Special Report: Iran Attacks U.S. Military Base In Iraq | NBC News (Live Stream)

Special Report: Iran Attacks U.S. Military Base In Iraq | NBC News (Live Stream)


  1. We can assure the Earth, Iran has not fired a missile into Iraq. Messiahship JJ will not comment further on film footage provided. We do expect all to follow the Convention's. See dole out criminal penalties all over the world, the Universe.

    King Jacob John Swanko II Earth's Sovereign

  2. ‎اتمنى من الجميع يشوفون هالفيديو لمحامي صدام في ٢٠١٠ يتكلم عن اللي صاير الحين https://youtu.be/OJ15xJjVssY

  3. Iran called Iraq and told them.what they were up to. U.S already knew from spy satellites and could tell the projecteur from the exhaust fumes. More like two kids fighting then WW3, but still Foolish. Time for us to come home and let them run their own corner of the world.

  4. درود بر ایران…و ننگت باد ترامپ
    واقعا مردم آمریکا باید خجالت بکشد با این رییس جمهوری که دارن مایه تاسف

  5. More then 200 US soilder are wounded and about 80 are dead brought to Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Hospital. The Trump Administration do not announce that.

  6. Way to go trump you
    are starting to impress me.
    Just start rebuilding
    our country with
    social security card holders
    And you could be my Antichrist

  7. So the rock throwers loaded there slingshots and vandalized some of our buildings, turn the wifi back on and let your people see how sad you are. And shave them nasty beards off,no one can take you serious with beetles crawling in and out of it.

  8. Why doesn't USA use Science, technology, engineering? Using human, the military is the way of SoViet communism, NOT Modern USA

  9. Great job President Trump as a former democrat I’ve walked away because the democrat party can no longer be trusted with national security and I feel much safer under President Trump’s leadership. Great policy don’t threaten U S citizens or else.

  10. Iran govt and usa govt both buy arms, control military, control police, visit each other because they are not the general public, they collect money from taxpayers, which one is not like the other? The taxpayer! You are the enemy, but youre too stupid to work that out, the news keeps your head full of misdirection, theyre good at their job, you pay the govt and news to keep them from going after you.

  11. America has no political education and never adheres to the law.
    IRAN:Missile attacks on US bases
    Amrica:We are ready to embrace peace..

  12. https://youtu.be/-q4MQAAIVfE
    The Lord Shiva- The destruyer of the Earth appears and lord says to unite the Hindu and Muslim !!!

  13. These both countries successfully fooled the whole world with this fake drama war conflict. What type of attack was this where all US troops were already evacuated from that place also where was the US missile defense system??? USA just gave the face saving to Iran govt after killing their general 😉

  14. Did Iran just put out a revenge missile and it only caused casualties towards the neighbor’s 🤦🏻 lol no one can take Iran serious here it’s funny.

  15. I think that the Iranian wants to ask why you guys don't respect them but always suppress them in the history. We are all human being, why the Iran can't be as great as the USA.

  16. Please just leaving IRAQ and Go out , USA your to far from Iraq and not you jop Enough stealing Iraq. Just go out from Iraq

  17. Iran’s putting out hash tags and Facebook tags about this, oh joy , and then trumps gonna tweet back ?
    Is there no sacred place to keep peace anymore 🤫

  18. This whole situation with Iran was predicted for two years and no news network covered it. Regarding Iran watch the "Babylonian Worldwind Prophecy"..it is so accurate and we are now watching all come to pass.

  19. 1 Corinthians 6:9
    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals

  20. Bush Attacked Poorest Country Afghanistan with 42 most powerful countries & lost, Now how many countries needed to attack Iran ?

  21. These comments are INSANE, ILLINFORMED, and UNEDUCATED. I wish you had to take a literacy test to be allowed on the internet..

  22. The divine truth has bee nistreated by the ruthless lawless godless political establishment from the heart of it , PLANE OF DIVINE WORD IS ABOVE PL ANE OF SOUL ISRAEL . . IS BECOME BENEYH THRONE OF THE TABERNACKLE USA COMFORTERS METCI SEAT OF GOD . NAMEAMEN

  23. US will not standby without revenge of Iran attacked in US base in Iraq. Since world war 2, US base in Hawaii attacked by japan immediately US retaliate

  24. how was iran able to get past our patriot missiles and aircraft ? have we left us service persons unprotected or did they penetrate our defenses??? why is no one talking about this??? do the iranians have the ability to strike at will??? have we been bullying an army and country that can do us great harm with ease and precision?

  25. so let get that straight Iran lunched old types missiles i think 20 or more and no anti-missiles system protecting all those bases ?? zero?? not even single missile has been destroyed , or system doesnt work at all and americans selling some cheap crap 🙂

  26. This pathetic American Government has turn this Region into a blood bath in the interests of themselves. Do you really believe that you actually are doing anything good in the middle east??? Arrogant President that has no idea what mess he has created. When Obama was in Power everything was fine now this Mess has been created.

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