Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL

Social Anxiety – 6 Tips from a Navy SEAL

Hey guys Sean Ryan with Vigilance Elite
I did aq a a while back on the old IG and I got a question asking me if I deal
with social anxiety and for anxiety and crowds and I thought that was a really
good question and so I answered it and gave me an idea I thought I would do a
video on it so I put a couple of feelers out on YouTube and Instagram and I was
gonna cater this whole thing towards kind of combat that’s transitioning and
the social anxiety that we deal with coming back into regular society but I
want to put the feelers out I realize totally shit a lot of people deal with
this shit me included I deal with it probably on a
daily basis if I leave my house so which is why I bought a place out of the
middle of fucking nowhere because I don’t like talking to people and I get
anxious when I have to go to social functions so so I’m just gonna talk
about these six things that I’ve used to kind of help me power through that shit
and overcome social anxiety so here we go social anxiety really hit me hard
when I left CIA that’s when it really kicked in for me I got out I left CIA I
had no clue what the fuck I was gonna do where I was gonna go I had no hobbies
other than drinking and which made me feel
pretty fucking insecure especially when you go to these social functions and
it’s all you know doctors and lawyers and fucking stockbrokers and this person
has fucking truckload of money and this person you know and you just constantly
feel like you’re being judged because you don’t really have anything going on
at that time and for me the two questions that I fucking was terrified
of is what do you do and what are your hobbies what do I do
well I wasn’t doing anything I could talk about actually I couldn’t I
couldn’t even talk about what I did most of the shit for I never be able to talk
about and that’s fucking embarrassing to me it’s well I’m you know for the past
14 years I’ve been doing this shit but I can’t tell you anything about it and you
know I’m it bothered me and then the other one was you know what are your
hobbies well I don’t have any fucking hobbies other than getting shit-faced
from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep and I don’t sleep so those
are two questions that I would avoid and I amongst the whole slew other emotions
but and things that I was dealing with but I found a couple of things that
helped me out and I’ve kind of broken them up a little bit here two things
that get me through social events still to this day I still use this shit
everywhere I go is one I don’t ever put myself in a situation
that I cannot get myself out of to I need to find things that boost my
confidence doesn’t mean when I mean confidence I don’t mean you don’t have
to be the loudest motherfucker in the room and the one that talks the most you
just have to find things that make you confident which make you a little more
comfortable in that particular setting so let’s go through these six things so
the first thing that I do is that kind of helps me and it relates to
I don’t ever put myself in a situation that I can’t get out of is I don’t do
fucking ubers I don’t do taxis I don’t do burrs I don’t let friends
drive I don’t ride with people I want my car with my car keys in my pocket that
way if I feel the anxiety is starting to come on and I don’t want to be there
anymore I know I can get the fuck out of there at a moment’s notice doesn’t mean
you can’t take a taxi out of there but at least you have that sense of comfort
and which gives you a little confidence knowing all right if I am in a situation
that I just don’t want to fucking be in socially I’ll just leave and that gives
you a little bit of comfort you don’t have to wait on a taxi or call an uber
or make a big scene you just fucking leave so that would be my first piece of
my first tip take your own car if you get drunk leave it there go get it
tomorrow but at least you have it hotel rooms as I kind of mentioned before and
if you want to get more in depth you can click the link above and listen to the
tnq podcast I was on but I had ruined every relationship all of them and it
got real fucking awkward even with family I’m still rebuilding that and I
still get a little anxious sometimes friends family everyone if I’m gonna go
on an overnighter somewhere I always run a hotel it gives me my little buddy
we’ll just call it a safe space but if I start getting angry or anxious a lot of
times my anxiety switches to anger immediately I know I need to leave
before shit gets bad and knowing that I have a hotel somewhere I can go to it
comforts me and gives me that confidence knowing like alright if things get out
of control or if I just don’t want to fucking be here I don’t have to make a
scene and go out you know I’m fucking leaving alright it’s just
no I just I have my hotel I go there I fucking cool off nobody even has to know
why you’re going maybe you just say oh yeah I’m gonna go
turn some emails and or I’m gonna go I gotta make a phone call real quick go
over there go back to your hotel or wherever it is and you know do the whole
blue shopping code words and or little phrases that you can say to a friend or
your significant other or whoever alright but it has to be somebody that
you can really fucking count on okay I use my fiance Katie my special lady
friend and she knows when I say this is my favorite song it’s time to fucking
roll I’m feeling uneasy and it’s time to get the fuck out of there and she makes
it happen I don’t have to do shit she comes up with the excuse on why we’re
leaving or she just says hey Sean I want to go and then it’s not even me it’s her
I just nobody now I’ve got to change it cuz everybody’s gonna know when I say
this is my favorite song it’s time to fucking roll but come up with anything
and it’s got to be somebody that you trust you can’t have can’t be your buddy
who’s trying to pick up fucking chicks at the bar who is not gonna listen it
can’t be you know the football game nut that’s gonna sit there and go just wait
till the end of the fucking quarter when you say it it needs to be somebody you
trust that when you do say it they’re gonna wrap it up then you’re out the
fucking door and just knowing that you have that
phrase and knowing that you have somebody that has your back no matter
what is gonna help give you that confidence
and it’s gonna put you it it’s gonna put you you know at ease a little more it’s
gonna make it a little more comfortable and boom there’s back to I don’t put
myself in situations that I can’t get myself out of so find somebody a trust
