Science Vs Commerce | Chapter 1 | Ashish Chanchlani

Science Vs Commerce | Chapter 1 | Ashish Chanchlani

‘This video is a work of fiction.’ ‘In no way does this
video insult any stream… …field, people from
different occupation.’ ‘This video is just for
entertainment purpose.’ ‘It should not be taken seriously.’ ‘And enjoy it.’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘There are three types
of field in this world.’ ‘Commerce, science… …and the one that your
parents comment on by saying… …what sort of field is this?
Why are you getting into this?’ ‘You could rather have studied.’ ‘So, lets start today’s video.’ I was 22 years old. I had substance use disorder, and
my parents kicked me out of house. This is where I sleep now. Let’s sleep together. They leave no place to sit. I will sit today. Gamble as much as you can. I have a lot of money.
– Snacks. If you track micros like
proteins, carb and fats… …you will definitely lose weight. It is very easy. – You science
students are so boring. That is not true, okay? You just make up all this. You are an uneducated
commerce student. Haven’t you heard of nutrition? I lost weight after
working hard for a year. You took a year, right?
I can lose weight in a second. Really? So soon?
– Yes, in no time. How?
– Look at this. What is this?
– This is Likee app. Likee app?
– I will lose weight in this… …in no time. I lost weight.
– What is this? This is the new shaping magic
feature from Likee app. You can lose weight
in this in no time. They call me Ulhasnagar’s Brad Pitt. All you commerce
students are dumb… …and are good with
makeshift things. Excuse me, you educated
illiterate from science. You are there because of
us, get it? Science students are alive
because of commerce student. The building you are on… …is made by us engineers. Who pays salary to the engineers?
We do. Get it? Leave now.
I will pay your salary later. When you fall sick… …don’t come to us doctors. When you end up having
too much money… …don’t come to us
CA’s to save your taxes. CA, go and study.
You spent… …your life in reattempts. You old PhD… …wannabe doctor, you leave! You benzene ring, leave! Excuse me, sundry expenses… …leave form here.
– Go and get cash you cashier. Quiet you nurse! What did you say?
– I called you a nurse. What will you do?
– Hey! Go away! Hello, how much did I score? Maths? Physics? Chemistry? ‘Oh no!’ ‘I just scored 90 percent.’ ‘Will I ever be an engineer?’ ‘Will my dad get me married?’ ‘Will I ever be a dad myself?’ ‘What will happen now?’ Why are these commerce
students dancing? Hey! What happened? You stood first? No! – First in the district? No! Then did you top in your college? In your class? We just failed in one subject. We will clear it in six months. Who are you? Why are you dancing? I am from arts. I saw them dance… …therefore, I joined them. I’ve put HCL. Base?
– It’s in the burette. He failed me last time. I hope that I get
right color this time. Hand me phenolphthalein.
– Here. Sir, look at this. Wow. Superb! Awesome! Excellent!
– Thank you, sir. You will get ten marks… …out of 50. What did you even make? Titration point is not there. It reached Goa by now. Here, hold this. Sir, this…
– What? Leave form here. They make juice and
call it a solution. They score good grades and
get into science. What happened? Today’s topic is
liabilities and asset. Okay? I will not explain this.
You will explain it to me. Who will explain? Hide your face. Hide your faces
before you are embarrassed. Ashish! Tell me,
what is the difference between… …liabilities and assets? Sir, the thing is… …liability is liability
and asset is asset. Liability is big, asset is
small, you cannot differentiate it. Big is big and small is small.
What difference can there be? That is the only difference.
Applaud, my answer was amazing. Applaud for me. Whoa!
– Thank you. You stand up. Answer me,
or I will fail you in this subject. Basically, you will fail me if… …I don’t give you the
right answer, right? – Yes. Okay, I will give
you the right answer. Sir, few days ago in your asset… …called phone, your liability… …Pooja messaged, and you… …asked her to send inappropriate
pictures in the name of loan. Should I reveal it and pay
rent with a screen shot? Come on. He got angry. You sit down. You will score full points. You will get full marks
for the next ten years. Sit there quietly.
Let’s go to the next chapter. Come on girls, let’s go! ‘Oh, God.’ ‘Shanti has arrived
to the class early.’ ‘How do I tell her
how much I love her?’ ‘I think,
I think I should confess now.’ ‘She is wearing my
favourite top today.’ ‘She looks so cute in it.’ ‘Maybe, I should go.’ ‘Come on, Ashish. You can do it.’ ‘Tell her how you
feel about her.’ ‘Come on.’ Shanti… …I want to say something to you. What is it? What do you want to say? I… …wanted to know the
difference between… …female and male hormones. I know it now. Thank you. Hold on! Where are you going?
Don’t end this video. I have something to say to you. Do you think that the story
of commerce and science… …ends in such a small video? No! Because there is a chapter two. Yes, commerce versus
science chapter two… …will be released very soon. So, subscribe to the channel… Click the bell icon, like, …comment and give me some
love. I want it. And yes, please do not
forget to download… …Likee app.
Because it has a new filter… …shaping magic filter. You can make yourself
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video. It is good.


  1. “Bolo aapko screenshot ke naam ka rent du sir?”
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  2. Everyone is taking science so seriously but science student also enjoy there college life with there friends. Don't think science stream as hell.

  3. hi ashish i am a great fan of u and im from GOA and im glad that u take name of GOA in many videos of yours thanks bro

  4. Science wale ke questions to humlog slove kar bhi shakte but commerce ke yek word kaa matlb to jaan bhi nahi paaoge

  5. Jinhe Commerce easy lagti h wo ek baar Commerce padh k to dekho. Pta chal jayega ki Commerce easy h ya hard. Puri zindagi Balance Sheet hi match karte reh jaoge??

  6. assets are savings and liabilities are expensive things that are bought from money I am 10 year old child and I know the answer

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