1. First proper comment… I'm glad you guys decided to go this far back to your older style. The song is so awesome, been listening it over and over for a few hours straight when I first heard it. Loving the good old scooter.

  2. ЗдОрово! Советская форма и советская техника прекрасны! Барышни тоже, особенно блондинка на заднем плане!

  3. Ich kann nur noch mal sagen, der Song ist mindestens 100 mal besser, als das Original! Gute Arbeit! Das Album find ich auch echt genial, weiter so!

  4. I'm a very big fan of your music Scooter your previous album Under The Radar And Over The Top was awesome but when I heard this song I was very disappointed because 1 this track was originally done by Neophyte or Rotterdam Terror Corps there version was the best but you did a bootleg of it and have ruined it. I'm sorry but this song Army Of Hardcore should have been left alone unless you were prepared to make real hardcore music.

  5. Angerfist, Hellsystem, Dyprax, Korsakoff, Re-Style, State Of Emergency, Amnesys, The Stunned Guys, Outblast and many others make real hardcore yours well isn't really hardcore its actually Hard Dance if you really truly wish to use the word hardcore then you'll have to start making proper hardcore cos you are dissing its purpose I do still think your awesome but please take my advice in the future

  6. würde bald ma sagen is das stuntgelände von den Babelsbergstudios oder von dem Stuntteam wo Cobra 11 dreht das Trainingsgelände sieht fast so aus wie die Kulisse im Video

  7. If this is hardcore, I'm a priest.
    Look :
    ANGERFIST & OUTBLAST ft. mc Tha Watcher – CATASTROPHE (Official Dominator 2012 anthem)
    Bitch please.


  9. Вашу мать Германия, у вас больше не будет таких сильных союзников

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