Seven Pillars Of Good Hitter

Seven Pillars Of Good Hitter

alright we’re back and we’re in a great Arena
I once used to be Pat Murphy’s hitting coach so we’re going to talk about something that’s
really dear to my heart we just got through finish talking about defense and the importance
of it but my Murph your team’s are prolific hitters and they throw up some of the best
stats in the country and this is not against ordinary pitching you guys face some of the
best pitching in the country. Well we play a solid schedule our location
and thin air helps us too and sometimes the field gets hard you can’t just credited to
our good teaching we have good players and we have good conditions to hit in. well I guess we need to get right to it and
what I want to talk about the things we use to establish a good hitter we like to use
a little saying around here at baseball player University Seven Pillars of establishing a
good hitter we’re going to walk through that and let you comment we actually want to start
building our hitters this is the way we’re going to build them from here on out. that’s great I look forward to it. okay the first thing I want to talk about
obviously we want to establish a good foundation when we say foundation kids here hey we need
a good foundation what does that mean? well it starts with your feet Forns you can’t
build a house without a foundation and you can’t build a hitter without a foundation. the first thing that I am looking at when
I’m going to evaluate a hitter or I’m going to help a hitter that wants help I’m going
to look at his feet can’t be up on your tiptoes you have to have those nice inside your feet
a little bit I don’t see any hitters hit with their nice outside their feet, your knees
have to be on the inside and those feet have to be fairly solid when you go to take a step
you can’t control your weight with those feet they have to be firm in the ground because
in order to generate bat speed you are going to have to have both feet on the ground. well I’m going to attempt to take a swing
here and I’m going to try to finish up and let you point out some of the areas that we
want to teach our kids and teach a good foundation of building them as a hitter . again you guys
bear with me here. so when I come through here with that foundation
if we start to come on up do the legs play a big part in that? Huge you know hitters spend a lot of time
weightlifting you know position players and the trend in baseball today is to get as strong
as you can and look as good as you can in your uniform but great hitters train their
legs without legs you can’t hit and until you start to learn to use your legs in hitting
you’re never going to hit the ball with the speed and the distance that you want to. and
then we going to the core training your core big arms don’t make for a good hitter that
is a byproduct of training your legs and your core real well big arms don’t make a good
hitter and I think the legs play a key role in keeping your self so you can’t stay balanced
and then you can maximize your bat speed through the rotation of your core. so the proper sequence of the swing it really
starts what you’re saying is it really works its way up so as much force as we generate
with a good foundation with the legs and the core and that is word eventually starts to
pass through here and one of the other pillars that we like to talk about are the shoulders
we like to use it one in a sense it is in the rotation of the swing but we also as hitters
want to shoulder the responsibility of being a good hitter what does that mean to you? hey that’s a great way to put it you know
you want to keep your shoulders working together and at the same time you want the player to
shoulder the responsibility I mean you become your own hitting coach you can’t make excuses
on this that or the other thing the responsibility lies on you. we always hear the term once we finish head
down looking at the baseball that is key because we have to be able to see to hit you also
use vision you’re big on vision what does that mean to you? well like you mentioned you know if you don’t
see it there’s no guys with one eye hitting there’s no guys who don’t see very well hitting
very well you have got to see the baseball and as soon as as you can see it and judge
the distance and judge the rotation and all that type of thing and the whole timing mechanism
happens because of your vision. Your balance becomes important as you know
also the vision of seeing yourself be successful you know using Vision in that other context
see yourself being a successful hitter. Htting is timing and if you can create some
good timing no matter how big you are and hit it on the fat part you can have some sort
of success. Alright so now we start to talk about you
always hear well baseball is 75,85 you hear it all the way up to 100% mental. What’s the head game as far as hitting. well you know two things happen one is you
become totally emotional at the plate because of the situation and that’s not good and the
other thing that starts to happen you start to think too much you know too many socks
in your top drawer so to speak you can’t shut it, so if you’re thinking too much you can’t
be loose and free and I think once we get in the box our mind kind of gets cleared and
you know it’s something simple that reminds you of of a task we have a saying around here
that we borrowed from a great friend track it and whack it you know something really
simple see it and hit it I’m going to hit on the big fat part positive simple clear
head so you can be in the moment. and the last component we want to talk about
the one that I think is very important and I know you do too is that heart and desire
to be a good hitter, yeah heart desire and determination you know
I feel like if you just come in here and watch a video on how to hit or you just come in
here and mimic good mechanics that doesn’t secure success I mean you gotta come in here
and work at it be positive about it have a vision about your success and you have to
practice practice practice you have to put the time in get it out and when things aren’t
going well you can’t get frustrated and look for a new idea you have to stay with it not
only the desire of the determination to hang with it when things aren’t great but that’s
a key ingredient can you can see it in a player I mean you can watch a game and you can see
it in a player and I think that’s what separates good from great
. wow great stuff Murph so if you wanted to
send the hitter home with something what would what would be some point you would tell them
to go home with. I would take the points that you brought up
the Seven Pillars I mean I think that was great you gotta got to have a foundation got
to have leg strength, you have got to have core strength, that has to come into play,
you have to shoulder the responsibility, you have to have a positive mentality, a vision
for success, and also thank your point about a harder desire, I mean I think that’s key
and that’s what I would send them home with I think that works for anybody.

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  1. Totally awsome stuff here, gees feels like everything exactly the way i tell my son, I mean exactly, especially the heart and desire to be successful , thank you sir. Great video good stuff

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