Robertsdale Navy JROTC planting thousands of flags for Memorial Day

PLANTED OUTSIDE ONE HIGH SCHOOL IN BALDWIN COUNTY. IT’S A PROJECT BY NAVY JUNIOR R-O-T-C STUDENTS AT ROBERTSDALE HIGH SCHOOL. NEWS 5’S CHAD PETRI SHOWS US THE PATRIOTIC DISPLAY WITH A POWERFUL MESSAGE. CHAD: STUDENTS HAMMER AWAY AT PLANTING FLAG AFTER FLAG AFTER FLAG EACH ONE PART OF A GRANDER DISPLAY THAT WOW’S FROM A DISTANCE DAYS BEFORE WE HONOR AMERICA’S WAR DEAD. Hunter Theodoro, freshman: this project, it’s just our way of saying thank- you to those who’ve made this sacrifice that I don’t think anyone else could make that’s greater than that. CHAD: LIKE THE BILLBOARD ACROSS THE STREET SAYS–THESE FLAGS ARE TO HONOR THOSE WHO DIED IN THE KOREAN WAR AS WE APPROACH THE 65TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ARMISTICE. Chad Petri, [email protected]: this is not as simple as plopping a flag on the ground you really have to work hard to make a hole pull it out and get PROJECT HAS GOTTEN BIG PRAISE. Aidan Johnston, Freshman: I think it’s awesome that we’re getting this kind of reaction but I also think it’s kind of sad the fact that we need this to happen to get that kind of reaction, we AT DOING A TRIBUTE TO VIETNAM WAR VETERANS NEXT YEAR The tropical disturbance remains in the western Caribbean, with a 60% chance of becoming a rivers.

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