SEALs BUD/s Training, 1 of 4

SEALs BUD/s Training, 1 of 4

The United State Navy SEAL platoons project power far beyond their small 16-man size. The success of their mission doesn’t just rely on weapons or technology but on the specialized training of the individual SEAL operator. They come from all walks of life from all across the American landscape. Most have some measure of athletic ability. Over a third have college degrees. They all share a common goal to become a member of the most elite team in the world The United States Navy SEALs. Each year 600 to 800 attempt the basic underwater demolition SEAL training or BUDs at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado California but only one third complete the rigorous 25-week transition from sailor to SEAL. This is the story of one such group. Class 224. You get treated like the absolute lowest form on earth and you’ve really got to find it within yourself to say you know I know I can do it. I know I can finish it and I know I can do anything they throw at me. Thats where it builds character. You find out if you’ve got it in yourself. If you can just block everything out and just focus on that brass ring of getting through that six months of hell. First phase is really the phase that’s gonna separate the men from the boys. These guys come here they really don’t know what to expect so we’re gonna push them and we’re gonna push them hard to see what they have. The guys that want to be here no matter what we do or what we say they want to be a SEAL and they’re going to be a SEAL and that’s all there is to it. BUDs is a real butt kicker. Just having the mental fortitude. Not only trying to get through the PT sessions but also getting through the lack of sleep having instructors on your back being hurt all the time. All those things start taking a play into it during the day. And just having the idea of there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from finishing this training or finishing this evolution that’s getting through it. I believe that BUDs builds teamwork and character by weeding out the weak and bringing the strong together to survive the training. I don’t think any one man can make it alone through BUDs. I’d say the obstacle course is never below my expectations. It’s some of the best training you can get because you’ve gotta think on your feet you’ve gotta act you’ve gotta move and you’ve gotta be fast. And you’ve gotta be safe because you can really hurt yourself. First phase is a really fast paced phase and these guys are constantly moving and grooving every second of every day except when they are eating. The guys when they hear about SEAL training they’re like well all you have to do it run. All you have to do is an O course and things like that. Not really that big of a deal. But once you start putting everything together and the days are endless that’s when guys decide this really isn’t for me. I don’t want to be wet. I don’t want to be cold this pace right here is not for me. Because that’s what’s gonna happen when they leave here. They go to SEAL team where the pace is just like that. It never ends. Just about everything it buzzes it’s a timed demolition or it’s a race. It builds camaraderie with the guys. They take their boats out and they’ll race out to the surf. And sometimes their boats will flip over on them because the surf gets so big. It’s quite an experience to be paddling the rubber boat and facing this eight-foot wall of water coming at you that’s just going to destroy you and send you tumbling around and there’s almost a washing machine effect in the water. What we’re looking for from a recruit number one he has to have the physical skills to complete the training. Two he has to have the mental aptitude because we’re not just a bunch of knuckle draggers. You have to have mental skills as well. We don’t look for any kind of personality. There’s all sorts of different personalities in the teams. But we are looking for a guy that’s willing to sacrifice and can work well with others in a teamwork environment. I think the evolutions that cause the most problems are the water evolutions. Some of these kids are from Wyoming or places where they haven’t even seen the water or at least the surf zones and they’re not really too comfortable in the water. And you’re doing drown prevention where your hands are tied behind your back and your feet are tied up. They don’t like that. Drown prevent I think it’s more of a mental thing than a physical evolution. It’s all about trying to stay calm and be comfortable in the water. Half of our class failed it the first time they went through and I think it’s because they a mental block over the idea of not having control. You’ve just gotta have confidence in yourself and say I’ve done this before I can float on the water. 3000 guys have done it before I have you know why can’t I do it? It’s a mental thing.


  1. Please let me help others get there weight under control. You will love the workout routine. It is easy and it will help our younger over weight friends get in your force. Thank you.

