat to better understand their point of view on this issue. She told me things happen in life and we shouldnt single out the criminal by race or status. She gave no reason why she believes that and did not offer any alternatives to solve the problem. To them life happens and its too bad for the victims. Liberalism is a sickness of the mind unlike any I have ever seen. They lack empathy and the ability to reason rationally. They are unfit to even vote and could careless about anyone's well being. Their ideology comes first to all things. A truly disgusting disease… American Liberalism

  11. If there was ever a time to investigate crimes against humanity, it is now. There is a system in place concerning immigration that started in the 1990s to steal the children of migrant parents only to have them sponsored to whoever they felt convenient. This is a very secret and protected system of enslavement, exploitation and appropriation. It is very probable that this scam is also prevalent in other countries as state sponsored terrorism creates and leads refugees to fall into the traps of the superpowers. If there was ever a time for a Human Rights Organization to step in and investigate, criminalize and penalize those responsible, now is no better time. Is it necessary to have another genocide to intervene? Should another 6 million people die, for the world to act? What about those that support their government atrocities directly and indirectly? How is the enslavement of millions of children, and their parents not a concern to the world. If anything Americans should be ashamed of their government, their democracy, their officials, their agencies and their support of the inhumane treatment of the displaced, disadvantaged and unprivileged under their administrations. Their president has asked of them nothing but hatred to the victims, they have been vilified, terrorized and made the culprit. This is all planned and reminiscent of the Nazi Germany propaganda machine. I have lost my faith in religion, democracy, the law, justice, the immigration system and the American people. This is a result of those who have suffered untold pain by a blind and corrupted government, who are in the hands of corrupt corporations and private interests. I am doing whatever I can to voice and stop the nonsense. I consider this slow and methodical plan against humanity worst than the Holocaust of Nazi Germany, since the victim is not only abused, and exploited, all their life, millions of children never mind their parents. They are later discarded and hanged when they are of no use to the beasts that have exploited them.

  12. Anything else that does not fix a broken immigration system is the circus of democracy. Twenty years later of worthless immigration bills, the new niggxxers, and their children are still being exploited by Nazi Laws, Nazi propaganda and Nazi terror, to supply the camps of exploitation. This is no coincidence.

  13. Illegal immigrants are trying to destroy this County,, Im for helping everyone But it has to start at home without outsiders invading Poverty in the USA…

  14. Mexico don't like to deal with there poor so they tell them to come here, so now we are getting flooded down here. Mexico don't want to deal with coming to get them, I think we need to ship them to Germany, Russia, iran, spain, then we don't have to put them on a base to house them those borders are pretty far for them to come back to, I live in Texas and I see it all with these illegal especially the men having no respect, these people don't love our country they love what they can get for free. They send all of there money back to Mexico so Mexico is getting rich. I think when they send money to Mexico we should triple tax the money going in to mexico, so at least some of it stays here in our country

  15. As a Mexican American, who's mom and dad came to this country illegally i don't support Trump. I do agree that if people are coming here illegally and committing crime, throw them out please no matter from where in the globe they come from. Keep in mind that "Not Everyone" is doing this!!! in my family, gangs, drugs, driving drunk is a REALLY bad thing and anyone with morals and common sense knows this. There are many people that come here to the US and contribute to the economy and have a lot to offer this great nation. Lets also keep this about illegal immigration/Crime and not branch into other racist topics about hispanics or latinos. Bill O Reily started mentioning that hispanics and latinos have low education, work horrible jobs and can't speak english…..please lets keep this about deporting illegal immigrants who come to the US and commit crime, don't branch the subject into "irrelevant racist rants" towards Mexicans. Mexican people contribute "Billions" each year to the US economy. If a wall will filter the good vs bad immigrants and keep Mexicans safe by preventing them from paying a "coyote" thousands to leave them to die in the AZ dersert with children then I DO SUPPORT THIS AS A MEXICAN AMERICAN. Thank you all

  16. American enemy number one is not radical islam. Its poverty, crime, health care costs and of course illegal immigration.

  17. God bless President Trump and every one who abused and violated by the power of hatred , violence dangerous crime thank you President Trump for your humble and love

  18. another postt I have o deleted ..It is a beauiful sunny Sunday morning…I do NOT want to hear or see his face (your president) ..It is like having a smug . spoiled brat .. I will not ruin my nice day..hear about his stupid tweets , OMG he makes me SICK…

  19. Still no mention of northern California blowing sky high. Get ready Americans they are hiding the TRUTH. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA IS ABOUT TO BLOW

  20. 18:32 "I'm one of your legal immigrants" ..2…3…. Everyone nod once, big smile, and say "ahh yes" in your head.

  21. America has the best leader and thank God because this was an extremely crucial time in history. No more career politicians! Time for people with actual work ethics to go by his example and start running for office.

  22. I bet everybody is a saint automatically if you were born in America. All the killers are imported. All the rapists are imported. All the money launderers are imported.

    Can't stand the stupidity of the Trump Cultists posting here.

