r/maliciouscompliance | I Annoyed The ENTIRE *US Army* By Doing This…

r/maliciouscompliance | I Annoyed The ENTIRE *US Army* By Doing This…

Armed Guard duty with broken shooting arm?
Let’s do it! OCL
So backstory, around the 2013 time frame is was stationed at a recently shutdown US Army
garrison in South Korea. I was attached to a unit known as United Nations Command Honor
Guard(UNCHG). This was a multi national honor guard with representative military branches
from a few different countries all living together. We did ceremonies for ALL big wigs
that came to the country, as well as armed security for very sensitive buildings on the
installation. Those of us in the US Army along with our South Korea counterparts were solely
responsible for the Guard work. I will refrain from using certain buildings by name, as they
were highly sensitive buildings requiring a lot of security. They are more like underground
bunkers for doomsday situations, with windows and doors painted on to fool any satellites.
This is where my story begins. I had broken my hand and arm shortly after
arriving in Korea through faults of my own. I was in a hard cast and was deemed unable
to perform armed guard or ceremonies until I healed. So I primarily ran radio checks
and did patrolling rounds to catch anyone sleeping on duty. On this particular day I
was supposed to be off duty, but I was awoken by the sergeant of the guard who was also
my squad leader, we will call him Sergeant K. He had an M9 with two mags and a pistol
belt in hand. Before I can muster the words to explain I’m off, I’m informed that
there is someone special in town and we must up the guards count. I try to explain there
is no way in heck I can safely pull armed guard duty with a broken shooting hand and
arm, at this point I was technically considered unqualified for the M9 since I hadn’t been
to the shooting range for it in months. He tells me “just take it and go by the book”.
Roger freaking that Sarn’t! I was put into a building that has a foot thick vault door
made of steel that leads to a protected guard booth, there is another door of equal size
that leads to stairs that go to an underground tunnel that leads to a network of conference
rooms as well as a large command hub. I’ve been on duty for around 2 hours at this station
reading over the Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for this particular hub. I notice the book
has a typo that clearly states only visitors that posses X color badge with X level security
clearance are permitted access to this facility. When in reality, it should have stated only
X At minimum level security clearance may access and all colors indicating higher security
clearance are allowed access as well. Initiate compliance… In walks this British
Army General in plain clothes. I ask for military ID to confirm who he is, he responds in good
fashion “ I shall certainly not have to show you who I am”, I calmly stare that
this is the rule and as I’m not accustomed to him I can’t take his word. He finally
shows me his access badge, which unfortunately for him is the highest level he’s able to
get. I show him the the book and clearly point he can’t access this facility unless he
only has X clearance, and no higher. The look on his face was almost too much to keep from
laughing and breaking composure. He turns brightly red and walks out, I’m sure thinking
I’m dimwitted. 10 minutes later I have a royalty ticked off sergeant first class(E-7)
pounding his fist on my ballistic glass window, “ he is screaming “open the god dang door
specialist, before I skull drag you through this window”. Now I’ve met this man before,
and he’s typically a nice guy and helpful, but he’s just found out I refused the British
Army Envoy access to the command meeting. This particular Sergeant is the paper jockey
for the 4 Star General of the entire Korean Peninsula and Asian theatre.. he has been
sent by the Generals orders to “adjust” me. I ask to see this sergeants security access
before I open the door to get skull dragged. Unfortunately for him book says he needs X,
and he has higher than X. So I refused. About 20min later I have the entirety of my command
staff in the room with me screaming and hollering threatening to chapter me out for disobedience.
I calmly ask to explain my actions and the circumstances. The Sergeant from earlier arrives
just in time for the explanation, he is still beat red and fuming to high heck. I open the
book and point at it, and tell them I went by the book as ordered to by Sergeant K, and
the book states that only X was allowed, and as stupid and ridiculous as it sounded the
book says anyone with a higher clearance was no authorized. The looks around this tiny
room are of hysteria and defeat. The first one to laugh is this ticked off sergeant from
earlier who took the book and trashed it in the burn box and walked out. My CO and XO
and PL spent that night typing a new SOP for all guts stations, and Sergeant K was confined
to pulling 24hr Guard shifts every other day for the week as punishment for making an unqualified
and physically incapable shooter pull an armed guard shift, and I was exempted from guard
duty until the cast came off. You want to insist I have your kid on my team?
Fine. OCM
This is a longish story. Sorry. TL;DR at bottom. This is my friend’s story (with his permission).
He coaches a community “rep” team (travel between cities) that is a development program
for placing players in the professional and semi-professional leagues in Europe. Players
also end up in universities around North America. He is a top-ranked coach. He is also a high
school teacher who coaches his school team. Both these points are germane to the story.
I won’t mention the sport as it could identify him. This past summer he took his rep team to Europe
for both the cultural experience as well as the opportunity to showcase his players for
the scouts by playing against local teams. The trip went well but didn’t yield any offers
for any of the players. It was not his fault but some of the players and their parents
blamed him. When they returned home, two of the players quit his team and ghosted him
— no explanation, no apologies; they just quit and went to another team. September rolled around and as it happens
the two players who quit are also students in the high school where he teaches. Now,
unlike in some places, high school coaching where I live is volunteer and done in addition
to being a full-time teacher. There is no stipend, no time-in-lieu, no reduced teaching
load. If you coach, you do it because of your love of the game and your willingness to mentor
young players. So he agreed to coach, and held team tryouts.
Sure enough, the two boys who quit his team showed up for tryouts. He told them both he
had doubts about their commitment to the team after what they did this summer. They went
anyway, but, due to his doubts about their commitment and dedication, didn’t make the
team. The parents hit the roof. They insisted that
he was being vindictive and unfair. They accused him of playing favourites. They said it was
all about his ego. They went to his principal, and to the superintendent. They threatened