  2. well the seals are harder so if you want to be the best marine or even become a seal in the future train like a seal dont just watch the videos get up and go workout outside and eat right, not too much like some people do just the right amount ok its do push ups, set ups, pull ups and cardio ie runing or swiming. jumping jacks whatever and set a goal then reach it and set a new goal until your happy with the results,

  3. true they arent playable on the main game play but are a playable fraction in multiplayer. and they do play a role in black ops II and are playable in the game. just so everyone knows.

  4. your welcome but to be real you shouldnt need anyone to tell you to give everything you got into something you want or want to do. the one thing you got to remember is never give up on what you want out of life. you can do anything you set your mind to just stay strong and get throw whatever you got to do to get to where you want to be in life and good luck.

  5. lol The most elite team in the world?

    So many Americans are sadly brainwashed to believe they are the best. The SEALS are nowhere near the standard of the SAS, who are widely accepted as the worlds elite and train other nations specialist units ie Germany and Australia. The main difference with the SAS is that they are tougher mentally and are trained for a lot longer. Ask any squaddies in Afghanistan!

  6. There is no military that will ever be comparable to the United States. Under the correct leadership are military is significantly better. Navy seals are hardcore and whether or not there is a big hype about navy seals they still are mentally and physically strong. If you read Marcus Luttrell's book you would no that him and his team fought till they were dead and he was shot up and severely injured and he still kept going.

  7. SEAL training is fucking easy. I want u guys to try private golf lessons, that shit is tough. I once hit a golf ball an it curved left, my coach made me do squats with my GOLF CLUB ABOVE THE HEAD. Trust me navy seal training is for pussies

  8. I was in the forces mate, they are just an undercover operation of the army, no big deal and inferior to the SBS, who carry out similar covert operations.

  9. I doubt you were anything in life other than a keyboard warrior. You seem to think that the Special Operators of the world hate each other, in which you couldn't be more wrong. They always have respect for the other countries Operators, often even training together. If you were in the "forces" as you claim, you would know that. And if you were in the "forces", and have no respect for the any US Special Operators/Forces then that solidifies you were never in. Thanks, youtube scum.

  10. Can't prove to you whether I was in the forces or not. My target is not the men/women in the forces, but the what you refer to as key board warriors like Usafpararescue1 & others, who actually believe the planet stops at the USA.

    There is strong comradeship & respect between US & UK forces ever since we moved into Afghanistan, although Iraq wasn't quit as good. However, there is still strong rivalry & in special ops in the same way there is a rivalry between the CIA & MI6.

  11. Lol "Am I in the SAS". Two sibling brothers arguing would always support each other if attacked by anyone else. As an example, YT, US Marine Recon v British Para in a milling contest..

  12. first of all u fuck. Liverpool is owned by an AMERICAN sports company and their kit makers are Warrior that is also AMERICAN oh and by the fucking way…u bitch! do not call me a YANK im from Los Angeles CALIFORNIA u fucker…

  13. Oh Bin Laden, the CIA creation & the same guy who masterminded 9/11 from a cave 8,000 miles away? Yea we went to war against him, it started in Iraq then we moved onto Afghanistan, meanwhile 5 years later and after the loss of 1.2 million lives, the SEALS finally found him and took him out.

    Pity there wasn't as much effort put in to find out who was behind the murder of JFK!

  14. His threat was a creation, he was no more than a rich renegade Saudi Arabian and some even claim he was trained by the CIA. Google, Wikipedia CIA- al-Qaeda Controversy.

  15. its a controversy which means that not all of it may not be true, he was not just more than a rich renegade he was responsible for multiple terrorist attacks and including the july 7th 2005 london subway bombings

  16. I don't believe the Zionist funded propaganda we are fed for one minute. I'm not saying he was a nice guy, but there are far more evil & powerful entities at work than Bin Laden. Extremist Islam which I abhor, has been created so the west will suppress Muslim nations to ultimately defend Israel. Israel needs the west to fear Muslim nations as they defend themselves. Thats why Zionist penetration in Congres & the White House is so powerful, despite Zionists being less than 3% of the US population

  17. The people that were fighting against the crown were British immigrants, yes, but they were also the first Americans. You made it seem like they were British immigrants and no more.

