Some Choices Matter

Some choices matter I’m guessing that banking is not an important decision for you Oh sure, money is – money may be important to you But banking, that ubiquitous silently efficient channel that your money runs through for most people is just, nah, whatever … kinda boring really At some point, the choice where you bank was probably a default decision made for you Or something you gave very little thought to You probably really don’t care where you bank You probably think that all financial institutions are the same But they are not because what they do with your money… matters. Banks, like all businesses, channel their profits to their shareholders And credit unions? They do the same The only difference is with a credit union every customer is a shareholder Every customer A small difference with massive impact When your customers are your shareholders, it changes the way you run your business You don’t ever have to choose to do what’s best for one over the other They are one and the same This is the cooperative advantage Profits from banking weren’t meant to be sent up some tall tower to a head office to be ferreted out as select profit sharing and excessive bonuses These profits need to stay here — where their positive effects can echo and amplify echo and amplify for everyone that contributed to their creation Every quarter, banks rack in billions of dollars in profit and billions more every year It is us that is supporting this massive transfer out Out of our control out of our communities and sadly done out of sight So my friends what can we do with this massive impact? I say it’s waiting to be brought home So, bring it home Choose to be part of something bigger, not just something big You don’t do it by banking at a bigger organization You do it by chasing a bigger goal by having a more noble vision Credit unions are part of your community They know that local matters That local is where we live, work, and play It is the place of our friends & family it is the place of our homes, our jobs, our communities Don’t be apart from what’s around you don’t be separate from it Be a part of your community be a part of a cooperative be a part of something better be a part of something worthy of your choice It really comes down to this it is the difference between “apart” (as one word) versus “a part” (as two words) it’s just a single space really amazing what a single space can do So bank somewhere worthy bank where someone makes an investment in your community because it matters Sometimes the things you perceive as inconsequential choices they matter where you bank matters This is why it just can’t be a “whatever” decision its collective impact is too great So you need to choose again knowing more than you knew choose knowing you get to decide choose to be part of something remarkable choose to have an equal voice choose based on your values, your principals choose democracy choose cooperation choose your community choose local choose us And this is why this is why some choices matter

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