‘Shredded’: Army Officer On Trump-Ukraine Bribery Call Spills On Trump | MSNBC

‘Shredded’: Army Officer On Trump-Ukraine Bribery Call Spills On Trump | MSNBC


  1. Ltc. Alex Vindmin is an "Active Duty" Democratic Party FRAUD, who SAID NOTHING when Indonesian Usurper + Muslim-Loving "KGB Plant" Barry Soetoro (Obama's real name) used a "Foreign Agent" (British MI-6 Spy, Christopher Steele) to LIE to the U.S. FISA Court in order to illegally wiretap Donald Trump's Manhattan Offices !!!

  2. It's like trying to steal life insurance money by committing a murder.
    All Trump wanted was a record of Biden and his son's employment but he tried to achieve it by committing a larger crime.

    Is Trump smart?
    Everybody knows the answer by now.

  3. When the President can publicly admit a crime, commit a crime in full view of the public, and still be powerful enough with the support of the Republicans to obviously lie and state "Black is White" and "White is Black", claim they did not say what everyone heard them say and was was video recorded, and yet still be so powerful they can create a narrative so powerful that instead of being a blatant criminal the President is a victim and those trying to bring him to justice for his blatant recorded crimes are the actual criminals… that is really bad. That is what was happening in Germany prior to WWII and is what allowed the German Democratic Republic to be destroyed and replaced with a Dictatorship.

    The USA is in grave trouble.

  4. Don't waste your breath MSNBC to confuse our minds, we read the transcript and have come to the conclusion on our own that there is no quo pro quid in case of Trump, keep useless air shaking while you last. Attention sponsors of MSNBC, you are wasting your money for nothing.

  5. These 3 reporter were amazing ?. Far right was brilliant. A new perspective on understanding the gravity of Trumps evil influences. “I’m the victim, yet I can do what I want. I hide, I show, some Republicans follow and divide”. All
    Shameful- thanks ? for bringing this to our attention

  6. Its true we saw Trump ask for a foreign country to interfere in our elections, just like he previously asked Russia to find Hillary's email (Hillary is innocent of any wrong doing.) The white house is like a bad junior high with Trump and Conway being the mean girls. Except Trump has made us so much unsafe and given Russia tons of power while reducing ours.

  7. 1:39 IT'S NOT A FU€KING TRIAL! If this were my husband, I'd make him sleep on the lawn every time he made some asinine comment like this!

  8. Some of us are seriously over Trump, Hillary, and Biden. Bring on a strong leader to unite us, please. Save the country. We need help.

  9. This is as real as the collusion lie. This is just informational noise to try and lessen the effect of the Horowitz and Durham reports.
    I'm still waiting for the proof Schiff kept saying he had of Trump and collusion.
    Schiff and Nadler are liars.

  10. extortion- "do this for me or you get NOTHING No money, no support, no meetings." Bribery and extorsion who cares about quids! I think the press needs to stop using Trump's narrative about "quid pro quos." Name the crimes and his putting American's safety in jeapardy just like he is doing with Syria and will continue to do every day behind our backs and in secret with China.

  11. When Trump proclaimed "You're going to get so tired of winning",
    what he really meant to say is "You're going to get so tired of me whining".

  12. Since when did a clerk in the White House get to decide what the President's Foreign Policy should be?

    So unelected staff members think that they now have the authority to override the President simply because they don't agree with him?

    I don't care how what this guy's service is, he has NO AUTHORITY to decide what the President's agenda should be.

    The only people who get to decide what policies DJT gets to implement are those who VOTED for him.

    Those trying to Impeach him are nothing more than power hungry, greedy, corrupt individuals who see the writing on the wall.


  13. Looks like trump is hiding the real transcripts on his top secret server.  Oh no, didn't he attack Hillary for the same think?  KARMA

  14. The GOP should get onboard. Their alternative is to agonize over nominating him in 2020. If he gets the nomination he will not win… but, if he wins he ruins their party for a generation. If he does not get the nomination he runs away, fractures the GOP, and they lose. Getting onboard and removing him from office is their best bet. I think republicans are putting up the appearance of a fight because they have to… Trump’s run is OVER

  15. I love Brittney Cooper! And I agree with her wholeheartedly. The republican party has, for far longer than trump has been in the picture, intimidated the Democratic Party. And the Democrats have allowed it. They allow the republicans to force them to go to extremes to prove their point, much farther than they should have to go. They obstructed everything that President Obama tried to do. They play their stupid little games to keep obstructing justice. After the Mueller Report, an impeachment inquiry should have been open. The evidence in the REDACTED report would have definitely been enough for the corrupt republican party to open an impeachment inquiry if this were a Democrat. Nancy Pelosi took way too long to finally get this moving. Personally, as appalling as it is, the Ukraine call isn't even the worst thing trump AND the republicans have done. The fact that they are saying Lt. Vindman doesn't have reliable information because, at 3 years old, his parents immigrated from Ukraine merely shows how racist they all are.

