Secret War in Laos: Bombing Attacks, School Activities, Military Training of the Pathet Lao

Secret War in Laos: Bombing Attacks, School Activities, Military Training of the Pathet Lao

the two hundred and thirty-nine program
lovelies each of the world take you through the product loud
district in northern lowers which has a deep connections with the
war in vietnam the nineteen fifty two jimmy vo
agreement setup terms under with the coalition government
would rule out with the extreme right headed by prince
of on a puma and the left the product nao led by
print supernova united states began bombing areas in
northern lalit about a year-and-a-half ago on the
ground that the north vietnamese would bringing supplies over the so-called
procurement rail school hours and into itself vietnam strategic bombing bart b_-fifty two
weeks in fly through december raises the question of whether the war
in vietnam will to spread two levels by japanese news-gathering team visits and newark near the north vietnamese border eighty villages three thousand expand
your is in the center of the product lal controlled the village was abandoned when the
bombing began now from time to time some of the people
return stories open only from four to seven in
the morning to avoid air attack people appeared to be calm but this soldiers carrying guns
symbolized the agony of war in this area about the private honshu love has a
population of only two and a half million quiet un were like people they are buddhist in many temples that
scattered throughout the area order priests have left the region under
bombing and only the young monks remain the local people say that all of the
part of a lot of different have been bal united states bombing concentrates on
the road villages a part of a lot of conflict general was
established informed sali two hundred fifty kilometers north west of sam know people left the towns and villages when
the bombing began about a year-and-a-half ago they went into the mountains and jungles
to begin on you like they say they can easily avoid the
attacks by a living in the mouth they had started a whole new villages
like this one near spaniel it since the men who have volunteered
for either army third or work in the factories only women children and the
older people who are left behind inability the women are pounding rights and
weeping they have a fairly comfortable life
better than during the french colonial period there is that they can who will be in
the product loud districts in the people provide for most of their own daily
needs military training at a recognized part
of their daily lives you laotian malaysia like the vietnamese
is a part of the people’s liberation army it is established in various districts the people makes beer is before leaving for training they listened intently to the group
leader who explains that brightest influences
gathering in the government and the n_c_o_ neutral it likes without a poem a
whitbread foreign intervention in trying to follow the nineteen fifty
two can devote agreement they have refused united states intervention in
order to avoid being drawn into the vietnamese warner but the rights welcome intervention by
the united states in view of the conflict the product
lower could bring about might change of power in the n_c_r_ despite the plans political situation
life in the mountain villages continues peacefully is the wedding day for a couple in the
bill young girls are a busy preparing for
their feet there are plenty of food one man prepares a pic the bride and groom walk toward their
new on and the ceremony begins wedding guests leave money and get some
of the table set up for the occasion laotians playskool deming hands of the
bride and groom they have another erecting cut them
trying their hand together with black cotton strength laotians believe that the more spring
day you’ll lose the great it will be that happen it’s or the newlywed outside they have been preparing to
bring ten dollars everyone feel dancing follows the wedding ceremony everyone got to the lamp on which
originated in thailand but had become popular involved they caved built into the limestone of
the mountain near town mila are the center of most village activity here are the people who are state from
the bombing although the kids are cold and damp the
village people for nixon and make them as profitable as they can there are underground classroom during a period of the french
colonialists ninety-eight percent of the people were
ill-equipped you know lulls there were only three
hundred teachers in nineteen forty five now there are four hundred he carries in
that part of a loud depict alone and the number of children attending
school has increased by a threefold in the last
and here there should be on a repair shop in
samuel here are young mechanics learn how to make repairs in the part of a lot of district they
follow the chinese slogan of working out through your own airport the idea if you develop self-reliant people in the part of our districts also
make their own textiles even their own mentors about fifty men work at the shop their repaired one hundred thirteen cars
from january through september it’s bad here this is a rest the men are smoking quite native bamboo
spent there is also a blacksmith shop in the
state where thirty employees work six-and-a-half hours a day there are three practices in which the
men meltdown pieces of bombs dropped in nearby areas hi kids nyas and ever called to olympic last year the product lyle built between
plant for a girl’s seventeen to nineteen working a lot of flight power is bernie five foot pedal the girls make military uniforms breaks
and start the grill employees saying they are not
afraid of the enemy they will willingly indoor any hardship
no matter how long the fight goes on there will be no happen is for anyone until united states to defeat you’re also printing shop send the radio broadcasting station in
the state there through the print shop with a lot
about that the central party or i don’t know the
amount patriotic front is public about thirty people are employed in the
shop which spreading too many adjoining it
gave divided into metall press roman conference room and so forth also located in the cave this is the
only broadcasting station in a pot of allowed etc it broadcast eight thirty minute program
today mostly new one-half our program consists of music most of the news programs are in laotian but the barn broadcast are made in frank nearest amnio abhi lodging people’s
liberation army has established a military school called
me to comment on military school in on ur all that you will of the war against
the french goal was prompted fifteen years ago during the resistance war when the people’s liberation army fought
against a d_n_c_ on government in metabolic at in com along provinces
follows seven dollars and had control of some areas it was a day before graduation and the
student when their final pages untrained they learn to do leave of the soldiers
of out in people’s liberation army to destroy the enemy whom all eyes the people to participate in production graduation withheld in one of the larger
tape commentary he bombed on is that prine commander of the lotion
people dot meet to the gradually the battle will be long and difficult
instead all graduates must at all time show any
were like spirit of self-sacrifice to do everything they can to overcome
the enemy and expand the liberated areas graduating class cheery their leader print storefront along with the head of
the laotian patriotic front or i’d love is fifty seven years old is a hot brother of friends about a poem when its rebuttal bond returned to laos
in nineteen forty one after several years education in prague
he worked on a road construction project during that period he became aware of
the poor living conditions of the people and excited in nineteen forty five to
work toward independence when he laotian patriotic front which
won the nineteen fifty six he was elected as champ interview he stated the tensioning
confusion and lowered idea of growth of a conspiracy by the
united states and to run a puma and the right of government in the empty
on contract elite geneva agreement of nineteen thirty six or year and a half united sates bombings
have been getting a lot moreover united faith users motion and
south vietnamese agent to bring these southern and central part
of the house under its control and tooling south
vietnam with violent he doesn’t consider that the problem because the united it can be four to
pull out each day to the president lankan
government has the mark of the people collision government but is actually a
puppet of the united states which you talked about it for months who carry out aggressive plank that is why the people are determined to
resist steaming and at that although a recognized leader of the
laotian patriotic front supernovae onto the friendly man who
even take time out of his busy day to take physical training and keep in
close touch with the younger people of the move that had been a translation of the japanese commentary on a visit to the product lower every


