Sniper training at Orient Shield 11

[Spc. B. Vorce] Silent, invisible, deadly.
These are attributes of the United States Army sniper.
Training in Hokkaido, Japan, as part of Orient Shield 11,
snipers from 1st Battalion, 138th Infantry Regiment,
are passing on their knowledge and skills. These Missouri National Guardsmen are working
with snipers of Japan’s 26th Infantry Regiment.
The goal of the US snipers is to help the 26th form its first sniper team.
Sharing combat tactics requires trust, but the Missouri snipers warmed to the idea
and their Japanese counterparts. [male speaker] I didn’t really trust training
another nation with some of the skills that we use,
just for the fear of later on them coming back at us.
But these guys are great, and they’ve actually changed all of our minds
in doing this. We want to come back and help them.
[Vorce] The snipers from Japan fired at targets from 100 and 400 meters.
The US Army soldiers fired at 600 and 800 meters
in addition to closer targets. The training had Japanese troops hoping for
more bilateral exercises with US snipers. [Japanese soldier through interpreter] With
more US and Japan bilateral training in the future,
the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force can improve its proficiency in important areas.
[Vorce] The soldiers also displayed the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System
and the .50 caliber Barrett rifle. Specialist Brian Vorce, Camp Kami-Furano,
Japan. [♪upbeat music♪] That’s the Army Today
from Soldiers Radio and Television in Washington, DC.
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