to bring a complaint against him for professional misconduct to the regulatory body that oversees
teachers. They demanded he take the boys on his team. In the face of this pressure, he
agreed. The boys were added to the roster. Then he quit coaching the team. The principal
tried to convince him otherwise, but he said he could not coach a team under duress from
parents. And, as coaching is a voluntary activity, he cannot be forced to do it. The result? The principal could not find another
teacher to agree to coach as no one wanted to be seen as a back-stabber so — you guessed
it — the team folded. When the new boss keeps telling us to “follow
the rules of suffer the consequences” OCM
I work in waste in a large public building and we have a team of about 10 lads who each
service up to 9 rooms with 4 huge half-ton bins in each. Its often messy work and its
a struggle to attract workers, so the guys that remain are often reliable and very hard
working. It being a public service also means the lads will work above and beyond what they’re
supposed to as it saves money. We’re also on near minimum wage for hauling this stuff
through 8 miles of walking each shift. So last year a new boss arrives. Immediately
starts questioning the way everything works. That’s fine, she’s here to learn and might
bring in new ideas. However soon she begins to point fingers at good workers and complain
about costs. Some of these guys are giving an hour extra or more a week and their efforts
just werent up to her ideals. We start to think she’s trying to find problems so as
to cut staff (we get virtually no funding and equipment is always faulty. One day one of the lads goes into the men’s
changing rooms to go for a pee. Sits on a seat to tie his shoelaces and she walks in.
No announcement, no chaperone (its in the rules that she has to be accompanied by a
senior male member of staff to protect her as much as any staff member). Lad put on disciplinary.
Another day, another lad, pushing a noisy trolley of equipment, gets pulled for “making
too much noise”. Tried to explain its not out responsibility to repair the equipment
and we have no control over the noise it makes – we still have to get the job done. Disciplinary.
Another day a non-waste member of the public jumps into our lift, refuses to leave. Boss
sees, disciplines lad for letting member of the public in there. So we all decide to have a little chat in
private and to stop doing free-time, stop rushing, and to refuse to use faulty equipment
on safety grounds. The place ground to a halt within 2 days, with people phoning the boss
asking why the heck wasnt the rubbish taken, to which she calls a meeting and starts asking
angry questions. Slowly she starts to realise that she’s caused this and that it isnt going
to be fixed with her shouting down guys and being a bench. A few weeks pass and we end up with another
meeting. Now she has put forward a new contract and asked us to all sign over to worse conditions
and less money “as the department is in dire financial problems”. Not our problem. Go to
Government and complain. So now we’ve had all our overtime taken away with the time
being offered to an agency. Agency lads have refused to come as they don’t like messy work.
She doesn’t understand that they get to choose, and that work isnt being done again. She now
has to learn that we understand our rights as well as our responsibilities, and that
she has some responsibilities herself. A long time ago… in a call centre, far,
far away… OCM
Long time lurker, first time poster. Our Setting(s): A call centre in Canada run by a company (we’ll
change the name to protect the VERY guilty…) SHMonvergys! A home in Texas Our setup:
It’s the early 2000s. A cable TV and broadband internet company named…. BT&T, rather than
having it’s own employees answer the phone, instead contracts out to SHMonvergys. We do
password resets, internet troubleshooting and scheduling service calls and upgrades
and downgrades. Our characters:
/u/QwartX (Q) – plucky young college student who works his evenings and weekends to pay
for school Caller (C) – A man who gets what he wants. Our story:
C calls in, he’s just been installed, but of course he has no idea how to setup anything
and the Installer does nothing, just gets him to sign and then bolts. We used to call
it the drive-by cable modem-ing. I walk him through the setup, the online registration
and now he has to put in his primary email and password. This is setup by the person
who originally took his order. Q: Your username will be XXYX
C: No, that’s wrong, it should be XXXX It’s a small spelling mistake that was likely
made by the original order rep. But there’s a foible in the system. Once you get the primary,
it can’t be changed. We’d escalated repeatedly through our supervisors, managers, GMs. All
had been told: “this is how it works, we’re not changing it, we’re not fixing it for customers.”
They get another 8 email accounts that they can custom, so no big deal. Or at least it normally is. As I explain the system limitation and explain
that he can still setup the other emails and use this one only to setup the account and
later add emails, he digs in. C: You need to fix it.
Q: Unfortunately, as I explained due to the limitations of our system it cannot be adjusted,
but this will not impact the other 8 email accounts or your internet connection in the
slightest… C: But I’m paying for 9 email accounts, fix
it! This is not really accurate, as far as BT&T
is concerned, email is pro bono, it’s the connection you pay for. But I don’t want to
pee him off. C: As I’ve explained, and I do apologize,
but this is a limitation of the system and it cannot be corrected.
Q: We’ll if you can’t fix a small problem like this, then I want to cancel my service!
(and hangs up) My eyes lit up and a smile parted my lips.
It’s time for the MC. Because…. We’d been told repeatedly we had to honour
the customer’s requests. Unless it was illegal or against the rules, we had to do it. So
I did. I closed his brand new account that he’d just been installed with. And look at
that. I can have a tech out to his home tomorrow to cut the hard line (as required). Shame
because I know it’s at least a 1-2 week wait for the install I know he’ll want. But I want to make sure I’m 100% complaint
so I leave long, glorious, detailed notes in his account. Notes that are so long it
takes 2 entries to get them all in, ending with “We’ll if you can’t fix a small problem
like this, then I want to cancel my service!” The bonus round came about 6 month later:
I’m not the type to stalk an account to gloat. You come in, I help you and then I let it
roll off my back. I get call, as I’m helping this very co-operative caller I check the
notes, IT’S C! His disconnection happened, he called back
uttering all kinds of threats and admonitions, but apparently got very quiet when they read
my notes to him, “We’ll if you can’t fix a small problem like this, then I want to cancel
my service!” It took 3 weeks for him to get reconnected
because we weren’t going to bump anyone for this, not when my crystal clear notes laid
everything out that we were just following his request. Oh, and it cost him another $50
sign up for the 2nd install.