maybe it’s just significant other maybe it’s your best friend I don’t know who
the hell it is but find somebody come up with something and stick with it don’t
feel like you have to talk all the time alright I get
intimidated all the fucking time when I’m out in social settings especially in
the very beginning when I got out about four years ago it was real bad you know
you constantly feel like people are putting you down they might not even
mean it but you don’t always have to talk quick story I used to go out to
dinner all the time when I first got out my neighbor’s mom
her name was burned and she was probably mid seventies early eighties eighties
she’s passed away now but I really liked going out to dinner with her because I
felt comfortable with her and I would tell her you know she would ask why I
don’t go out more why don’t you know go to these social functions more and I
would tell her like I’m fucking intimidated I live in Boca Raton Florida
and every motherfucker I meet is a fucking plastic surgeon for a doctor or
a stockbroker or a money manager or some badass attorney and Here I am NOT doing
shit don’t have a clue what the fuck I’m gonna do I’m a social mess and so I
wouldn’t go anywhere and when I did I wouldn’t say anything I’m not a talker
and I remember fern told me Shawn you don’t have to say shit she’s like she
said to me just by you sitting there and listening with your background makes the
entire room intimidated she’s like you’re and she’s like I can’t even
believe they’re telling me that you’re intimidated by these people
she said just do what you do just take it in listen to them you know people
love to talk about themselves let them talk about themselves alright
so and I thought about that and I tried it and I’ll be damned
I think she’s fucking right so don’t feel the need that you have to fucking
talk don’t be the person that’s you know live live live a blob that doesn’t shut
the fuck up okay just take a wrap off you know
did you feel in anxious then just take a wrap off stop and just listen you know
you don’t have to have some badass explanation every question that’s asked
and you know I mean if you don’t understand something that somebody’s
saying tell him yeah I don’t have a quote what the fuck you’re talking about
I do that shit all the time and you know it kind of is uncomfortable at first but
then when they realize oh yeah I’m talking over this guy’s head and he’s
got the confidence to say yeah you’re not fucking impressing me why don’t you
just dial it down a little bit to fucking layman’s terms I don’t know what
the fuck surgery you’re talking about here so anyways that ship really helped
me a lot drinking this is the one nobody wants to
hear but when you’re in a social setting at least how I was is I would pound
fucking vodka non-stop straight vodka on the rocks well if this kind of goes back
to getting yourself into something that you can’t get yourself out of once
you’re fucking hammered you’re hammered which means you can’t reverse it you
can’t get yourself out of it you’re just there and I don’t know you guys are but
when I’m hammered nothing really good ever happens
my anxiety gets worse eventually the anger gets worse a lot worse and I wind
up doing shit that I regret in the long-term so take a wrap off you know
how I did it is I don’t drink hard shit anymore don’t do shots of the fucking
whiskey I don’t do shots of anything I drink wine I have a
couple glasses and I call it quits there’s another thing I get made fun of
sometimes cuz I drink bubbly out of the can but here’s the deal its water with
bubbles in it now look I have an adult drink it gives my hands something to do my hands are doing something part of
anxiety for me was what the fuck do I do with my hands now that I’m not drinking
anymore well now I have a drink it looks like you know it’s got bubbles in it
looks like it’s a fucking vodka tonic or something and it gives me something to
do and I found these like they’re nobody’s business but lay off the booze
it’s gonna nothing bad it’s gonna happen by you laying off those I
guaran-fucking-tee you that and the last thing get some therapy all right I went
to therapy for I believe three years twice a week every fucking week that is
a lot of therapy so and you know what it helped me tremendously and I know you
know there’s like the the stigma behind it where oh yeah I don’t need any
fucking help and you know if you’re like that and you’re worried about what
everybody else is thinking of it you’re fucking weak
alright so just try it nobody maybe it doesn’t work for you I don’t know but I
tell you the one thing that helped me more than anything was going to therapy
getting some help and it’s not all like what you think we’re like oh you know
talking about your fucking problems it also helps you understand what’s going
through other people’s heads and when you can understand what’s going through
other people’s minds that gives you confidence because you don’t take shit
so personally you realize not everything this
asshole is talking about is directed at me in fact I have nothing to do with it
you know and that puts you at ease and then you start you start building that
confidence you know you understand you start to understand how the human mind
thinks and and look I you’re not gonna regret going to therapy and if
somebody’s gonna give you shit for it they’re not your fucking friend anyway
so tell them to fuck off but anyways those are six things that
have really helped me a lot I still struggle with it but I’m leaps and
bounds where I was and anyways remember those things find ways to build your
confidence and don’t put yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of and
those two things combined I think will really help you up if you think about it
so anyways not my typical video and I’m a not an expert by any fucking means but
uh hopefully that shit helps alright see you guys soon go grab a bubbly social anxiety I think it he’ll have a
lot more of us have it than I thought we did so I’m just gonna try to cater it
towards everyone so I’m not a fucking expert on this shit by any means but I
do deal with it probably damn near on a bait on a mother fuck fuck fuck
hey guys Sean Ryan vigilance elite hey guys Sean Ryan vigilance elite and
there’s a fucking airplane going over right now so I’m just gonna stop and
wait till this fucking piece of shit flies over my property a lot of it boils
down to confidence and when I mean confidence I don’t being in the loudest
fucking asshole in the room yeah of course it’s another fucking plane
hey guys Sean Ryan vigilance elite I put a little feeler out on


