Russian jets make ‘simulated attack’ on US Navy warship

Russian jets make ‘simulated attack’ on US Navy warship

For a brief moment it seemed like the sailors
on board this US navy destroyer were under attack from Russian jet fighters. Without warning the two planes carried out
practice attacks on the warship in international waters in the Baltic Sea. The White House have called it an act of aggression. The planes, which were carrying no visible
wearponry flew at about 30 feet creating waves in the water, passing by the ship 11 times in total. US officials have said they tried to contact
the Russian aircraft on the radio, but received no response. A bilateral agreement between the US and Russia
aimed at avoiding dangerous internationals at sea was signed in 1972 A US defenses official said the commanding
officer of the ship called the incident unsafe and unprofessional


  1. why the hell us warship invade russian waters then blame russia for aggression ?. US shit garbage military and its political biased media make the whole world go in to world wars. shame on you ODN .

  2. US couldn't contact the jet, so they did the next best thing: they got their minions, USIS, to shoot down the Russian jet and take hostages.

  3. Putin's hiding $2 billion in Panama.

    I imagine that the planes were detected in advance and that the ship saw the plane's weapon's complement and assessed their threat capability. I would expect as much considering the equipment and training of those involved and the history of such acts of passive agression.

  4. Next time the Russians try this the USN might consider radiating some microwave radiation at those planes to make the pilots a bit uncomfortable.

  5. If that is their attacking strategy I would suspect American M61 Vulcan 20mm canons would reduce the size of the Russian air force very quickly.

  6. I'm American, and I can honestly say that I'm ashamed of this government. The US is bullying the shit out of other countries and blaming it on that country. These countries are just doing the right thing to defend their country. America thinks they can own the whole fucking world.

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