Q&A with Soman Chainani | The School for Good and Evil

Hey, I’m Soman Chainani, and
I’m the author of The School for Good and Evil series. [MUSIC] The School for Good and Evil series is
like this crazy mashup of Harry Potter and Disney fairy tales, but so
much weirder and darker. It’s about these two best friends,
Sophie and Agatha, and they both get kidnapped to this
legendary school for good and evil. Sophie gets dropped into the school for
evil with all these murderers and monsters, and Agatha gets dropped
into the school for good, with all these princes and princesses. And the question is,
why did they get switched? And you’re gonna have to read to find out. [MUSIC] I was in London, and I suddenly had this image of a girl in
pink falling into a black, evil castle, and a girl in black falling into
a castle for good, a glass castle. And all of a sudden, that image started to
feel like it was the tip of an iceberg. And under that iceberg was a huge story
that had already been fully formed. And so I felt like if I could just write
a series that gave kids like me whom, didn’t necessarily skew to the dark side,
but at least wanted a balanced
battle between good and evil. It would be different. It would attract new kinds of readers. And I think that’s what’s made difference
with The School for Good and Evil. It’s finally of a fair fight between good
and evil, and there is a character for anybody who would wanna read this book. Someone in these books is just like you. [MUSIC] Ultimately, what you’d learn when you read
all the books in The School for Good and Evil series is that there isn’t really a
good and evil in this crystal clear sense. But instead, it’s all about what
feels right to you in the moment and going with that instinct. [MUSIC] The character I love
writing the most is Sophie. I’ve loved writing her
since the very first book. And to this day,
every time I do a Sophie chapter, I get excited ’cause
she’s the most like me. She’s pretty extroverted and
charismatic and fun, but she’s also super high maintenance and
difficult and complicated and demanding. And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Speaking of which,
can we get better lighting in here? [MUSIC]

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