Hey guys and welcome to my new channel. My name is Sinan and some of you might know me from the Novritsch Channel. I’m playing Airsoft for 3,5 years now. To celebrate my new Channel; I heard that there are only a few SSGs in Turkey. Only 3 or 4 SSGs they told me. I want to add one more and will make a giveaway of a SSG24 Before talking about the details of the giveaway I want to talk a little bit about me and my new channel. What can you expect from this channel? In general there will be usual gameplay videos, gun reviews, questions and answers in general. I also will try to answer some of your questions in own videos. About me: I was born in Vienna, Austria and I’m living there. You guys might recognized that I’m not living in Turkey because of my accent. Why did I make a turkish channel then? My mother language is turkish and I also feel kinda connected to turkey. For those who doesn’t know me and didn’t see any videos I made a short clip. I hope you guys enjoy! I hope you guys enjoyed this short clip. Now let’s talk about the giveaway, how can you win the SSG24? First of all you have to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, like my Facebook-Page and follow me on Instagram. If you did this, you automatically participated the giveaway. I don’t know when the winner will be announced but I think after this video in a week a gameplay video will be published. After that gameplay I want to announce the winner. Thank you for watching my video and I see you guys on the next video!


  1. Abi merhaba bende kendime bir airsoft tüfek almak istiyorum ama malasef maddi durmumu aşiyor inşallah benim gibi ihtiyaç sahibi birine gelir

  2. Facebook dan beğendim instagramdan takip ettim kanala abone olup videoyu beğendim gereken şartları yerine getirdim 😊

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