  1. Call center work I did it. I am an ex-con oh, that's the nickname my friends have given and taken former employees of the company of call center.

  2. Hmm. I wasn't in the US Army for very long nor know a lot of stuff but(correct me if I'm wrong) Honor guard units are NOT security units. Those are the units that do the fancy parades and all, are they not? Guarding very sensitive buildings would be for units that are trained to protect buildings and such.

  3. The first one shouldn't even have been a problem. You follow orders given by superior officers. If you are given conflicting orders, you inform the person giving you conflicting orders of the conflict, and then you follow the conflicting orders. All they had to do is get an officer to tell him to do it the way it was meant to be done and there would have been no problem. Can't blame him too much for taking the opportunity to be a wise-guy though.

  4. As someone who studied management…we do know everything that goes on at a business, however, many people still think that office jobs are better that custodial and such. She was just stupid and realized, the hard way, how those employees are essential, just like most employees are.

  5. Fucking Convergys…
    Worked for them in 2008 doing work for Comcast, they closed the center down, shipped our jobs to the Philipines, the Manila team screwed the contract we had up so badly that it gets sent back to Canada (To the St Johns center).

  6. As ex army the first story sounds like pure bs anyone in the British army if they are in plain clothes have to produce an I’d when asked and I’m pretty sure an honour guard aren’t used to guard installations.

  7. higher security clearances include all clearances below them. IE top secret includes secret and FOUO. so top secret includes secret for example. 6 years First Team, First Cav.

  8. Why is it so often the case that those with a degree in management have so little understanding about how to manage? Is it a case of "physician, heal thyself"? Or simply get a "management degree" because they're not smart enough to take something worthwhile?

  9. I used to get tech support calls from angry/stupid people all the time. Here's what I don't get, why are you trying to piss me off? I hold your connection in my hands, you need MY help, I didn't call you. I'm TRYING to help you. In the end I just followed their requests without doing any of my own thinking. You want to cancel you high speed internet cafe connection? Don't want me telling you your business by saying maybe you mean your old, slow ass connection? Okay.

  10. The us army story is bullshit. I know the guy that's telling the story personally. He wasn't part of the honor guard in Korea (on Youngson base, which is a known fact with more than enough coverage. The units name changed, it wasn't shut down). The kid broke his arm in Okinawa in a combatives tournament against an SF guys in 1st ODA… this kid was a known liar, fuck up and got kicked out. The entire story took place in Okinawa where he was stationed with 1-1 ADA

  11. Kinda had the same job as the annoying the Army. Refused to admit the base commander because he did NOT have proper ID. Got away with it.

  12. Try reading the novel "no time for sergeants" by Max Hyman, it epitomizes the glorious idiocy of the american military in a weird way.

  13. If I were that general after getting that explanation I would have gave that guy a promotion. Not only was he following the rules to the letter but he took the time to actually read the book in a careful manner and not just skim it like most people would have.

  14. Yeah normal they punish him in military. But they cant do much for going by the book and k should have knew but he was power high which i love for me have beennin the Army and well had times similar

  15. The Army in the UK would have court-martialed him for letting them in. AS the book said only X and X… he has to obide by those regulations. Even if the top person in the Army had turned up and said "open this door" he can not as his orders given to him earlier that day bound him to the regulations in the book at the time the order was given.
    Even the Sergent that gave the order can not make him open the door without the correct badge and clearance levels. So I would say its technically not a malicious compliance.. Just doing his job according to the rules.

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