  23. Syria does not need to rush to make statements. I understand that no one can develop special operations at my level.
    But do not hurry to make statements. Silently work.

  24. Please keep doing what you are doing I live in Waterbury Ct and have to leave because the City and State are putting illegal immigrants in disabled and senior housing they are NOT elderly nor are they disabled. I waited as a fully disabled older woman for 4 years and could not get into an apartment because of this. Please someone send the Government or ICE to check this out. It IS happening I have seen it as have several people in the agencies like Salvation Army Catholic charities these agencies know what is going in. Plaza on The green,Exchange Place,Josephine Towers. Other places I am sure as well. These are animals not immigrants they have one intention to harm sponge and take all they can. Thank you.

  25. It was sad to see only Fox News aired this need to see event live. While being broadcast live on Fox, I decided to have a look at CNN and MSNBC. Neither channel broadcast this must see live event. In it's place was the typical Trump bashing and illegal alien sympathy narrative. CNN nor MSNBC could care less about American citizens being slaughtered by illegal invaders!

  26. yes you are right….the president is 100% right…we should secure borders to protectpeople from terrost….do not 911 happen again….we should prioritized american people…since they are paying taxes and working hard…

  27. He does not have to allow any of these people into the United States and process them.
    He can have homeland security turn them back right at the border.
    Here's an idea if you don't like the job the president is doing then volunteer to be a guardian for the illegal aliens and bring them into your homes. If you are unwilling to do this then stop complaining.

  28. Clips from the comments of these parents should be shown in Republican ads against the words of the politicians like Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi with the words "Who do you choose to believe? Parents in pain who speak from the heart…? or these characters? (Show Nancy, Maxine or anyone else with radical views from the left talking recklessly and callously.

  29. He was the only major candidate to talk about illegal immigration in 2016.Hillary,Johnson and Stein were pro-illegal immigration.

  30. Once they sign their deport paper work they cannot come back and sign their. Asylum that double stander why do they have any right to sign asylum their government isn't killing them like north Korea

  31. "Angel families" why is their loss more important than anyone else's loss? Because they can be paraded out anytime Trump wants to take political advantage of their tragedy?

  32. One horrible murder committed 28 years ago which has now been brought to justice, and the rest were vehicular manslaughter cases. This doesn't prove anything; how many of the same manslaughter cases are committed by the general population?
    We would do anything to assuage pain of these people's loss but, this proves nothing, sorry.

  33. Why would you give this a thumbs down? Is it because he speaks and is reporting TRUTH? Shame on you! This is absolutely tragic!

  34. Need to have Swamp McConnell change the Senate filibuster rule so Trump doesn't have to have about 65 Republicans to do anything significant and controversial. Come on, Mitch, you did it for Justices.

  35. time spelt backwards spells im,it ,,,,,,,,,,,they forgot one little thing though …..,,,,,,,,,,,, only this,,,,,,,,,,,im an idioit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anyo0ne buying Time or adds there then prove themselves even less deserving of any real quality time with or from The American People,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  36. so another theater of of these so called "ANGEL" families to demonize immigrants huh..lmao sigh patheric….he ytrump why don't you show how many of your supporters went to schools wearing your "make america great again caps" and shoot up a bunch of innocent people ..instead trying so pathetically that only the GOP nazis and your pathetic supporters with their little brains will believe everything u say you POS scum.violence happens on all fronts…sure af most immigrant coming here are not criminals and sure af they re worried about their own lives than taking the lives of others you POS..go ahead keep lying appeasing to your close minded peanut brained racist base but the rest of us know one thing…YOU, your paty and base are full of shit hypocrites…more recessions have come out of GOP leadership than democrats ..and by now a recession seems surviveable compared to us dealing with the nazi tyrant we have now that must be stopped by all means necessary///recession is not good but if i was to pick between having a dictator corrupt tyrant and dealing with that…then by all means bring it…but none of those are good..only the blue wave mainly are the ones trying to stop trump because unfortunately most of his nazi supporters, part or base makes countless excuses for his shit but the people have spoken…..even some GOP oppose breaking parents from their kids…i thought the new lead in the DHS was supposed to be more pro immigrant but trump prob threatened to fire her unless she changes her stance n now shes a dB like the rest of the GOP….even blaming DACA for the people tryign to enter the county…lmao some of these republicans astound me by their ineptitude lol….the peopel coming over the border wouldnt qualifiy for daca , unless a future law is made that would include those coming from the border ..only the 800K or less of the daca population are qualified for it…doesnt mean eveyone else can just go and apply for daca smh dumb asses…the GOP repulse me in so many ways…most of them are reacist anti immigrant nationalist conservative scum of the earth "i got kicked out of a restaurant and harrassed in another" womp womp! serve you right bitches! thats what u got by being in the nazi party n administration..the rest of us with a brain hate and loathe n despise your party and adminsitration….i wish these anti trumpers take their hatred for them further…

