Reddit restores 87yo Grandad’s Navy Photo

Reddit restores 87yo Grandad’s Navy Photo

Steve: Right, so you know a little while back, when I came over not so long ago and you had a photo on your computer of you Grandad: oh yes, that’s right, the sailor one?
Steve: That’s right! and well I got it printed off, that’s the one you showed me.
Grandad: That’s right, yeah Steve: and you asked me whether you could get it
touched up a bit.
Grandad: Yes. Steve: So, I put it on a website that I go on, called Reddit and they basically had a go at tidying it up.
Grandad: Wow! That’s the original one, this guy here has had a go at tidying up some of the lines on it.
Grandad: Oh yeah? Steve: and he’s done a pretty good job, he only did it quickly before he went to school. Grandad: He’s really taken a lot of the creases out! Steve: He’s done it a little bit. Then someone else had a go and had another stab at it Grandad: Spoilt for choice!
Steve: and you can see he’s taken the lines out there and everything
Grandad: Yeah! Steve: He’s really done a nice job of that because it was a photo of a photo, you’ve still got the table in the background there’s still quite a lot of the cracks and things down the side there
Grandad: Yeah. Steve: Then someone else had a go Grandad: Oh wow, look at that!
Steve: and bare in mind, that’s the original Grandad: That is fantastic isn’t it! Grandad: You would never know it had looked like that Steve: There’s still a few marks and stuff,
Grandad: Yeah yeah yeah. Steve: but he’s taken a lot of the stains out and got rid of all the lines.
Grandad: Probably beer stains! *laughs* Steve: so that was good, and then someone took that one and did a little bit more work to it So you can see there he’s got rid of the patch and put some hair back in probably not quite the right hair, but he’s had a go at it Grandad: I could always do with a bit more!
Steve: *laughs* Grandad: Wow!
Steve: Then someone took that one, and did a little bit more tidying up to it and again he just did a few touches up, sorted out the contrast on it
Grandad: Yeah. Yeah I can see the differences Grandad: It’s fantastic isn’t it!
Steve: Yeah I mean, when you compare that to that, it;s really different. Then one guy, kindly spent 3 hours of his evening on it Grandad: Did he?
Steve: and has come up with that. Grandad: Wow Grandad: I didn’t realise I was so good looking! *laughs* Grandad: Well that Grandad: that’s lovely isn’t it!
Steve: He’s even given you some hair look Grandad Grandad: ha ha Grandad: he’s not got any spare has he? Steve: So he’s really gone to work with that, he’s done an amazing job Grandad: Yeah, when you consider that Steve: Yeah that’s the original that look like you? definitely you? Grandad: Yeah Grandad: That’s taken in Hong Kong that. Steve: Was it? How old were you then? Grandad: Nineteen, twenty, something like that.
Steve: I thought you’d be about 20 Steve: So that was a little present for you, I thought you’d appreciate that.
Grandad: Oh thank you Grandad: that’s wonderful! Steve: The reason we’re recording it is because the people who did the work on it, I’d like to show them you receiving it.
Grandad: Oh that is really lovely whoever’s looking at that thank you very much! There we go that’s the difference. that’s what sixty.. sixtyseven years or so Steve: You’re still as good looking as you were back then Grandad: That’s really wonderful thanks a lot man, that’s really wonderful! I really appreciate that.
Steve: There’s an extra one to show you. A guy took one, I think he took that one there, and he colourised it He didn’t know what colour hair you were, he didn’t know that you were a raving ginger back then Grandad: Yeah well I was a sort of gingery colour.
Steve: He’s done a pretty good job, he’s put you on a boat and everything he’s put.. I thought it was quite fun what he’s done.
Grandad: He’s done a wonderful job with that.
Steve: He’s got the skin tones about right
Grandad: I love the colours. Steve: He tried to pick the right sort of era Grandad: Yeah, almost like an old master of painting *laughs* That’s wonderful! Ahh well I didn’t think anybody would go to all this trouble for me! Do I owe anybody anything? Steve: Of course not Grandad, it’s all out of the goodness of their hearts. Grandad: Ah that’s lovely well tell them all, they’ve made a poor old sailor very happy! Steve: Will do Grandad: Oh yeah I like that one with colour, all of them. Thank you very much for framing it up


  1. Thanks for the late night goose bump. Your grandpa reminds me alot of mine. I wish the best for all of you. Cheers!

  2. Brilliant. Well done them people. You're the type of people the Internet needs.
    Only a shame more and more young people are growing up on the internet and spoiling it making fuck all contribution at all, just spamming it with utter shite.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Thank him for his service and thank you to the people who restored the photo. You are helping to restore hope in humanity.

