Rick Perry Gives “Propes” to Navy Seals, Bachmann Wears Biggest American Flag Pin

Rick Perry Gives “Propes” to Navy Seals, Bachmann Wears Biggest American Flag Pin

And then we have Rick Perry… I think that
very good advice for Rick Perry is don’t use any slang or refer to anything that’s at all
popular with people, apparently, under the age of 40. We remember Rick Perry referring
to “Tweeter” instead of Twitter, he was talking about things that were happening on Tweeter. And so I thought maybe he meant Tweeter like
the electronics… the now-defunct electronics retailer from years ago. Maybe… I thought,
there’s still Tweeters down South? But no, he was actually referring to Twitter. And then now, he has… he’s… [laughs] I’ll
just play this for you. I guess he was talking about giving someone props, but instead he
said during the debate, and I heard this live and just thought it was odd, he gave the Navy
SEALs “propes”. [laughs] I’ll play the video for you. You tell me what
you think. Perry: … and we took out a very bad man
in the form of bin Laden, and I tip my hat to him; I give more propes to those Navy SEALs
that did the job. Michele Bachmann: I believe that it was wrong
for the president to go… David: [Laughs] Right. He’s giving the Navy
SEALs “propes”. I mean, what is wrong with this guy? It’s obviously not a word he’s ever
heard, because if you hear it, you know what the word is. So then we have to think, well,
what’s going on? Did he read the word and he’s saying it wrong? Did somebody tell him
to use this word? Louis: Of course. In an attempt to make him
seem younger, appeal to young people, make him seem more hip, make him seem… I don’t
know, I don’t even know what, I mean, clearly someone wrote down something on a piece of
paper saying, you know, you can use these words… David: Right. It has to have been written,
because if you ever hear it, you won’t get confused, you know? Yeah, what? Go ahead,
Natan. Natan Pakman: Give him propes for making an
effort. David: Yeah, at– I give the guy propes, Louis,
because he’s at least going out there and making an effort. I don’t know what else to
say. Louis: Yeah. Well, I mean, apparently he has
problems just reading English, because if he read Twitter, I mean, how would you– how
would you pronounce that “Tweeter”? David: But that’s– [laughs] that’s right,
that’s another one where if anybody says to you Twitter, you would say it right. Somebody
must be writing down things that Rick Perry should be saying. Louis: Yeah, I mean, either the person writing
them down is also completely incompetent… David: Maybe somebody actually wrote it down
“P-R-O-P-E-S”, and maybe Rick Perry is actually reading it correctly. Louis: If this person is working for Rick
Perry, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. David: So then what else happened? Rick Santorum
basically bumbled through the entire thing. Rick Santorum is out, ladies and gentlemen.
If you are thinking of voting for Rick Santorum in the Republican primary either as a parody,
either as sarcasm or as a real vote, the vote is, it’s trash. Put it in the garbage, because
Rick Santorum bumbled through with bizarre answers. He has absolutely no chance. We can
call it now, he looked like a complete fool. The thing is, Michele Bachmann also ended
up falling flat. Her campaign manager, Ed Rollins, flat-out quit right after the debate,
saying it was health reasons. I could understand, if you’re Ed Rollins and you’re managing Michele
Bachmann’s campaign and she does what she did in the debate… Louis: You might have a heart attack. David: It would give you health problems,
right. Louis: Right. David: So I don’t blame the guy. I’m glad
he’s out, because that was a loser, clearly, after the debate, Michele Bachmann just really
falling flat. She’s not in the top tier anymore, I would say, after this debate. Both in terms
of if you look at the questions that were being asked and the way they were being directed,
she was not really getting very serious questions, in other words, the questions that would be
asked of someone considered a real contender. I think we can identify right now that Michele
Bachmann is done. Do you agree, Louis, or do you think it’s
a little bit premature? Louis: Well, I don’t know. I mean, I can’t
really say. We look at this whole debate and we say everyone was ridiculous, everything
was terrible, right? David: No, I’m going to get to that. I actually
don’t think that. I actually think someone did well in the debate. It’s too bad they
have no chance of winning. The one area where Michele Bachmann really
did well in the debate is wearing the biggest American flag pin. You know the standard-size
American flag pin that became popular after 9/11? Louis: You almost can’t even tell what it
is when you’re looking at them on-camera. David: Right. So Michele Bachmann kicking
it up a notch, she had one that… it appeared to be somewhere between four and six times
the size of the normal flag pin, and it was kind of I think vertical at some point on
her… on her clothing. So that area is one where if you really… if you really want
to be looking for patriotism is in the form of the biggest American flag pin, then Michele
Bachmann really did win that debate. Louis: And patriotism seems to be a big…
a big talking point, right? David: Absolutely. Louis: I’m surprised they don’t just drape
themselves in flags, to be honest. David: That would be the way I think to get
more votes. Louis: That’s what I would do. Transcript provided by Subscriptorium Multimedia
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  1. @RaabBlog Don't underestimate the stupidity of Americans. She still has a lot of support unfortunately. I wish you were right, but I don't have the same faith as you in the voters it seems. The fact that someone like her even has any supporters is scary to me

  2. Seems like the words are indeed part of a written list by someone who can't spell (and probably learns their spelling from the Tweeters.)

  3. Wearing an oversized flag pin carries as much sense as carrying The Order of the German Cross in WWII europe.
    It not only shows your alignment and patriotism, it advertises it to the next county

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