  37. This actually brought tears to my eyes. The MSM are so culpable in promoting the absolute FICTION that all illegal immigrants are just "dreamers" – gentle people just trying to do the right thing and pursue a "better life for our children and our families".
    We have to stop being taken in by the fictitious mainstream media who are ABSOLUTELY COMPLICIT in promoting this fiction. We have to take off the rose-colored glasses that the Leftist MSM propaganda machine is forcing down our throats.
    Yes there are probably SOME good illegal aliens (the legitimate mothers and their children) but we also have to face facts that Obama's “catch and release” policy brought with it the circling sharks, the detritus, the opportunists, the paedophiles, the human traffickers and the criminals. Any crack is always exploited by the immoral. And this one was hugely exploited.
    It's time to close the loophole.
    Jeff Sessions is absolutely right in saying “if you're claiming to be the parent of this child, then taking a DNA test will prove it”.
    Continuing to blindly believe in this farce and this criminality does nothing to help legitimate refugees – and everything to help foster criminal enterprises.
    For the true victims this cannot continue unchecked and unverified.

  38. The enemy at the gate now is the CATHOLIC "C" oppressors. Now the enemy is within,
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Cicero
    A third of congress and senate are Catholic. There are a few more D Catholics than Rs. Catholics have brain removed and work solely for the "C" oppressors. Unless the treason is removed, the treason will continue, and the nation will fail. Vote every "C" out of public office and save the nation.

  39. President Trump has done such a great job. Those media out there are not doing him and the world any justice.

  40. I’m a honest undocumented, I wanna my voice to be heard too 😉 build that wall, I support you President and I wanna help 👍🙏

  41. As a retired member of the United States Coast Guard, I remember participating in illegal immigration patrols. One of my collateral responsibilities aboard the cutter was to frisk any of the females who were taken aboard the ship. These frisks were necessary for our safety as well as those we picked up. Immagrants were teaching eachother legal loopholes in our policies. For example, if they inflict harm upon themselves they might be able to receive medical care in the US and by default access to citizenship. I found strings of clothes pins and rusted blades tucked into pant seems that they would try to harm themselves with. One particular group of Haitians we came across, threatened to throw their 3 month old baby into the ocean if we denied giving them access aboard our vessel. Immagrant runners often took life savings from passengers in exchange for transport to the US. The runners didn't care about their cargo and when confronted with the threat of imprisonment, they would dump people overboard to escape. These are not the people I want to become citizens. Please reconsider taking away funding from the Coast Guard. We are the few services to defend our nation's waterways and our service is being stripped of all the resources to continue its mission.

  42. President TRUMP, thank you for your passion and patience to make AMERICA safe and secure. We believe in you, we are standing by you, hoping and praying that THESE PEOPLE who fight against what you believed in will wake up and WISE UP, make US, the legal people of the USA, their priority instead of their so-called false "morals n love" for people. Please forget your political affiliations for once and start using your conscience and brain.

  43. I like how Trump doesn't bow to other leaders around the world but willing to bow to the American people. Check 16:03.

  44. Who ever operates the camera/s taping this event are INCOMPETENT, LAZY, LOW LIFES who DON'T PROPERLY operate a camera. They plant the camera, then personally stand or set there and do NOTHING otherwise. It is so DISRESPECTFUL to NOT ever place the camera on the victim's photos anytime their loved one speaks. Always something RIDICULOUS happening with the camera crew people covering OUR *President*TRUMP* etc. Camera crew RETARDS.

  45. Remember Kate Steinle. The sons and daughters we've lost have been permanently separated from their parents. I don't care how many crying Mexican children CNN shows us, American lives come first. #BuildThatWall #DeportThemALL

  46. Hi mr prisdent can you out me united state becouse i was bothering me for long time and you know everything defense yourself is money also i paid money i had hire Layar and not help me also the problem is from the government wichs i r s wich became someone his home to do what ever he want the people but i think is only me because i didn’t see same body they doing like me so i am ready go tnks

  47. If people in Latin countries weren’t criminals & non-intellects, there WOULD BE NO NEED FOR A WALL, like at the Canadian Border. If these people were educated & non-violent, they WOULD NOT NEED TO LEAVE THEIR COUNTRY. Ironically, the same people who are escaping their country are the same people creating the same exact problems in the US.

  48. Democrats are self serving don't care about illegal immigrants they need voters any one should be able to see there agenda trump is a great president he has done more than last few have ever done

  49. And how many people have been killed by U.S. citizens? How come the "president" doesn't talk about THEM? I don't want illegals here either, but don't act like they're the only ones committing crimes. And by all that is holy, DON'T be so stupid to think that a WALL is going to solve all our problems. Remember, this guy was supposed to put together a "deportation force," to take care of all the illegals we already have in this country. Instead, we got the "Space Force," like we're in a freaking Star Wars movie or something.

  50. 抱歉所有受傷者的經歷願上天庇佑讓事情能改變過來,看清找尋定位去解決半世紀的人類與你們自身的命運不要讓貧腐者作為武器利用

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