Russian military weapons A-135 missile defense

Russian military weapons A-135 missile defense

russian army 2015 Anti-ballistic missile system A-135
(NATO: ABM-3) 53T6 Missile
5784 m/s (Mach 17) 90H6 Daryal-type radar
Range: 6,000 km
Targets between 0.1–0.12 m2 Don-2N «Pill Box»
Command and Control centre 53t6 “Gazelle” ABM 53t6 The A-135 (NATO: ABM-3) anti-ballistic missile system
is a Russian military complex deployed around Moscow
to counter enemy missiles targeting the city or its
surrounding areas. It became operational during 1995. It is a successor to the previous A-35, and compliant with
the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty from which the US
unilaterally withdrew in 2002. A–235 Nudol is a Russian anti-ballistic missile system in
The new system and S-500 should replace the current one
A-135 russian army 2016


  1. They also have S350, S400, TOR and Shilka mobile missile defense and S500 very shortly. No plane or missile can get through and soon no ICBM unless a country wants to be stupid and fire all their nukes at Moscow.

  2. вот этот де самый 😂💪🇷🇺

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