look at this is it something you can only see in movies and how it’s in real life and you’re just like unbelievable hello gorgeous and welcome back to my youtube channel right so the reason why I’m taking you guys with me today is because I have a very exciting sightseeing schedule at school with the exchange students by bus to go to several interesting destinations around the city and I think it would be very nice if I could take you guys with me you know to get you guys a bit more insight into Oslo views and oslo’s famous places so yeah I think I’m just going to finish the intro here and we’ll start going right away because the bus will leave in about 15 minutes so yeah let’s go okay so first introduction to know which a culture you have to do like this lady she’s from Austria so I assume it’s the same and you have to fasten your seatbelts it’s compulsory no way like see – mmm – so it’s compulsory in Norway so do it every time you get back [Music] like Wunderland it would look very we in its threat and then just a sec oh sorry an antenna so cold hi she made me turn the whole circle and like I look like a crazy Asian okay what are people staring at children is it cold a Winter Park or something Oh cute little creature the big dog and the small dog is it cold and a Winter Park or something it’s in Chinese the name of the scene Chinese can you try to wait for today so communal Park this is the Vigilant Park everybody we have found the name of the blog and what’s special is that we found the name the park okay like we are the slowest walking people we’re not in here no okay so we’re not the slowest walking people but we still take a lot of time okay [Laughter] yes of course we are climbing up stairs to get some good pictures and this is the monolith : which shares the column of human thickness and there are more than a hundred seventy human figures those hop on this column and also at a 17 meters tall this is incredible and it has humans of all ages and around here we have different statues of like different cycles of life yeah I forgot to tell you this is Allison and she is from Macomb and she has a great hair color yeah and she’s been having many great hair colors I can tell like okay I follow her on Instagram and she has a lot of different hair colors like pink and orange and purple purple and blonde and everything so she Sarah is for winter yeah this colors at the colorful winter that she’s had so many different hair colors and I really love her I also love her here soon oh yeah this is the first time that I bleached and dye my hair yeah it’s like your hair is really cool maybe after this color I will switch to this one oh this little one is so cute what is his name Lucy Lucy oh it’s a girl yeah oh hi Lucy oh it is burn mmm oh dear boy yeah oh are you sweet boy oh my goodness you are so cute how old are you she’s and this one is like they’re so fluffy bye-bye they’re so cute gift buying we have to get to the bus now and we’re going to get to a new place and I just hope that the news place is going to have more things to see than here wait a minute I have to run why do we have to run we just run because because it’s my car yeah it’s like it makes our body one and that’s probably what we should do this is incredible view we start ski jump from up there is it it’s really really tall what we see both hours okay you’re always supposed to like ski jump from there down here then that would be like a dangerous sport oh the Sun is so beautiful I think that everything just looks so much better when there’s the Sun I have to catch up with everyone and this is like the Oslo ski jump and it is very very tall and I think there will be some necessary requirements to get on that ski jump they say that this ski drum has been reconstructed 10 times and the latest one is in 2010 so it’s quite new and now we’re going to look for the coffee shop is at a coffee shop yes I think yeah because the talk I said that here they have the best hot chocolate and the best Norwegian waffle and brown G’s and so many things so we’re heading to the coffee shop I’m going to show you how all of that looks like a couple of minutes I want a hot chocolate take away yeah very good ordered a hot chocolate and I also added some cream and inside this cafe it’s really due to their latest set and there are also some seats outside is very nice right this is cold and sunny is it nice to see the Sun what Oh the waffle yes we have to come in for the waffle [Music] here we have the topping Oh the pieces are in the hot state yeah you know I don’t know I see that also good what Francis brown cheese oh yeah I think I’m going to add a bit of that and they’re just like some kind of gem yeah [Music] just get the moon I think that cheese that white cheese melted yeah this is our piece of art so we came here and we’ve got hot chocolate and we’ve got waffles and we will leave we didn’t even care about the ski jump or anything because we were very hungry and very thirsty and the brown cheese I don’t know but the brown cheese is not really my favorite I think I like other kinds of cheese better and the waffle was perfect what who was very great it was very soft and very sweet loved it what and I have not taken any pictures at the ski jump because I was so invested in this hot chocolate and was very worth the money so now we’re heading down to the bus and were going to head to our next destination [Music] this is the Opera House and the view is incredible I mean was it called like a lake oh no I think it’s a short that’s why it’s called here perfect I don’t know because it really looks a lot better in real life to capture it in video is just not as pretty as it really looks so you can see the water surface is half like iced already I really want to break those ice can you see them and then over there there are quite a lot of fusions or something let me zoom in a bit can you see those they’re like hundreds of pigeons or some kinds of birds and then off to the sunset they’re going to fly back to the north and it is just a great view to see we’re just trying to walk up and then I hope that we wouldn’t slip and fall and we walk down oh you have to see this with your bare eyes so oh I I just forgot the name of the birds now I know they are seagulls and would you look at this view the Sun is about to go down and I don’t know if I’m gonna stay here long enough to see the Sun go down but it would be very very nice I’ve never seen sunset before look at this is it something you can only see in movies and how it’s in real life and you’re just like unbelievable look at this one what are you doing are you afraid of humans where’s your one leg Oh one leg is like down there Hey okay turn around talk to me hello oh dear was the water can you look at here look I’ve got your really nice frame huh oh there you go you’ve got both legs down hi I’m Jacqueline and you’re very arrogant are you walking away great that’s it oh it’s only four and it’s already dark such a shame I I’m sick we had like two hours of sunshine and then that’s it so that is already yeah when it is absolutely don’t feel like it’s 10 p.m. yeah yeah it’s time to sleep yeah so that is it and now I’m going to take a shower I’m going to do my laundry I am also gonna go and finish editing one of my videos and not this one but another one and yeah so I think I’m going to end my vlog here and if you’ve enjoyed today with me just give it a big thumbs up and comment below if you want to see anything else in my next video and I’ll try to include it in my content and finally subscribe if you find it interesting and you want to experience more things with me and I will see you guys very very soon bye gorgeous [Music]


  1. Hi! I am also looking to study abroad in Oslo at BI. I was wondering if you're living in student housing and where? Like can you walk to campus or do you have to take the bus? Also I think a room tour would be cool!! I love your videos so much! Watching them is really helping me prepare for my exchange!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the video. Would be lovely to have an overview of the city life in terms of the prices as well as the student accommodation provided. The negative sides could be also useful for the viewers. Thanks a lot and enjoy your stay in Norway!

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