SixBlindKids – Obed – Old Navy Fall School Shopping Haul – Fashion Show

SixBlindKids – Obed – Old Navy Fall School Shopping Haul – Fashion Show


  1. With all the bad that's happening in this world today watching people like this gives me some hope that there is still good in the world

  2. Shalum beautiful family! I'm so VERY happy to see and hear from my online family. There's my hubby Mr. Obed; my goodness he has gotten so big. Big up my guy!😍 Much love to you family, YAHUSHUA bless and protect you always! 🙏🏾💛 I love the fashion show, you better SLAY Obed!

  3. Karen, I really like you. But it’s a no on those darn Crocs on your feet! And with socks too! You are way too nice and cool for footwear like that. 😆

  4. The baby of the family is certainly starting to look like a teen now and mom did great getting neutral colors for Obed reds, and mustards are his colors he looks so handsome

  5. Obed looks so stylish in his cool new clothes! I love every look! I think I might need to pop into old navy and look for my son! Obeds smile is so contagious! 💛💙💛💙💛

  6. As my Mom would say, Obed made out like a bandit! He looks so handsome in all of his new gear… love him especially in yellow & burgundy. Mom did great!

  7. I say it's a bison! And I'm glad you were able to find so many new outfits for Obed. He looks great! Gotta love the Old Navy kids' department. I could fit into Old Navy kids' sizes until around college, and I definitely had a few t-shirts and things from there. It's so much cheaper than the adult sizes!

  8. Obed is such a loving young man. Apart from being blind is Obed autistic too?? Does he know who you are??
    Good on you mum for the clever shopping. That’s the only way to shop when on a tight budget!!

  9. 6 kids and two busy parents!!! Sending you all my love to each of you. Give each other a hug from me!!! Xoxoxo ❤️🦋🌼🙏

  10. Lmao! You know you bought a lot of stuff if the receipt is longer than a CVS receipt. Dad got jokes 😄 David is so cute, and Obed is stylin in his new clothes.

  11. Do you have a Kroger grocery nearby? They do fuel points of gift cards. Maybe for big hauls like this you could go purchase a bunch of gift cards for the store you know you are going to. You get a bunch of fuel points on something you’ll buying anyway. I buy amazon and target cards so my mom can have fuel points.

  12. Obed is going to look💃 great going back to school,🏫he growing so tall,david🙄 is a handsome college student. On my storms,i heared that,thats hannahs😍 u look 4 sales girl,😆i shop with u anytime🤗.that was a good day 4 shopping,dad likes everything mom brought. I love this family.obwf looks nice😃great job mom.❤

  13. It's cute how he is smiling throughout the "fashion show"! That tells me he enjoyed getting all of his new clothes! If you think about it, maybe he felt uncomfortable in the clothes he was growing out of, so to try on new stuff probably made his day! The cute sputtering and other auditories at the end made for a perfect ending, thanks for sharing!

  14. I looked up on their website and I guess Buffalo is coming up in the descriptions for that logo! One is called "where the buffalo roam"….if you look close you'll see more going on in that logo!

  15. Workin it Obed👍👍😊😊..You look super handsome❤❤. The preppy look omg im loving it . OLD NAVY does have great deals. The problem i tend to run into is when im looking for clothes for my daughter ,nada either in her size /&or style ..and same if im shopping for my son i can find stuff for my daughter but not him(oh and the other issue is when i have $ and on a mission cant find anything then when im on a budget they have everything, Murphy's law🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤞🏻)

  16. I love how Obed really enjoys the 'simple' things in life that we take for granted <3 Also you have a very good taste in clothes! he looks so handsome <3

  17. i am so glad obed tolerated new clothes. he is lookin sharp!!!. i usede to have to physically remove 2 of my kids clothes and replace with the new season or else theyd wear the same thing all the time.winter or summer


  19. I went to old navy for fall shopping too! I got the ballerina jeggings and some shirts! They’re all so soft which is nice. I loved the video! It was so much from to watch!

