Space Exploration Makes Big Difference in Small Business

Space Exploration Makes Big Difference in Small Business

You know there’s more space in your life
than you think. In fact in Washington, DC, two former Marines
opened Compass Coffee, a local coffee shop and roaster that uses NASA technology to brew
the perfect cup of coffee. It makes my life better when I drink a really
good cup of coffee, and to know that NASA technology was involved in making this cup
and adding to it’s quality. I’m a happy camper. PID, Proportional Integral Derivative is something
NASA developed and really mastered the technology of, we use it for consistency and precision
in a couple different areas of the business; Roasting make sure our time temperature profiles
are the same for each roast and most fun in the espresso. We’re looking at all the previous espresso
shots, we kinda adding them all together to predict how the next shot will pull. And that
makes sure it taste sweet like caramel and really good when we mix it. NASA engineers have researched Proportional
Integral Derivative controllers or PIDs to design life support systems. Also in use for that perfect brew near-infrared
abridged spectrometers, the same technology that NASA’s Aqua satellite uses to collect
information about Earth’s water cycle and here we see that tech being used in a metropolitan
small business. So we use a machine that uses a laser to measure
the amount of quinic acid in the coffee. So quinic acid has a linear relationship with
the degree of roast so as we’re trying to figure out the recipes how do we make each
blend the same every time we measuring those acids ever time with the lasers, constantly
evaluating and tweaking the profile of every roast. From the PIDs used at Compass Coffee to the
newly launched ISSpresso machine on the International Space Station. Which for the first time will
allow hot liquids, like coffee and broth, to be available for astronauts to enjoy. We’re small we’re scrappy, we have to
look for tiny advantages to get an edge, coffee is extremely competitive. So using this technology
allows us to be more efficient to have a higher quality product and it really differentiates
us from a large company. We’re working off the Earth, for the Earth. With NASA technology and our small business
programs helping people dream big as they benefit from our research in space. We live and die on small businesses, I think
people have heard me say that before. We celebrate the realationship that NASA has with small
businesses during this small business week. They are the engine of our economy that’s
where real jobs are made and that’s what grows the middle class if you will. There’s more space in your life than you
think, especially in that next cup of coffee…


  1. PID controllers are not invented by NASA, it's utterly easy control 101. Spectroscopy too, for all kinds of purposes, was invented long before NASA existed. This video makes no sense at all from any perspective.

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