1. I think I got it see the Indian practices some form of Wichita crafted and God probably tried to change them or teach them that it was evil and they refused to listen so

  2. They could have been wipe out because of that but with the blacks look how easy it was for us to receive to bible many blacks was Christian we know this

  3. So we were bitten wiped but no wiped out now African did practices voodoo but when they headed the bible preached they change or believe no all but most

  4. So we can see now why so much is happening to us now look at how we are live a lot of us is a bad lifestyle this generation is different from that one that why now we are being wiped out now because of SIN evil God does not have an respect of person what went for the Jews went for the sinners after they been lead the right way

  5. Can't believe there are still people out there that are STILL buying into this shit as art!! WAKE UP!!! I'm sick to death of hearing it's art, it's art, gimme a fucking break. Sickening, if people would wake up and see what's so completely obvious they'd be embarrassed to say that! Disgusting all the way around, to bad for those that refuse to wake up and look deeply into all these things and get the actual truth because none of them will make it through this nightmare that the so called elite are getting away with right before their eyes! Just the term elite in reference to these sick fucks is absolutely hilarious because they're the lowest, degenerate, sick living beings to ever exist. God's coming for them and they think they can win, well it's not gonna happen. They will all burn for eternity.

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