School Bans Student From Graduation For Wearing Army Sash – Now She’s Turning The Tables

School Bans Student From Graduation For Wearing Army Sash – Now She’s Turning The Tables

School Bans Student From Graduation For Wearing
Army Sash – Now She’s Turning The Tables For most of our armed service members, the
decision to join the military is not one they take lightly. They know that they’re putting themselves
at great personal risk, but they do it anyway in order to protect our country. It’s a decision we as a nation are thankful
that they make, but it’s especially astonishing when high school students answer the call
to serve. Every year, thousands of American teenagers
choose to enter the military upon graduating from high school. Despite their young age, their commitment
to protecting the homeland is something that should undoubtedly be celebrated and applauded. But for one high school senior, her decision
to join the Army was not lauded in any way by her school. Remember, the hugely liberal education system
typically loathes the military. However, the unfair treatment she received
is now gaining national attention, and she is having the last laugh. From IJR: “A Pennsylvania high school has barred senior
Toni Kress from wearing her United States Army sash at graduation, and now she and her
parents are speaking out against the rule. During an interview with ‘Fox & Friends,’
Kress, who has already signed enlistment papers to join the Army, explained that Central Valley
High School administrators said she can’t wear her sash to the June 1 ceremony because
it doesn’t match the school colors.” During the interview, Kress stated that even
though there is nothing in her school’s handbook that says she can’t wear her sash,
she is still going to respect the school’s decision. Her father, on the other hand, had stronger
words for the school’s nonsensical rule. “She worked hard for this. She went through the ROTC program through
the school,” he said. “In today’s world where we have kids out
there eating Tide pods, she’s willing to stand up and fight for her country.” The high school should be proud of students
who want to show their military pride by wearing something like an Army sash. But the school’s excuse to ban the sash,
because it doesn’t match school colors, is almost certainly a smokescreen for the
actual reason… They’re more than likely worried that someone
might be offended by the Army sash and what it represents; patriotism, love of our nation,
and a willingness to physically defend others. The school’s attitude signifies a larger
problem in our public schools. They are run by liberals who have nothing
but disdain for those who serve. One high school teacher made national news
earlier this year when he publicly mocked a student who wanted to join the military,
calling our service members, “the lowest of our low.” All of America should get behind this courageous
young woman since her own school is failing to do so. She worked hard to earn her sash, and she
should be allowed to wear it with pride.


  1. But she wore her sash. So the school can suck it.. And the ones that get offended by the sash can sit on a pointed stick and rotate.

  2. Get every libturd/communist teacher out of the school system. They're nothing but lying subversive trash who attempt to instill their degenerate agenda's on the students. Again you can thank the traitor fraud Obama for the infestations.

  3. Liberalism is a disease and there is a cure, take the red pill and be enlightened. Once you actually see the big lie you'll wake up.

  4. Walk in with it on an get your diploma an walk out…your school Dosent deserve a patriot like your self

  5. Thank you young lady God bless United States Army Marines Air Force and Navy, keep the Sash on you when you get your diploma while you're on stage Stop and then put that Sash on and say ( I'm going to go to fend you and you're right to speak)

  6. She is a very brave person standing up for her country we need more people like her representing the people that fought inmate are free I don't get it with these schools and people nowadays our loved ones fought and died for us to be free we should honor them and be proud of our young you that wants to join them and fight for our freedom

  7. They should be ashamed she is willing to fight for there freedom and they treet her like that. The school people are sorry excuses for human beings. Un American as they come.

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