Represent | Marines Prep for Military World Games

Represent | Marines Prep for Military World Games

I play for the 2019 All-Marine basketball team. I made the All-Tournament team. And after that I was selected for
the World Games All-USA team. I want to learn more, and be able to
elevate my game to a higher level, so hopefully I represent the Marine Corps well. I hope that I can bring back a
gold medal to Camp Pendleton. I swam in college, and then, so before I
joined the Marine Corps I was a swimmer. I’ve been swimming for the better part of my life. I swim sprint freestyle and butterfly. The Military World Games is the first time
I’ve competed for swimming since college. I’m just excited to represent my
country and the Marine Corps. I’m excited for the opportunity.


  1. Not much Sports in the A Shau Valley in 69 whole lot of fighting though 1/9 Marines the Walking Dead 0331 Grunts Pound You Harder

  2. Much respect for our great military. Not really into the sports side of it and I think its a waste of resources. I would however like to see that klapernackle f'r get smashed by some Marines.

  3. Oh yes and they mention that doing intermittent speed variations on jogging or whatever actually increases your metabolism also I've noticed how they say that if you have lighter Foods first before meals are soups or something that also has the same effect perhaps you already know all this I don't know. I've got much more to impart to the military but I do want to be read up on it quite well not to say that you shouldn't look at it yourselves but there you go yes of course swimming is one of the best ways to get powerful exercise in

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