  4. At a first glance I thought that you had written 'narwhal' instead of 'naval' and started wondering why you didn't use that picture.

  5. I was ok until he asked if he owed anyone for the restoration. Choked up at that. To answer his question: Whatever debt may be owed was paid a very long time ago.

    Damn onions…

  6. I thought it was awesome when he asked if he owed anyone for their work. No, good sir, you paid them many years ago already, probably before they were even born.

  7. A real nice 'good news' story – showing some human kindness for a change! Thanks for posting it. Best wishes to everyone involved.

  8. Terrific story thanks for sharing! And of course huge kudos to everyone who gave up some of their free time to do the pics for your granddad, really nice to see how happy he is! My granddad turns 87 on Monday and also served (as did most in their generation) so I'm especially proud of him, unfortunately the ravages of time haven't been quite so kind to him but he's hanging on in there in his own place, he's in England and I'm in Sweden so I'll be calling him on Monday πŸ™‚

  9. "No, good sir, you paid them many years ago already, probably before they were even born."

    Very well put.

  10. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Definitely send some love to him, he helped make the world what it is today!

  11. Judging by your COD video I take it you're a gamer? Have you heard of the Arma series of games from Bohemia Interactive? I work for them and would like to send you a Steam key for Arma3 as a little thank you from one grandson to another for what you did for your Grandad πŸ™‚

  12. Amazing! Yeah I've heard of the series, but never played it! I'm just in the process of building a new gaming/htpc and once I've sorted out the booting issue I'm having at the moment, I was going to look for a game to play! Thanks for the generosity!!!!

  13. what accent does he have? i agree, it's very pleasing to listen to haha. anyway, kudos to the redditors behind this… sometimes the internet really restores faith in humanity! (never thought i'd say that!)

  14. That's what humanity is about and the internet is bringing this side of people out more and more. The older generations that don't see such things everyday, but only get the worst info about the internet from the news, will never understand that.

    Such videos make me realize that we are going to be better people than them!

  15. Wonderful idea! I am sure your grandfather loved it. It is so sad when all that is left are pictures like this. And it is nice that so many people said "Yes, I'll do this for you." πŸ™‚

    I did something similar for my parents for their golden wedding. They just had a boring picture where they stand in front of a building from their wedding day. So I'd put them on a path surrounded by trees and "pimped" my mums flower bouquet a pit. They also loved it.

  16. Thanks for sharing! What beautiful people to get involved for no profit other than making a veteran happy. Cheers!

  17. Awwwwwww. :') The fact that strangers were like "WE GOT THIS!!!" and seeing your grandfather's joy made me cry.

  18. What a great thing to do for a total stranger, and the work was fantastic. Kudos to all those who worked on the picture

  19. Aww yay, just when you lose faith in reddit they go and do something reallll sweet to suck you back in. Thanks for recording your Grampa enjoying the photos, I'm sure it meant a lot to all those people who took the time to fix them all! That's a good OP right there.

  20. It brought me tears, just thinking that all the brave soldiers of that time are leavening us. I don't have WW2 because my family has only been in the USA since the 70's and my father served 22 years from Gulf war to 2012. And i hope one day to server starting a military family tradition. I just hope when my father becomes his age he is treated the same.

  21. This just made my day. I want a granddad like yours!!! I'm so happy for the old guy, seems a lovely man. Well done for getting the photo done for him. πŸ™‚

  22. Hey there is one more gift you can tell you Granddad about – the fact that his video is gonna go, is already going VIRAL! People love him!
    Well done mate.

  23. It like how it gets better as it goes along and ends up amazing and your grandads response to them all.

  24. Am I the only one who thinks that if he actually scanned the photo then had it restored it would be even better still?

  25. Of course, it would have been better, but I didn't know which relative had taken the photo at the time, and I didn't know where the original was to scan. In a way, it makes what the guys did even more impressive.

  26. And yet NOBODY outside of the Internet will hear of this, and they will continue to think that the Reddits are just a bunch of mean haters who pick on a poor woman and her baking company.

    Or when they picked the wrong terrorists bomber. Or when that one website posted photos of that one famous person in a compromising position. Or when… You get the idea.

    There exists two worlds now. The world of the offline, and the online. Both think the other is evil, and they are both partially right.

  27. I wasn't trying to take anything away from the people who did it, but I just did wonder why a scan wasn't done.

  28. Very good work to the reddit community, see some nice people on the internet. Good one folks the old guy looked over the moon very well done.

  29. i remember seeing that post, and noticed many people had already tackled it.
    It's so wonderful hearing how joyful he was to have that photo restored. I wish I had the ability to witness that for every photo i've worked on.

    I wish reddit was "known" for things like this, instead of raiding youtube videos with stupid neckbeard/femnazi comments.

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