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  2. First I'd like to say I'm very impressed of the person you are because joining the the military is not for the faint of heart. Second I love your videos. They are well done and to the point. You give very good explanations to the what you are talking about. I'm trying to get a airsoft rifle but things are tight and really cant afford a decent AEG that is upgradable. And to be honest a little jealous that there isn't a big enough airsoft field near me for a sniper. The closest one to me that's half decent is like 2 hours away. I kinda have to live through your videos. I love the fields you get to play on I'm very envious of you. I wish you the best of luck and be safe my friend. And keep the videos coming. I look forward to you videos every day…keep them coming..

  3. Jesus Christ look at that rifle, rotary magazine, and that scope.straight out of the 80’s man. Where is your Schmidt and Bender?

  4. How does the military allow filming during training? Not a security concern? When I was in the military this would not have been a thing. They would have saw it as a distraction at the very least. Just curious.

  5. Great videos. Very well made. Just to help a little….in English the two adjustment dials are called "windage" and "elevation"

  6. Jesus Christ my high school football team trained harder than that no wonder no one compares to the US they all train like pansies and get their phones and cameras and internet when I was in training you got nothing not even the clothes on your back those were replaced by standard issue everyone was equally nothing you get 3-4 calls max in 8 weeks of training and then you go to your technical school for 6 months and get treated like a elementary schooler you do it all in 2 weeks and at a way less stress or standard level like I said no wonder no one compares to the US I was laughing throughout the whole video

  7. I love how when he was going over all the sniper equipment he said SSG-24 instead of SSG-69 😂😂 gotta plug it where ya can brother!! Haha 🤙🏻

  8. It seems to me that this training is so different that what the US standards are – not trying to diminish this journey of service just seems a little … sub par?

  9. I hope that the SSG's scope's sight picture isn't as afwul as it was on the video. How on earth you aim with a sight picture like that.

  10. Zwei Fragen: 1. Scharfschützen Training als Rekrut, wie hast du denn das gemacht ? Und 2. Wie hast du das heer dazu gebracht das du die ganze zeit einen kameramann mithaben hast dürfen ? 😀

  11. The scope view ( at 6:00 ) is that the actual aim you are seeing ? Because that looks like the absolute worst aim picture I have ever seens! It covers up so much of what you try to aim for. Specially for smaller targets! Great video!! Fun to whatch!

  12. Lol I think you guys should invest in better reticles. That reticle is from ww2. Switch to a mill dot cross hair like the U.S does

  13. A question: i see this video in novembre 2019. your vlog is produced with the collaboration of the Austrian government?

  14. i have noticed that many videos ( yours too, sorry) that the background mood music is WAY LOUDER!!!! than how the main person talks…. do you "proofread" your videos before they go out decibel wise. ?sound engineer, anyone???

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