  18. Well they were British immigrants & early descendent's fighting for freedom from the crown, but until the war was won, they were British colonialists. Personally I hate the crown, if I were alive in America then, I would have fought against the crown also. The British monarchy at the time were Hanoverian's who descended from north Germany & were not even British. That's when the German Rothschild's also took over Britain's economy & eventually the USA after they murdered President Lincoln.

  19. 2/ The only other American President to attempt to regain control of the American economy was JFK, he wanted to scrap the privately owned Federal Reserve & create a Central Bank entirely owned by the American people for the American people, but he was assassinated 6 months after his proposal. In the UK the monarchy & the Rothschilds own a little known company called the Bank of England Nominees Ltd, the true shareholders are protected from exposure by the Official Secrets Act & rake millions.

  20. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, before the start of the Revolutionary War. In this document, the colonists declared their independence from English rule, obviously. But also they declared themselves as an independent country. So, by the start of the Revolutionary War, the colonists were now citizens of the United States of America, not British, fighting against the British.

  21. OK, but my point originally was they are the same race as the British, you might call them Americans then, but they were not indigenous and as most settlers came to America after 1700, many were born in Britain or were 2nd generation British. From 1730 to 1770 the population more than trebled, although some from further further west were Dutch & German, ironically the latter supported the crown. Even today people call themselves Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Greek Americans and so on.

  22. SEAL training is for pussies, try training for desk jobs in the Air Force… these guys are lame

  23. Yes a lot of respect, but the last time any militia fought for your country was in 1945, since then your country has taken over from Britain in meddling in other nations affairs, then with the exception of Vietnam & South Korea, it has been muscling in on their economies and creating puppet leaders.

  24. The British SAS wasn't established till 1950… and the American Revolution to the British, was more of a border skirmish than an all out war.

  25. Why do half of you even give a fuck what eachother say. If it really gets you hot and bothered because someone "trains" more, you might want to check your vagina. I'm sure there is a bit of sand in it.

  26. Elated I stubled onto this clip. Youtube is wonderful for this kind of content.

    My step brother was formerly bullied. He stated he was going to get bigger muscle and strength. I did not believe him. Right up until all of a sudden he gained 40 pounds of complete lean muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He doesn't get bullied these days. πŸ™‚ I signed up last week. Not to mention this guys emails are awesome!!!

  27. i'm an indian but i fuckin love da american army,da trainin,da hard work,da technology,wish i was born in america. fukin british haters gonna hate, who cares. long live america

  28. You lost your independence in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act when your currency was first issued a private consortium and since then your country, including it's economy has been in the hands of Zionists who have no interest in the American people whatsoever. JFK who I had great respect for, was assassinated because he wanted to take back control & have the US once more creating it's own currency. The Zionists are your new monarchy, hence 50 million US citizens now surviving on food stamps.

  29. 1/ Zionism is a political entity ie Kissinger, the Rothschild's, Bernanke & Netanyahu, many religious Jews detest the concept of Zionism. 2/ Only illegal immigrants are on food stamps? Hu? No illegals have eligibility for food stamps, the only ones on foods stamps are US citizens & legal US residents. The homeless are largely victims of the Zionists banking cartels. 3/ The US Fed is not government owned at all, it's privately owned of which 90% of the owners are Zionists. Research it yourself!

  30. So you know JFK's assassination was a well thought attack & a complex plan? Any idea what the plan was about? Every nation in modern history who had attempted to create their own currency & break away from the US dollar as a benchmark, has been attacked either politically or military, ie Libya, Syria, Iraq. Again Zionists pulling the strings in the White House & US & other western military personnel giving their lives in faraway lands on behalf of Zionist bankers. Google The Balfour Declaration

  31. Do you have to be in the Navy to join the Seals or can you first join the Marine Corps and then directly go to the Seals?

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