Shotgun Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens?

Shotgun Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens?

Hello this is jeff of taofledermaus We want to show you what happens when a shotgun shell goes off outside of the chamber of a gun Now this could happen if you have a hang fire And you jerk the shell and it goes off outside the gun or if you just screwin around As always we recommend you do not try this yourself unless you really know what you’re doing We’ll be setting up the shell remotely using a Fifth Ops perimeter trip alarm And we’ll be doing a complete video about this unique device very soon So what would a bird shot shell do did you know? Funny that you ask just happen to have one of those here with us today Ok let’s see what if that does any federal number 8 birdshot? Let’s see if it’s gonna be good for home defense or if you’d rather stay the hell away from it You get your safety squints on? I do safety glasses in place, ear protection in place But cross protection crush protection (clears throat). I don’t have a cup on okay Okay, go ahead and do it. Ready? Bird shot! Well it looked pretty scary there was a pretty good boom and the head went flying But would it hurt you or even kill you let’s look at the real slow motion now For the most part just the primer went off. There’s a lot of unburned powder flying through the air surprisingly it still launched the bird shot forward and the shot cup and wadding. Think the biggest danger would be eye damage But still it’s kind of like someone throwing Lead shot in your face, but we wanted to show you what would happen if somebody put a live bird shot shell in one of these perimeter devices why it doesn’t work and Why it’s a really bad idea? Legally and we’ll explain that it in a minute Okay so without a barrel this thing just blew up and without a barrel to concentrate all of that energy forward and down the pipe There’s really nothing this birdshot can do it just sort of like splatters out of there Not really that much of a danger so… Plus the smokeless powder really didn’t ignite didn’t burn up Yeah You can see a lot of unburned powder right and sitting in there and also scattered all over the table So for everybody who wants to go ahead and mount these on your door framing your house to catch burglars It’s probably not going to work, but if you’re caught with something like that. It’s gonna Be hard to explain to the judge well scientifically it wouldn’t work anyway. You know yeah Yeah, so just defend your home when your home With a gun if you need to if you’re in the good old US of A or somewhere where you can legally do it, otherwise stick to ADT alarm system Hey, I hope you guys enjoyed this video I want to take a minute to begin I thank our Patreons or patrons however you want to say it who helped fuel this channel as YouTube and Google continue to cut off their nose to spite their face by De- Monetizing videos or put them in limited or no ad categories our patreon supporters help us stay afloat so we can buy props Lenses and other camera gear so we can just continue making videos


  1. The only test for this would be some way to set off the shell without it attached to anything to give it a way to launch the shot. You've got it sitting in a metal piece that gives it a force to push against to get the shot to move forward. I doubt the shot would go a foot if it were just laying on a table or the ground and was set off somehow. Bullets in a fire won't go a few feet and with very little force.

  2. In my experience when I round goes off the shell does more damage than the bullet.. many times the actual bullet goes a few feet.. shotgun shells are similar in all the blast goes out the sides. This device holds the shell so it can't fly, this is a unbelievable terrible idea!!

  3. People use devices like this around there "gardens" sometimes but they always make a barrel of some sort.. I have found a few hunting, and I always disable them.. all they work for is killing wildlife ..

  4. My god that guy was sooo boring. What a robot. “Eye protection, in place”. I bet he couldn’t tell a joke to save his life

  5. what would happen if you wrapped Tape tightly around the round ? Just curious. Injure 1 aggressor ,and it takes 2 to carry him out in battlefield conditions.

  6. How loud is this? I was going to do something kinda like this and I'm wondering if I can get away with it in my backyard.

  7. No offense but why would I pay for you to make videos? YouTube was always normal people uploading cool videos for fun then it became about money. Now its ruined. Like everything Google touches. It went to crap.

  8. Sad that videos about gun safety and supersonic aerodynamics are demonized by youtube.
    Yes I typed Demonized.

  9. So I was always wondering just what would happen if this was done, a shotshell ignited without any barrel. And now we know. ?

  10. So it's kinda like having a medium sized firecracker go off…not deadly in itself, but you sure as well wouldn't want to be holding it in your hand.

  11. It sure as he'll would hurt would it kill you probably not, couldn't see it being any good for your eyes

  12. What if the plastic part would be reinforced with tape or something like that, it still would be elastic but wouldn't break i think

  13. me and my bother did this in 1977 we put a shell on or picnic tale go back a few yards and it with a pellet gun not much to talk about even back then but we had fun

  14. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  15. I knew a kid in highschool taped a big steel ball bearing to the end of a plastic shotgun shell it put some little dings in the door of his dads pickup

  16. I'll use the ole 12 gauge for home defense, but that deal would scare the pants off an intruder great video Peace

  17. Always wondered about this. If you somehow set the primer off with a rock, or dropping it just right, nice to know it'll only scare the hell out of you, and probably injury you minorly.

  18. So glad you showed us this, so many dangers in our homes, imagine if I hit that cartridge with a hammer and nail taped to the arm of my settee, PHEW!! Very close shave.,,,, and speaking of shaving, never use shaving foam near an open fire, only yesterday I spent half hour building a stick fire in my bathroom sink and then noticed small writing " do not spray near open flame ?, we learn stuff everyday

  19. Did the mountable device in this video reminded anyone of that scene from Saw where Jigsaw made a trap by mounting shotguns on the top a door frame?

  20. Wish I was American living in America, your not allowed to defend your own home here in the UK, you go to prison if you hurt someone breaking in and attacking you.

  21. The primer cap going out the back is more dangerous. Hit an emptied shotgun round with a hammer and the primer cap went about two feet hitting my left forearm went into my arm about 1.5 " inches and is still in there 40 years later . So about a 22 short in equivalence .

  22. Its going to petty much explode with no direction. A bullet is meant to be shot through a gun with a barrel. If you thtow ammo into a fire and it explodes you are just as likely to get injured by the shell casing as you are by the shell.

  23. Using a blank wouldn't be a bad idea. You break into a home, hear a gunshot immediately, and turn and run. It also alerts you.

  24. Remember the old Daisy BB rifle. The end of the barrel twisted and you poured in the BB's. It was about the size of a shotgun shell. We would tape on a 12 ga. shell to the end of the barrel, with one hand hold the rifle above our head and fire it. Not much happened, like here the shell just blew out the side.

  25. one of my stepdads friends was trying to get the lock off a door they forgot the key to and were gonna hit a shotgun shell with a hammer to try to blow the lock off, luckily my stepdad stopped the retard from doing it, glad to know he wouldnt have blown his hand off like we expected tho

  26. For my yard I think it would be a good idea put it right in front of the gate so if someone decides to sneak around my yard when I’m asleep that will hopefully scare them late at night.

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