Seattle Schools Won’t Allow Unvaccinated Students Back From Winter Break | NBC Nightly News

Seattle Schools Won’t Allow Unvaccinated Students Back From Winter Break | NBC Nightly News


  1. Everyone knows that vaccines suppresses the immune system and causes more diseases and death.
    It’s all part of the plan agenda 21 depopulation. Why does everyone get sick the exact same time. U tell me…..

  2. Flu shot is the ONLY vaccine my kids don't get. Its so many strands of the flu the shot is pointless. Not to mention it almost killed 2 of my family members. None of these new vaccines for my kids. No thank you

  3. Good! All children need and should be vaccinated before entering any public school. It's crazy to think that it's not a public health threat.

  4. *I blame 'Facebook' & Youtube for allowing 'foil-hat conspiracy' groups to utter &
    publish relentless campaigns against 'MMR' and vaccinations in general*

    *'Freedom of Speech' does not allow people to scream "FIRE!" when there is none, and when
    public health is endangered, then the 'line has been crossed'*

  5. Vaccines are super important. But the government shoudltn be involved. What does it matter if someone isnt vaccinated if those who were are safe???

  6. This is common in many countries now where a child must be vaccinated to attend school it works because parents want them to go to school and it stops outbreaks it's common sense

  7. Healthcare is the sorcery of Babylon.Look up the word Pharmakia in hebrew and greek,in the Strongs Concordance of the bible.If you believe in Jesus Christ,pray these Let my body and blood reject every poison,in the name of Jesus.Witches are poisong our food,often in our dreams.Let all avenues of Eating and Drinking physical and spiritual poisions,be closed by the blood of Jesus,in the name of Jesus.Father I ask you to bless all my food and drink today,and take sickness,away from me,in the name of Jesus.Pray these for your kids,and your pets.Proverbs 18;21,Mark 16;18,Matthew 4;4 in the King James bible.Man shall not live by bread alone,but by every word,that comes out of the mouth of God.The word of God,is health to your flesh and blood,bones,body,spirit and soul.REPENT.Learn to break off generational curses.Learn spiritual warfare and deliverance.See these videos by Win Worley,The Fragmented soul,Loosing spirits of God,his mass deliverance videos.See the video ROuting demons by John Echrdt.Read the book of Acts,and the 4 gospels in the King james bible.

  8. Here's the thing. Measles is making a comeback because Measeles isn't being screened for when people illegally cross the border and get away with it. Let alone at AIRPORTS. HURDUR. Btw half those vaccines aren't even for infectious diseases that are a problem. HEP B and HPV are spread by WH*RES at truck stops and wont effect your kid.

  9. About time; recently unvaccinated Americans with measles landed in American Samoan. Infecting & wiping out locals to the point they started free shots to save the ones without it & our government enacted travel restrictions to avoid epidemics like in the US. –

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