Rob O’Neill on Trump’s decision to intervene in Navy SEAL Gallagher’s case

Rob O’Neill on Trump’s decision to intervene in Navy SEAL Gallagher’s case


  1. What that secretary said is really telling about how these beauracrats feel about an elected president. Apparently, he should step aside and let the "real" leaders make the decisions.

  2. pentagon is the apex of the military industrial complex they actually have a gazebo with an owl on top in its center cmon bro; bohemian grove?? dump the war pigs bring the troops home

  3. We all know the military is as political as any other government branch…. Trump needs to extend his 'drain the swamp' initiative further I guess

  4. The rules of engagement are BS when civilians make policies that put them in harms way and tell them they can not protect themselves because it might hurt somebodies feeling!

  5. Simple answer.. if you are a govt. employee and you feel you can not follow the Presidents policies when ordered.. RESIGN! Stand by those leftist morals. Do us all a favor and walk.

  6. This farce against Chief Gallagher was already out of control when our President stepped in and stopped the persecution of this service member.

  7. No one is arguing that the President cant inject himself into military matters, but just because you can do something doesn't mean that you necessarily should especially since Trump has zero knowledge about anything military.

  8. This is the guy that should be making a lot of military decisions. Let guys like this make military decisions, not political hacks!

  9. Trump clean out those pussies and put real men in the military like in the sixties we don't need sissy girls crying we need men good job mr. President clean the swamp and the pussies

  10. Sec. Maybus,

    You’re wrong, stating that Pres. Trump caused the problem by asserting himself into the Gallagher situation. The military brass proved that they would continue to malign and mistreat a highly decorated Navy SEAL without Trump’s entry into the handling of this situation. Maybus, you’re forming a political opinion based on your distasteful political bias. You badly fail to make a valid point.

  11. The last time i checked Commander in Chief is the President,s rank ,he,s the Number 1 Officer in the millitary Chain of Command,gimmie a break.

  12. Yes, a huge job in hand as Obama's swamp placemen flotsam surface within the pentagon.Donald trump needs another four years to clear them all out from there and the intelligence services in general.

  13. You can tell most of you people have never been in the military. I have zero respect for Rob. The minute he stepped forward and said” I shot Bin Laden”, he was banned from the SEALS. It’s a team. He made it about him

  14. We have already brass and it is corrupt time to remove left wing corruption brought upon us by the last three presidents and administrations.

  15. I hate to break the news to these Pentagon officials, but President Trump is the chain of command, he calls the shots. According to the Constitution the President runs the military.

  16. I came here to hear what Rob is saying but I can’t seem to take my eyes off the anchor, she looks amazing. I’m taken back a little.

  17. Secretary Mabus saying Trump is disrespecting the Navy Seals BY PARDONING A CHIEF NAVY SEAL, who was, by the way, being RAILROADED by the Navy….. it's
    all just par for the course these days….
    living in BizzaroLand.
    Wake me up when we've returned to Earth….

  18. Our great President should fire all of the dirty scum bags hired during the Obama presidency. It's like the Obama only wanted criminal political hacks in his swamp… birds of a feather…

  19. DONALD TRUMP IN 2020 Former Navy secretary is one of those Swamp Office Prima Donnas. President Trump supporting those that have boots on the ground, fighting the real fight.

  20. I agree with Rob fire the whole lot of them swamp creatures…imagine wanting to lock up an 8 tour of duty soldier because of a picture??….give me a break the military assholes in ivory towers wanting trying to be President.

  21. Thank you Rob!!! For telling the truth!!! The SWAMP creature/globalists/ democrat/tratiors are deep in military too!!!! FIRE THEM ALL MR. PRESIDENT! !!!!

    THE END !!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. He seems to sell it quite well. "I know it happened but there's no way it happened"? Pretty smart, really. I'd like to see his reaction to "how's that feel" but instead of team, name each member and have his name at the end of that list as only surviving member. Reminding someone they were part of a team is the same, to a S.E.A.L member, as naming each individual by name. There's no way on God's green Earth that guy killed Bin Laden. You wanna know what a lone survivor looks like when reminded they're the lone survivor? Watch Marcus Luttrell's reaction, that's the reaction of a real operator.

  24. The generals & DOD needs to stay out of politics and remember when the POTUS speaks, he is THE boss as far as they are concerned.

    Politicians trying to run a war? Have we learned nothing from Vietnam?

  25. Lets remember that these senior officers and civilians at the pentagon are the ones who took over after obama and the democrats swept away the actual militarily competent leaders who did not support the traitorous acts of our former leaders. I knew this would be a problem, but the President will get rid of that swamp also.

  26. The high ups in the military need to learn their place. They don't run the country. Trump is stuck with most of them. But he gives the orders. What's more important is the troops know their president is on their side.

  27. Sour grapes from former Secretary….deep state players involved in military. This guy is right. Politics kills everything it touches.

  28. These are all Obama appointments. They have more or less destroyed the independence of the military and it will take many many years to deal with the damage they have cause.

  29. This man does not know what the law is, Gallagher was convicted by the Navy not liberals because he was guilty and the President is a civilian not ever a member of the forces, that's the point he should not interfere in something he does not understand.

  30. Trump's navy seal guy is a true modern American hero. He displayed absolutely amazing courage when he single handed slit the throat of the unconscious wounded child then held up the body by the hair to pose for pictures. He should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. A true hero that we all can be proud of and an example for our children.

  31. I hate Fox. I love Rob! America is crying desperately for unadulterated truth. We’re tired of PC, hence Socialist Media trying to take out our powerful voices. We’ll still break through. Welcome to the GREAT AWAKENING! ✌🏻🇺🇸♥️Check out Robs twitter. He’s funny 😁

  32. Once you hit fullbird it is all about politics to get you that star.

    "Officers are worthless pencil pushing ride alongs." CSM Basden 1994 Baumholder Germany 47th FSB 1st Armored Brigade

  33. We MUST stop having politically managed wars – wars MUST be won quickly and aggressively without weak officers sucking up for special treatment by being political. They need to be officers supporting the troops.

  34. I'm no Trump supporter by no means but The President of the United States has EVERY!!!! reason to chime in on any Military actions. He is the Commander and Chief. Sounds like the Navy was trying to cover up something and Trump ruined it for them.

  35. Seals sure loving the limelight back in the day they blurred their faces nowadays it's where is the camera……also future democratic presidents will listen to low ranking officers bypassing the Pentagon and Republicans will scream he'll no… just an independent thoughts

  36. Interesting that President Obama fired General Crystal ,who was one of the most successful Generals ever, and all because of what a rock magazine said he said it was confusing to understand what President Obama is doing, yet the media didnt say anything. Compare that to this and it is sure hard to understand why the media is losing their minds over it.

  37. This is what
    our Intelligence Committee
    should be worrying about
    instead of trying and trying to impeach
    the VERY best President of
    The United States Of America

  38. The president has the right to get involved you stupid moron. If you don't already know this how did you ever get to be secnav. Couldn't have been a very good secnav.

  39. It's not a question of whether Trump can get involved in a case like Gallagher's. It's a question of whether it's appropriate that he do so. And the answer to that question is an unequivocal NO.

  40. Harris….follow what he's saying will you please. I know the murdicks are telling you to keep it as trump is bad, but listen to what your guest is saying.

  41. Navy Brass getting comfortable in the Swamp….Nope..!.The President is your boss….You take orders from him…Not CNN…

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