  20. I stumbled across you guys through SBSK….I'm hooked 🙂
    Mom of 8 here…my Lexi (age 17)
    Born with a brain injury.
    You are just simply a fabulous lady! So pretty too…nothin like being in your early 60s and lookin 40!! 😉

  21. By the end of this Obed was probably thinking "Mom are we done yet" Lol, I love Obed and the camo was my favorite shirt

  22. Obed looks smart and cool in all the different outfits and the one shirt you called is rugby shirt in the UK is called a jumper but is definitely rugby style for lower league rugby. Most pro rugby teams wear rugby shirts which I think in America is simular to American football shirts I think. I love watching your channel and obed did look amazing and done so well being dressed a lot. Hi from the UK South Wales. ☺😊

  23. HAHAHA you sound like me when I come home from shopping, "but I got a lot of deals". HAHAHA we have three daughters, all grown and out of college but OMG what we spent on clothes, shoes, hair, college, etc…… I'd be rich if we didn't have them but I'd be poor in my ❤️ without them. 🙌🌼✌️

  24. Ahhh!!! I completely forgot about old navy!! Eli is officially in men's sizes and not kids clothes anymore 🙃 I've been struggling to find a store equal to a one stop shop as the children's place had been for us! Old Navy might be the answer to my problems!!

  25. I grew up in that area while you were raising these wonderful kids! These videos are like visiting home and getting a lovely view into someone else's family. My mom and I want to become patrons!

  26. Every single piece of clothing looked so good on Obed! He looked so happy with everything. I love Old Navy too! You did great Karen. And Joe was so gracious over the price, bless his heart. It just adds up for sure. We still have 6 out of 9 kids home and clothes time is scary, and ya just can’t pass up those deals, you are so right! That was a receipt to be kept. Even the kids can appreciate how long it is. 😂🥰💕

  27. At one point Obed looked like he was playing bass. Maybe the jokes on all of us, maybe he’s playing in his head.

  28. I love all your kids, but that Obed is sure something extra extra special! He stole my heart from the very first video I saw of him lol

  29. Ones has THE most amazing smile!😍😍 The Brat Pack and I love watching your videos and following your family!❤❤ (The Brat Pack are 5 ferrets and 2 eu polecats!) ❤❤

  30. I love obed in the red an blue rugby shirt and the first outfit he’s such a good boy my boys wouldn’t of put up with so many changes especially my eldest he’s incredibly hard even at 15 lol

  31. His fake cough cracks me up! It means he’s done doing what you say haha he definitely brightens my day when he gets excited

  32. Mr. Obed will be getting those ladies with his new clothes!! It's good that he and the girls have good parents. You guys make my day when you upload. Lots of love to you all! 💖

  33. You two did so good adopting and raising all your kids! What a beautiful family. I really hope for the best life for all of you. All of you deserve a beautiful life ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Its like i can feel your love for these kids through the screen. I cannot even put into words how amazing you are. Sending love from South Africa 🇿🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. I love old navy for my son 🤷🏾‍♀️
    Shooo I love H&M, Zara
    It’s all about fashionable sales lol 😂

  36. If it doesn't have Crocodile Dundee sticking fingers in its face then its a Bison haha….. Its a Bison

  37. I’m a new subscriber and I’m already a big fan I love all the kids and their personalities are so unique and amazing. But obed and abi have to be my favs

  38. On minute 2:00.. does anyone know what kind of plant is that behind David??? Also, I literally JUST went to Old Navy this past weekend and stocked up as well. Had my baby 5 months ago and the baby weight is NOT coming off easily. I had to get an entire new wardrobe. My SHOES ans SOCKS are even too tight!!! 🙁 Old Navy has great deals and their clothes last long!!!

  39. I am a CVS employee and we get lots of extreme couponers and i haven't even seen a receipt that long lol. Nice clothes though mom!

  40. David is such a typical young adult!! Just the aire about him, he knows it all and if he doesn’t he will, sometimes just to serious but then in that small moment there he is loving on Arnie being that sweet boy! And Obed is the cutest super model ever! I swear when he smiles, it lights up hearts like a beacon! He knows everything being said, everything going on around him, his body may not do what he wants it to but his face and gorgeous smile tells it all!! Obed and Bethany’s smiles get me every time! Since I’m new I’m all over watching videos but seeing Bethany with Obed… it’s like he has his own little guardian angel by side. They have a special bond!! Not to take away from your other kiddos, I adore them all!! Hannah is so much like my oldest, though she’s blonde haired blue eyed, couldn’t quite pass as twins but they are kinder spirits in personality, heart and soul,!! Abi is pure as the driven snow still figuring out who she is but she’s getting there!! Jesse, that wee one she just doesn’t know her mere existence has changed the world for the better. Those moments when she respond to either of you, replies and answers a quesrion, eating that broccoli and cheese soup for her daddy / I actually cheered like I was watching a premiership soccer match on Saturday rooting for Arsenal, it’s like “YES KIDDO!! You got this!!” What blessings!

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