  1. i am not a former SEAL, but being judged and put into situation which makes you uncomfortable is a real but common thing, either being expected to be polite or lick asses to get favors or a job. I am straight like you and it shocks people lying to look good or successful. I hate that. Those conversations are a waste of time and make me upset. So it's not only your background but a society thing and affects us all. Keep it real, don't give a shit !! What helps me is to get out into nature and be just alone.

  2. “You dont always have to talk”

    That fits into so many aspects of life, wish more people utilized that kind of thinking.

  3. CBD extract helped my partner get off 8 years of different prescription meds. After about 1 month of using it and she was off them, never wanted to go back and swears by the stuff now. If you can, give it a try…

  4. TIP 1:


    Thats the biggest difference between a guy like this and many. The will to improve and not just accept a shitty situation. Learn from it, everyone!

  5. These tips are fucking solid. I wish more people like you were the ones we get to talk to that first time we have a panic attack or the like. I know it wouldve helped me tons. Im pretty good now, and I use most of these tips (having invented them for myself really), so I know they work. Anyways, good on you mate!

  6. Hi Shawn, great video. Think about the surgeons, lawyers, etc. in your community like they are village elders in a place you just got deployed to. They own the turf, speak a language you can barely understand, may be on your side or not. Use the conversations to build trust and get valuable intel or even help from them for your 'mission'.

  7. You are not alone.
    You are probably the most interesting person in the room.
    Right about not hiding behind a bottle.
    In a Group setting:
    Have a Plan: Create questions you can ask to get those you meet to talk.
    “What do you do?”: Perhaps respond with “Consultant for companies regarding their assets and employees.”
    “What are your hobbies?” Perhaps respond with “I love the outdoors and hiking.”
    Always answer but bring it back to them: “What is your passion?”

    Very serious when I say that guys like you are the most interesting, most worldly (and probably the most intense) guy in the room. Most folks have never had a job where people want to kill you!
    Social Anxiety is very common and those who have it in various degrees should know that there is no shame in recognizing it.
    God Bless you for talking about it.

  8. I'm half at the video and i like it but it'd be better without the sunglasses. I like to read from people while i also listen to them.