  16. Yeah, but will the American people see the actual transcript of The Phone Call, which is currently hidden God knows where? Will the American people see Donny's tax returns. I am sure the Republicans will want to be transparent…fair?

  17. Everybody Lies.
    But most political lies have much larger strategies and reasons behind the telling.
    Chasing Trump's puny personally aggrandizing lying is like trying to squash a quick cockroach in a crowded room. It hides next to everyone's shoes.

  18. TRUMP SUPPORTERS ! dont bother watching this. It requires you to be able to join 2 dots together with a straight line which is something i am sure is beyond your level of education.

  19. Even tRump's stupid edited version of that transcript pointed to quid pro quo action on his behalf , not the country's behalf- Yeah, as FOX and the right trashes this colonel guy because he won't lie for tRump & gang . Of course tRumpies buy the stupid excuses for why he held up military aid to the Ukraine they needed, what the favor tRump wanted was, the texts etc. There is a difference between this guy and say Gen. Flynn who besides his lie about meeting w the Russian ambassador, also failed to register as lobbyist for the deposed Pro-Russian former Ukraine Leader for money.

  20. The irony about all of this is it's not just the presidency the president is just indicative of what the entire United States is doing to people who don't have no power

  21. While Gen. Mattis fades away in the comfort of his self constructed cocoon, secure in his very generous retirement benefits,
    criticizing his former assistant for not subscribing to his ridiculous notion that Trump deserves silence from wronged subordinates. Actually impuning the "honor" of the man, should take a look at true courage and honor in this Lt. Col. Your looking pretty sad there Mad Dog Mattis.

  22. You people are pathetic. There are many people who listen to those calls, and there is a transcript of the entire conversation. Your lies will come back on you, and no one is going to feel sorry for you. Your news cast is old school propaganda, and the only people who watch you couldn't find their butts with both hands.

  23. For the WH to insist that the admitted quid pro quo was not consummated and, therefore, nothing wrong there, is akin to someone pulling out a gun at a convenience store and demanding money but leaving anyway with no cash taken. Still a crime.

  24. I read somewhere that some people are advocating a Senate vote that is done by secret ballot so the Senate can forget about pleasing their constituents and actually vote like they feel. But I haven't heard much more about this. Hope it could be done.

  25. so let me get this straight. Trump became the president of the United States so he could use the military to scare away . . . the russians? Because he has some type of illegal business dealings? Honestly if that actually true, then Trump is a Bond villain . . . ahh bad business man = bond villain. How else could it be any other way???

    Listen to yourselves. 4/10 for creativity.

  26. We need to put Barr under the jail because he is so corrupt. We really need to remove Trump, his kids,Wife, Barr, Pence, Rudy and their bands of corrupt Republican men.

  27. Of course Trump is making up stuff, because he is the one being impeached. He has to say everything is wrong. He is going to say everything of impeachment is illegal.. HE IS THE ONE BEING IMPEACHED. THIS IS ALL LEGAL!

  28. The US constitution is above every women and men, even a president. Above the rich and the poor. It deserve to be respected and protected.

    Tyranny shall leave the WH.

  29. For the first time in the history of news headlines, I can't get enough of hearing the words, "the impeachment of Donald Trump".

  30. I can't wait until tRump, Barr, Kellyanne Conway, Stephanie Grisham, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Cippolone, Melanie, ivanka, Jared and Sekulow are looking for work – out of a job. That will be a wonderful day.

  31. The testimony of several officials show that a congressman received money from the Giuliani goons. Which one? Why isn't Wilbur Ross on the stand also? The ole boys of Rudy that got busted last week and Wilbur GO WAY WAY BACK… wonder wonder who… who is the one getting the $? My money is on Jim Jordan. He isn't worried about losing his constituents. He is still defending a mobster. The ones saying I DIDN'T FART… are the ones who rolled in poop before they came to the party.





  33. In the past I was so one sided about politics, after hours of research I feel there is more at play than on TV.

    Read: "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics"
    I'm in a never ending rabbit hole

  34. The lady in the purple shirt is right! How much evidence do one need , when the corparate already admitted guild for the crime! And you have to have a trial just to prove what he admitted to, is a crime , ! Infreakingcredible! Everything have been demonic adnormal ever since he been in office! It should be over after he said he did! Period full stop!

  35. The Vindman brothers ? Why are Russian born, Ukrainian citizens, U S Army officers ? Why did Fiona Hill ( SOROS ) and BILL Taylor ( CIA ) bring them into the Whitehouse ?? Lenoid Vindman was "TRIED and CONVICTED of ILLEGAL ARMS and SECRETS SALES to LIBYA" !!! This is the "BENGAZI GANG" trying to OVERTHROW the U S government !