  1. Learning one side is good and pretty, it makes the Lao royal government look bad. from 1975
    till now 37 years passed, Laos has bragged too much good by their communist government themselves, has not heard the world say about the Lao communist gov is the best, be wide
    vision not to see only your own toes. Learn more about the world civilized or updated
    administration, make the people joyful of their freedom, do not let the N.Vietnam poised too
    much of entertainment to the young generation.

  2. Did not know about the former Lao royal Gov accepted of the terror pathetlao group lead by the
    terrorist XOT Badlasee in downtown of Vientiane, the out far side of the capital of Laos the Lao
    royal Army,Navy and Air force fought with the bad guy pathetlao militant/the paralyzed N.Viet-
    nam, this showing off the weakness of Uncle Souvanna and the defense secretary to manage
    the National security policy, that's why the Kaisone&Souphanouvong form was expanding.

  3. จั๊กเว้าหยังกะบุ แปลให้ฟังนำแด ฟังบ่ออก หาสาระอีหลีบ่ได้

  4. ພວກວຽດມັນຢຸແຢ່ຫ້ລາວຂ້າກັນເອງແລັວມັນຍຸທ່າງມາຂົນເອົາຊັບພະຍາກອນຂອງລາວໄປພັກລັດສະຫລາດສອງ່ໃສໄຫ້ຄນົຕາບອດຫູໜວກຄົນປາກກຶກທີ່ບໍ່ຮູ້ບໍ່ຈັກບໍ່ເຫັນເປັນໃຈກັບໂຈນເປັນຜູ້ຂາຍຊາດໂຕຈິງຄົນລາວບໍ່ຕອ້ງຍ້ານຈົ່ງພາກັນລຸກຂຶ້ນຂັບໄລ່ພັກລັດເຜຶ່ອຍາດແຍ່ງເອົາປະເທດລາວຄຶນໄຫັປະາຊົນລາວໄຫ້ເປັນເສຣີປະຊາທິປະໄຕ

  5. ລະບອບເກົ່າປະເທດລາວເປັນຂອງຄົນລາວແທ້ໆແລະບໍ່ເຄິຍຄິດຈະຂາຍຊາດວຽດນາມຕີສົງຄາມກັບະເມລິກາແຕ່ລາວບໍ່ໄດ້ກ່ຽວຂອ້ງມີແຕ່ວຽດວາງແຜນເອົາພັກລ້ດໄປເປັນໝາພານຮັບໄຊ້ພວກມັນໄຫ້ແກວວຽດມາໄຊ້ດິນລາວເປັນທາງລໍາລຽງລົບຊອນ່ໄນຖ້ຳສູ້ກັບອະເມລິກາພັກລັດເຮັດໄຫັປະເທດລາວຖຶກລະເບິດຫລາຍທີ່ສຸດໄນໂລກ

  6. ເຂົາຢູ່ທີບແດນໃດມາຂ້າຄົນໂຕຍັງບໍ່ຄິດ ຍັງມາໂທດຄົນລາວທີ່ຂັບໄລ່ຈັກກະພັດຕ່າງດ້າວທີ່ຊິມາປົກຄອງລາວອີກ ຈັ່ງແມ່ນມັນທັງໂງ່ ທັງຊົ່ວທີ່ບໍ່ມີສະຫມອງຫຍັງເລີຍ ຫນີໄປໄກໆຢ່າມາຫຍຸ້ງກັບຄອມມິວນິດອີກໄດ່ ບາດນີ້ບໍ່ມີບ່ອນຢູ່ແທ້ໄດ່ເດີ

  7. Prince Souphanouvong is true Lao Prince. He never forsake his own people. He lived like a poor man, but he is great leader of Lao people in 21th and never any princes in the world. He lived and fought for his people's freedom and he stood side by side by his people. All Lao people should remember for his sacrifice his life for his people independence from outsiders. He is great man and prince for all Lao people. Lao people must remember of him. We love our true prince of Lao and died for all Lao people who sought for freedom. Our prince is great prince on earth. He lived in the jungle for Lao people's freedom.

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