  9. Learn how to operate outside the ego. I'm still working on this. I'm not a master yet but keep your feet to the fire. These things take time brothers and sisters. Hang in there and do your best. Best of luck to you.

  10. I’m not in the military nor have I ever been or have ptsd but I have social anxiety it’s sucks and I sympathize.. stay strong ✌🏻🇨🇦

  11. What about addressing what causes the anxiety in the first place and working through it. Anxiety is fear and overcoming fear is the only path to freedom from that kind of affliction. I would encourage everyone to do and face everything that scares them including being around people. Anxiety in a social setting is very common and its only because your stimulated to be hyper aware of people around you and your own actions. Let it go. Stop caring so much about what people think of you. People are going to judge you no matter what or who are. Just don't pretend. Be your best self and try thinking of others instead of yourself. All these statements are basically how can I help myself so I wonder if it would help with his anxiety if he concentrated all this effort into others positively.

  12. Genuinely, thanks for putting up this vid. This showed up in my feed exactly when I needed to see it. It really helps.

  13. Hey bro, if i talk to someone who says " I am a Navy SEAL, and I can't talk about it." I would think this person is pretty fucking cool, and I'll leave him alone.

  14. Bro your a US NAVY SEAL! You have accomplished more than anyone of those people at those parties. RESPECT. Thank you for your service Brother! Great video helped me a lot.

  15. So true people love talking about themselves. Soon you start to realizes who really just cares about themselves. Smart about talking someone down too.. “idk wtf you’re talking about man” gonna have to try that one. For me also it helps to make things awkward. Better than me feeling awkward I guess.

  16. Thank you so much for this and for showing the incredible strength to be vulnerable and share this to help others. So critical for so many of us.

  17. I don't drink hard alcohol or take shots for the same reason. And you nailed it with having something to do something with your hands and the drink. Also therapy really helped me too!

  18. One of the best videos about social anxiety that I’ve watched so far!! Everything you said was on point and completely related to myself and many others. Thanks for sharing this with the world bro!! All the best! 🤙🏼👊🏼🍺

  19. Everything is great but I think the first tip, while well-intended, is wrong. As a former MAJOR anxiety sufferer and current minor anxiety sufferer, I can tell you that facing your anxiety is the best way to go. It's really hard, sometimes it feels like either you're going to pass out or everyone's going to make fun of you, or think you're crazy which is never the case, but when you're anxious you're obviously not thinking straight. Face it! Once you feel it, embrace it and stay in that exact place and state of mind. Wait it out, don't run, don't hide. It will go away. Once you do that 5-6 times, it gets easier. Your second step is to try to make the anxiety or panic worse. While you're experiencing it, try to imagine the worst case scenario. When you do that and the fear fades away, you realize that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. That is how you take control. I used to drink up until I almost screwed up my liver… This isn't a disease, it's a state of mind. Face it and it will go away, I promise! Never let yourself be defeated, especially by YOURSELF!

  20. Very rarely I comment. I haven't watched the whole video yet, but I had (and some time still have) SA, but the most important thing is to be focused on yourself and your life. You seem to have some avoidance behavior which affirms the problem. Other people might be stock brockers, businessmen and so on, that does NOT mean their lifes are any better. Many of them are absolutely miserable and soft. Never compare to anyone else. Most people want to impress other people who really do not care about their acomplishments. Talking about job and business MOST of the time is plain boring (except CIA stories). Lighthearted conversations are better. Many people associate themselves with their job as their job is the source of their confidence which is absolutely TERRIBLE when you lose that job. Keep it friendly and never too serious. In all seriousness – people just don't care about eachother at all.

  21. Seriously, I don´t know if you will read my comment but you were a damn NAVY SEAL AND worked for the CIA , I would be the most humble confident person in the world if I nearly accomplished what you have done!!! Be damn proud of that and if anyone asks what do you do , I would proudly say I was a damn Navy Seal and worked for the CIA … I don´t understand how you have anxiety??! You achieved what most can´t even achieve and fail trying or wash out! BE DAMN PROUD ! Screw if someone is a doctor or whatever given your background!

