Special Forces PSR Sniper Rifle | How it works | Tactical Rifleman

Special Forces PSR Sniper Rifle | How it works | Tactical Rifleman

we’re out here training with some of
America’s finest soft forces they just got this really great new sniper rifle
called the PSR we’re gonna do a few videos about it but right off the bat I
want to talk a little bit about it PSR stands for precision sniper rifle so
it’s another big overly heavy sniper rifle that the military uses and this
one’s just a little bit different unlike the 308 rifles or bolt guns that
our total tack drivers they’ve got a limited range and then you get into
other environments you’ve got the 300 Win mags or the 338 Lapua is a lot of
them accuracy international other companies like that those are good for
extremely long ranges rather than having an arms room with just five or six
different types of sniper rifles what’s great about this PSR when they put out
for the contract it had to be able to swap calibers so it’s currently set up
to fire 308 right you’ll notice even as wide as the magazine well is back down
here that this magazine is very very narrow and now the suppressor to AAC
suppressor it’s set up all the way for 338 Lapua but it also fits on this
barrel it lets a little extra sound out no big deal but the cool part about this
rifle is you can easily change calibers with it for example this is the 300 Wind
Mag barrel what you do is it has a separate bolt face that you’ll swap out
with the one that’s currently in the gun and then the barrel we’re going to cover
this later how to properly swap calibers but it basically just threads down into
the front of the gun this is placed in the bolt and then you swap magazines now
the three of the wind mag in the 338 Lapua magazines both roughly have the
same length width is just a little bit different so what’s actually up inside
the magazine well while I’m using the 308 which is in
right now is there’s a block insert first I didn’t like the idea of it but
after using it on the range and swapping back forth swapping mags is really
smooth feeds very very well you pop the plug out you still have that same muscle
memory of using that same figure finger to release the mag swaps right out so
now what we have is we have a single rifle that’s capable of reaching out to
a mile with a 338 Lapua round very very heavy projectile run at a very high
velocity still maintains all that energy and it gives you that additional range
and when it comes time to actually do training for example going out to the
range doing snaps and movers engaging practicing shooting moving targets snaps
our targets that quickly present themselves and only stay up for a
limited amount of time we call them snaps and movers when you do them and
you practice your leads on the movers and everything you fire a lot around so
you can get down exactly what that lead is so that sniper can record it now
doing that you fire a lot of ammo now the barrel life on the 338 Lapua very
very small where the barrel on the 308 has a very very long barrel life what’s
really cool about is that I can put this 308 Barrel in send the sniper off to
Sniper school and he can put six seven hundred rounds through it doing snaps
and movers and he’s really not hurting the gun at all can easily take that kind
of round count comes back he’s got to actually do a real-world mission that
requires a long-range shot he can swap to that the heavier caliber and again
he’s already got the doubted ballistic computer gives him the calculations he
needs he engaged that target at extreme ranges so it’s very very robust gun it’s
got the great capability of being able to swap calibers the stock actually
folds they allow for parachute operations getting in and out of
vehicles I set up really really tough depending on what unit gets it you’ll
see different scopes come with it I like that they left scopes is separate that
they can change well because honestly this gun is going
to be in the inventory for 20 years where scope, scopes come and go every
year every other year somebody comes out with a new latest and greatest scope so
this scope should not be part of this gun it should be something I can throw
into the wall Locker when something new comes out on some of the other options
you’ll see is this particular one has a Harris bipod lot of other guys want to
run the Atlas bipod by B&T industries there’s just there’s a lot of different
options that you can have on this weapon alright so hats off to the military
they’ve really finally knocked one out of park the precision sniper rifle PSR
this thing’s a homerun


  1. Idk why your channel is just now popping up in my recommended box. Seems you guys have been putting out some great content for a while now. Your channel should have a lot more subs than it does and I have a feeling your channel is going to blow up now. Keep up the solid content.

  2. there is a fellow in Australia who hit a coke can with a .300win mag at 2500yarda.. his channel is mark and sam after work.. also pushed the .375 gibbs( chytec) improved out to 4000yards.. great video guys..

  3. but am I going to carey 2 other barrels and 3 different calibers on a long operaion to be able to shoot up to a mile I don't now if it's wearth it

  4. And the caliber training swap, a 400 m lead on a moving target in .308 won't even be close to that with a .330LM or .300WM

  5. I shot this piece of remington shit in all 3 calibers .. its crap for the price. For all 3 cals (338. 300. 308) they want 20K — do yourself a favor and buy an accuracy international or desert tech – both guns built far better quality, and shoot better … no wonder the remington CEO got his ass fired.

  6. At the start he says he has the suppressor set up for .338 lapua; do you have to use different suppressors for different calibers because of barrel diameter or because of powder load (ie. more to suppress)?

  7. Hah you don’t Learn your hold overs or Kentucky Windage with 308 and then go use 338 that won’t transfer man.

  8. May wanna make a new video since both the Remington MSR and PSR contract are being dropped for the Barrett MRAD Mk 21 Advanced Sniper Rifle now. They haulted the PSR before this video was uploaded.

  9. This is another good old fashion screwing .. They sell this gun to the public for 9889.00 ??? show me 9889.00 worth of gun it is simply not there . I have custom guns built guns with Bartlin Barrels Blue printed actions , McMillan A5 fully decked out with Trigger tech triggers , Fluted bolt and Tach knob , The Barrels are stainless , as well as the Remington action and at a 1/3 of the price ..

  10. I like the gun but the price is ridiculously high…. Very Very FEW civilians will even consider buying this…As you say about the new latest greatest scopes come out..So do the guns..Better Barrels,better triggers..Lighter weight… Our GOVT' has unlimited funds and they can buy it.Most regular people do not..Do You Buy one yourself?

  11. You will never get Sniper accuracy with interchangeable barrels and parts, let’s pray our US Snipers never have to make the shoots our beloved Chris Kyle had to make.

  12. How come almost all solicitations for new military equipment seem to go to whatever is produced in that country. In this case it seems the SAKO M10 or the Accuracy International AXMC would have been better choices. Both are known for making quality presicion rifles. Why is the market for R700 clones so big? Because Remington makes crap… in my [not quite so] humble opinion.

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