  36. Republicans: " We have to have a vote. This is unfair".
    Trump: " We need a vote " So unfair " Another witchunt."
    Democrats: Ok we will have a vote.
    Republicans and Trump: " No it took too long. So unfair. "

  37. what did the col say ummm did he say trump demanded invest or no money just asking that has not been reported or leaked seems only question and if if he did is that enough for impeach well house can vote and say yes then senate will vote just like clinton that will be the end of it

  38. John Yoo immigrated from Korea as a child with his parents to the United States. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman immigrated from Ukraine as a child with his parents to the United States. #BetterCallSaul

  39. Trump is allowed to break the laws, but he better not break the friendships of his base or his 'tools' in congress. Sounds like a dictator above the law to me. The truth will be if he can not be touched by law enforcement or congress and keep his position as dictator. What comes after that is something fit for a Halloween story.

  40. Republicans don't want to read their disposition they want to attack the witnesses integrity and loyalty.
    Barr has been very involved in this illegal behavior and his license should be removed.
    The republicans are responsible for what is happening today because these cowards went along with Trump crimes and forgot the pledge they made to their office/constitution and to the citizens of America not a pledge to TRUMP.
    Don't trust the witnesses because he's an immigrant who served in our military WTF.
    Don't trust the first lady Melania, because she's an immigrant from a communist county and her dad belonged to the communist party.
    It hasn't been a sham the court said it was legal and within their rights.

  41. Interpretation of what happened is NOT needed with the transcript. This "purple heart" has a very narrow, possibly partisan, world view of language, he's just an NPC. He offers no facts, just opinion. Like a disgruntled employee. Meh.

  42. Propagandist ignore the Manning whistleblast…but he dared to question the Democrat policy of cover up…where are the rest of the transcribers backing up this "brave hero'….oh yeah, they didn't.

  43. Colonel VIndland is more American than any of those Comrade Trump supporters, and those Putin-loving Republicans could dream of being. He is truly an American, a Patriot, and a hero.

  44. Vindman clearly didn't know that Trump has been querying the Biden corruption since long before Biden announced his running, or the fact that the Ukrainian president doesnt and didn't feel pressured….and these morons cry "White Nationalism"…lol.

  45. Republicans; The process is flawed as there was no vote. Dems; Vote is not required but they take a vote anyway. Repiblicans; Not fair! First we have a lying president and the Dems keep taking away our talking pts.

  46. Shame on Republicans lying and protecting a fraudulent, dangerous, fake president, who represents Russia over American citizens.

  47. Poor little rethuglicans their little deflection isn't working and the orange blob is continuing to dig his own grave.

  48. Yo Ari, your watchers on here know some stuff… Please, get rid of these #RepeatArtists and just bring back our favorite #BowtieGuy back to go deeper PLEASE

  49. Just call Obama Biden & Biden for all your Ukrainian briberies and Chinese contracting….

    The Democrats want division more han anything. They don’t care about America or the people. They are obsessed with power.

  50. Read the resolution. I did and it's beyond fair to Donald Trump. https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/hres660/BILLS-116hres660ih.pdf

  51. WS is the reason behind this racism in the republican party. Why cant nobody see this? Its racism on the Demos side as well but the KKK make it known that they hate people of color and jews. Racism and greed has just about destroyed this country.

  52. Putin got what he wanted: focus shifted onto Ukraine… that was his goal all along… planting those Russian mobsters in Trump's orbit with mental Rudy in the center of it all…
    oh… anyone heard about the Russian Internet? Cut of from the rest of the world? hm…

  53. You knew what you were getting with Trump. You didn't want him in the first place. So now you are stuck with him. So stop your yelling and take your licks like big boys.

  54. Not that Trump is prone to being stubborn but if he flat out refuses to cooperate with this process could that bring about removal from office…

  55. Democrats have gone crazy. And with them, more than one television channel, like MSNBC. It is a deep disappointment. He believed that the Democrats had moral principles, but the truth is that they are cynical. What a pity!

  56. C'mon, we all knew that Trump was not exactly "trustworthy". Problem is, Hillary was even worse. And now they are trying to offer the Biden "choice". Democrats are corrupt and worthless, sorry to say. Time to vote for a progressive like Sanders, even if we have to write him in.

  57. Follow the money. Money is power. How sad for our country. How have we come to this? How have we trusted the almighty dollar that much. Where has our pride gone?

  58. The NYT columnist is not even trying to show her partnership with the DemoRatic Party when she says at 7:49 , "WE are". The NYT is not biased at all.

  59. Finally the Real Truth is Out
    Justice is NOT BLIND – it only sees ? The Majority
    Punishment is for the lower class Only – while the upper class gets the Get off Free ?Passes
    – Especially if you are Not a Person of Color

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