  22. Weird, and I thought if you were a SEAL, you learned to deal in all types of surroundings? Or maybe being a SEAL only means you were trained to write books, star in movies and gang up on an Army Ranger and use 4 guys to beat him to death in his sleep? Yeah I said it, SEALS are fucking asswipes…

  23. A lot of what you said opened my eyes. I never realized that's why I dont like riding with anyone and only drive myself anywhere. Because I can just leave at any time and not have to rely on anyone. The drinking part is accurate. I drink a fuckload when I'm out because that's the only way you can get me to actually talk if you're lucky. I think the worst thing about it is the feeling intimidated part. I'm 6'5, 210 have a pretty decent job and know my shit. I still get intimidated by just about everyone and I approach absolutely no one. Shit sucks, I wish I could just be myself and not have to worry about being judged all the time. Thanks for the vid.

  24. "If someone is going to give you shit for it, they aren't your friend anyway, tell them to fuck off."

    This. This is something I lived by the first couple times I went out and couldn't deal with people giving me shit about my ability to hold a conversation anymore. Not about the therapy, but about my inability to talk to certain groups of people. I do not drink, so it can be tough, but lay off the booze and realize its all about the confidence and trying to overcome that fear of what people think of you. Cheers, my friends.

  25. What’s up bro

    Is it true that millitary men think its cringy as fuck when people tell you thank you for your service

    The other day a service man told a kid to get the fuck out of his face when the kid said thanks for your service lmaoooo 😂

  26. Ok, I don't know why yt recommended this to me, but all I see is an overly aggressive behavioral act that is backed by some diversion strategies meant to contain the said aggression. Not bad, gotta admit, but it just doesn't apply to me – seeing only the negative parts in any social event/human interaction is not the way to go. My 2 cents that no one asked for. Have a good one

  27. great tips. they're kind of funny the way you tell them lmfao. gg bro. these are obviously told by experience. And i love the code talking idea but without the buddy whose trying to pick up girls. Had this happen before nice warnings against it lmfao. very real advice

  28. Love the way you talk, great content! You’d fit right into New Zealand. We can’t stand cunts who stroke their own back at a barbeque

  29. This is solid, practical advice that you can actually do instead of doing some mental gymnastics you see from "what you have to do to become a millionaire" type videos. But it's from a Navy SEAL, so I shouldn't be surprised. Always liked getting around in my little pickup truck rather than being driven by family or friends, but I never thought about it the way you mention, and I figure you're spot on because it is fucking comfortable.

  30. BTW Plane was just your former CIA employers making sure you weren't putting out any info on what you did while employed lol

  31. How about stop caring about what others think and realizing that both matter how bad it sucks….someone has it harder…

  32. Another thing that helps is humor! Nothing like listening to Rodney Dangerfield to put a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart.

  33. Your cia and you could not really lie. Do you train former military or continually train. Then say you hit the gym regularly say you jog or bike. Talk about you abilities as an amateur. There is a way to frame everything in a civilian hobby. If you ran missions somewhere say you want there on vacation. If your cia you should be able to frame it in such a way. The best lie is a half truth that sound believable. If you know something you can’t say about geo politics frame it like I herd this in the news. Also thanks for some good tips.

  34. You know what the weirdest thing is?
    As a person with autism that has for the most part, been able to after granted countless times throwing myself straight into social settings, I can confidently say…I'm able to drop of a hat display a level of confidence that appears like it never was a problem. You could never tell with me. Frankly, it's either a mask or well…kinda like if training kicks in.
    For me I always noticed a weird similarity in how I handle myself socially. Like how Vigilance could react flawlessly in a firefight due to training, I'm able to do the same except it's well social situations. I'm to a large degree able to flawlessly handle them. Not perfect of course but I do think weirdly enough, put me in a firefight maybe I would break down. Idk it's weird but it's nice to find that similarity. It's a connection that matters.
    I would say when it comes to social situations vigilance has done exactly what I've had to do, except for far longer.
    Humbleness, the one thing that cannot be stressed enough. For me I am my own worst enemy and frankly…I've learnt to literally take it. Learn what I can.
    For me, what helped me get over to a degree my anxiety?
    Reading about socialism of all things. Course as a socialist, most would be surprised that my family are conservatives and that I enjoy having good relations with them and it kept my mind occupied from destroying me. Point is that helped me to appreciate any form of criticism towards me as a person. Idk I'm a socialist that honestly loves vets, why? Because I can understand, sympathize with their sense of helplessness and anxiety and I've come to understand that if you want to honestly have good relationships? Connections are the important things as human beings.
    Vigilance thanks mate, you've earned a sub and honestly as someone with adhd and high functioning autism…thank you.
    You've summed up how I do feel daily in just a few minutes.
    Just keep at it, enjoy the nature out there and honestly cherish every second of life. As I hope everyone in this comments section does.

