Should Politicians Wear NASCAR Jackets?

Should Politicians Wear NASCAR Jackets?

from the white house is we the people
petition website comes this uh… this or some petition hoping to force congressional lawmakers
took prominently display their financial backers spend monetary support from various lobbies so get this since most politicians campaigns i’m
reading directly from what the petitions s are largely funded by wealthy
companies and individuals it would give voters are better sense of
who the candidates uh… who the candidate are representing uh… if they have the company’s logo or
individuals name prominently displayed upon the
candidates clothing at all public appearances and campaign events yes you’re hearing the right they are of fish only proposing the mask or idea you know i’m ask are
there all tied up with a different logo’s of the different corporations and
people that support them and that’s there they really know they show you what
they’ve sold out to right now obviously and ask our there’s no
negative consequences biggest nascar drivers aren’t supposed to represent the
will of the american people but are represented are our politicians
are and i think is the most or something
i’ve ever read my life a lot of people joke around about this too by the way i
got made a joke about this like six or seven months ago i’m so happy that
somebody uh… decided to make this a petition uh… the continues one selected the candidate
would be required to continue to wear those sponsors names jury all official duties and visits to
constituents the size of a logo or name that would
vary with the size of a donation for example over one million dollar
contribution would warm up at warrant a patch of about four inches by eight inches on
the chest while a free meal from a lobbyist will be represented by a
quarter size button individual donations under one thousand
dollars are exempt now look of course this is uh…
somewhat tongue-in-cheek here but at the same time uh… acting it’s a great idea now it’ll never happen because you know
if that’s essentially asking politicians to make a mockery of themselves envelope
in favor of making a mockery of themselves right a new look eight i’d i can give you a billion examples
i’ve done it before all do it again i’ll just go back to the one i always use you know george w_ bush former oil man
gets into office all would you look at that four billion dollar subsidy for
exxon mobil adjust the welfare checks right from the
american taxpayer toward the richest corporations in the world gee i wonder why that happened now he
was wearing a big ol patch the tsa exxon mobil on his chest right there on his left as cheap uh… then guess what splicing on and off anybody looking at
george w_ bush is asp so yeh perotis chest uh… maybe we will offer better people smarter
people i don’t know but i love the idea i’m
happy somebody’s thinking about it and kudos to them for putting it on the


  1. If this were to ever come to a vote and was voted in, this would be the coolest and smartest petition I've ever seen.

    Aside from the Death Star one.

  2. Did you wear that shirt for St. Patrick's day? You are a little late, no? The NASCAR idea is great, it should be law, but somebody will filibuster that one for sure.

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