  35. Take it from a former coward afraid of all confrontation and/or social settings, meditating on this scripture has kicked fear out of my life for the most part: for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

    2 Timothy 1:7 ESV

  36. That hotel one resonates with me. I love my friends and family, but goddamn if I don't need my own space to unwind on trips.

  37. He's a completely normal being without even being a Navy Seal. I deal with social anxiety and I honestly dislike people in general. Why I feel this way? Because people are judgmental, people are evil, and past experiences with people have trained my mind to just be wary of communication with people. Weird thing is: I enjoy helping other who struggle ESPECIALLY those who deserve it

  38. Back in the early 80s, I watched a friend back away from a woman at a party for about ten minutes before he climbed right out the window. The look on the girl's face was priceless. That was Mongo.

  39. I watched several of your videos. I enjoyed the quality but this one is the one that made me subscribe. When so many gun victims are people who take their own lives, this type of content matters. Not just because of the advice but because it shows that strong men struggle too and that seeking help is not a weakness.

  40. O’ man, I can’t watch the Navy Head Shrinker…

    You know, Full Metal Jacket…

    Tuff break for (Hand Job) Scene…

    I’ll try again later

  41. How many American non-investigative subjects did you drive to suicide after you got back from war fighting for them and their freedom?

  42. Dude you are the fuckin man! From an infantry marine to an absolute bad ass thank you. This is the real man shit you are speaking. Greatly appreciated. Kill.

  43. I never thought I would hear a SEAL say he had social anxiety disorder like I do. It looks like we actually are all in this boat together.

  44. All excellent advice I do the same, but don't have the buddy or partner that understands we need to leave right now. Thats right if they give you shit they aren't your friend.

  45. The only thing that helped me was different place, people and things. I didn't know what that meant at the time until I moved out of the toxic environment I was in then I understood.

  46. What do you do- loaded question…I never ask that. I focus on the person. Where are you from, do you have a family, etc…what you do is by no means the measure of any person. Good people will respect you more for that.

  47. Wish I could talk with him just a minute… I dont leave the house for days & days sometimes… people just dont understand…

  48. Thanks for this video Shawn. Although not having any military background, I work in sales and have issues with horrible social anxiety. Between having to always be "on" and personable around coworkers and clients it gets to be unbearable constantly giving 100% of my energy to people who don't deserve it.
    What you mentioned about honoring yourself and just getting the fk out of the situation is key.
    For situations that some have to deal with where you're stuck in one place for 10 hours a day, working on building self confidence is the next best thing.

    Really enjoying your videos and all the amazing stories. Cheers.

  49. Strong work Sean. I was a LRRP leader in Vietnam. It took me 20 years to find the right analyst and begin dealing with my own personal demons. There is nothing you could have said that is more important. I occasionally still have my moments, but I call always fall back on the skills that my analyst shared with me. Thanks for pealing off the bandaid for so many. Your greatest contribution.

  50. Thank you for making this, man. Cant tell you how good it is to know there are others that get it. Your content is appreciated.

  51. Hey son. Proud of you. Just a quick question all those people who are making you feel uncomfortable – how many do you think can do what YOU did. Yeah probably none of them. Also what do we do as boys hope to grow up and be a stockbroker? No we want to be a badass – problem is most of us can't. Please realize you have accomplished more than virtually anyone has – and, apparently you have paid a large price to do it. Remember real people are concerned about you as a person not the car you drive or how much money you make, I would be more than happy to sit and visit with you. The one thing you left out is your religious beliefs – do you think this would be of help to you? It helped me if you can find the right church. Just walk in and sit down you should feel welcome if not try a different one. Hopefully this will help on your journey. Thanks for your service and being brave enough to put yourself out there. I know you have helped tons of people God Bless you and your loved ones.

  52. Outstanding video. It took some serious balls to post something that raw. The advice about drinking cannot be overstated. Having just hit 4 yrs sober (and a hard, hard drinker prior to that), the statement of "Nothing bad is going to happen if you don't drink" is EXTREMELY hard to get across to anxious drinkers/alcoholics.

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