Star Wars The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Jedi Powers and Finale Theory

Do or do not there is no try
size matters not, look at me judge me by my size do you? for my Ally
is the force and a powerful ally it is. life creates it, makes it grow. its energy
surrounds us and binds us luminous beings are we not this crude matter you
must feel the force around you. here between you me everywhere. hey everybody it’s Charlie
this is going to be my new Mandalorian baby yoda video we’re getting close to the
finale so there’s a couple of big plot lines they have to wrap up and he’s
already demonstrated some crazy force abilities so we’ll break it all down be
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right now so I will talk about what’s going on with season two when we get
closer to the finale obviously careful for spoilers if you
have not seen episode 6 yet but at the very end of episode 6 you see baby Yoda
getting ready to use the force to stop zero the Droid when he’s getting ready
to shoot him but before he can the Mandalorian shoots him from behind in a
big twist through the chest before he can see the Mandalorian behind the Droid
though baby Yoda curiously looks at his hand in wonders if he really just did
that the Droid collapses to the ground revealing the Mandalorian in his line of
sight and then he understands what happened so everybody was wondering what
was going to happen had the Mandalorian not shown out would he have been able to
actually stop him from shooting him with a blaster and the thing is just based on
the scenes we’ve already seen and what they’ve implied he’s totally strong
enough to have saved himself in that situation he’s clever enough to hide
from him like I made a bunch of jokes about him teleporting during my episode
6 video but the truth is that he’s just way quicker on his feet than he looks
because he’s so small and because he has those tiny little claws on his fingers
it makes it way easier for him to climb things sometimes you forget because you
don’t see Yoda hold his hands up that much during the trilogy but if you look
at Yoda’s hand he’s got some pretty serious claw
there even without using the force baby Yoda could probably cost someone’s eyes
out if he got close enough based on what we’ve seen him do so far though there’s
only a couple of force abilities I think that would be useful to the kid in this
situation so when he focuses attention like this baby Yoda is powerful enough
to one deflect the blaster shot at very close range
remember back in Episode four with the sniper that almost got him I don’t think
he would have been able to stop that shot because he wasn’t focusing he
wasn’t paying attention to it into he’s not strong enough to sense it coming
from that far away and even though he’s innately very powerful in the force he’s
not strong enough to slow time around him or move quickly enough he talked
about Jedi being able to slow their body’s functions down a little bit but
the most powerful force users both Jedi and Sith can’t slow the relative flow of
time around their bodies so for the most part we know that baby Yoda’s powers are
limited to line-of-sight he’s a very smart baby but he’s still an infant so
he has to be able to see the thing that he’s using the force on based on what
we’ve seen we also know that he can force push the droid back so that his
shot would miss if he can lift the mud horn then he can push something smaller
like the droid back in a simple force push is one of the most basic Jedi
skills he could also use the Force to throw something at the Droid or the gun
causing him to misfire and then maybe if he were really close like this he could
also jam the trigger but that’s a bit of a stretch because he’d had to understand
how the gun works and even though baby Yoda is very
intuitive in his environment around him and he can sense what the Mandalorian is
feeling or the people around him are feeling I don’t think that he
understands how the gun works but those are about all the low-level abilities
that baby Oda could probably use in that situation only the most powerful Jedi or
Sith masters have been able to absorb or redirect energy without a lightsaber so
Yoda versus Count Dooku is a good example of that. I’ve become more
powerful than any Jedi because of his training Count Dooku has
learned to use force lightning so he uses that against Master Yoda in the
most basic ability of a Jedi in this situation would be to deflect the energy
so that it just goes off and hits something else but if your Master Yoda
one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy at this time next to say someone
like the Emperor or Anakin Skywalker you can actually absorb that energy and use
it to recharge yourself because it takes a lot of energy to use the Force so
there’s a biological limit to what Jedi can do eventually you just get too tired
even if you’re a super powerful Jedi Master like Yoda there are a couple ways
to replenish that energy you can pass out like baby Yoda for a couple days and
just sleep it off that’s the simple way if you’re a Sith you can use life tap
and just steal life force from another living being recharging yourself or like
Yoda here you can absorb raw energy but that’s like a god tier Jedi ability
which is why you never see anyone else doing it in the movies given the force
powers baby Yoda has already shown that he’s capable of there’s still a couple
of low level abilities and simple tricks that will probably see him do before the
end of the series some of that stuff they’ll probably save for season –
they’re not going to blow their wad completely in the season finale this
year but one of the biggest and most simple ones like I just said or force
pushes levitating people not just animals like levitating stormtroopers so
it’s implied that there’s a hornet’s nest
of Imperial remnants that are after the Mandalorian and baby Yoda eventually
they’re going to have to reckon with that sometime in the finale there’s also the
idea of him using the Force to throw things around like the shiny little ball
gear that he’s so fascinated by if he can lift something as large and heavy as
the mud horn he can throw small things around but they’d have to be
line-of-sight and he was stuff to be focusing so far every time we’ve seen
him use the Force it’s only been to save the Mandalorians life when he thought
that he was in danger or to save his own life when he thought that he was in
mortal peril like he understood innately what was happening here when the droid
was raising the gun even if he didn’t necessarily understand how the gun works as far as we know we’ve never seen him used the Force to purposefully mess with
someone or in a non life-threatening situation outside of his passive
abilities to sense what’s going on around him even though baby Yoda can’t
speak right now at least we don’t think the
he can speak one of the cooler passive ability is that baby Yoda has just
innately through the force even without even thinking about it is the ability to
sense what’s going on in the Mandalorians head he can sense his
emotions he can’t read his mind but he can definitely sense how he feels that’s
how he can tell the mandalorian is afraid for his life and thinks he’s
going to die like in this moment here with the Mudd horn or something really
bad is about to happen around them so early finale theory just beyond seeing
baby Yoda use more force abilities the Mandalorian will probably take his
helmet off but just for baby Yoda and because he still needs a signet his
signet will become the mark of the kid like a marking of his tiny little three
fingered hand and he’ll wear that as a badge of honor fully accepting the kid
as part of his new family I’ve seen a lot of questions asking how old baby
Yoda would have to be before he could actually really start trained to become
a Jedi in a formal way normal younglings would be between the
ages of 8 and 11 before they’d start trained to become Jedi so if you tried
to scale 900 years down to a normal human lifespan that would mean baby Yoda would be around 80 before he started his formal training he’s about 50 when this
series begins in the rise of Skywalker is about 25 to 28 years after what’s
happening on this series right now so reasonably it would be right after the
events of rise of Skywalker the baby Yoda would actually be able to start
training to become a real Jedi I don’t consider it a spoiler to say that Jon
Favreau has already said that the kid shows up during season two they’ve been
filming season two episodes for a while now and everybody freaked out when they
dropped the kid during episode 6 like is he going to be okay as for the whole
cloning subplot that they haven’t addressed since episode 3 that’s still a
really big deal if they haven’t talked about in a couple episodes maybe they’re
just able to slow the cloning plot down so that is a couple years off but
obviously there’s not a ton of clones running around during the present day of
the new trilogy so I think eventually it’s implied that they are successful in
defeating this big cloning plot they’ll probably get a little bit of help from
dr. Pershing who’s still alive as the end of episode 3 and shown that he cares
very much about the welfare of baby Yoda they kind of started to set him up for a
similar arc as the Mandalorian he is this member of the Imperial forces left
in the galaxy he’s wearing their uniform normally that would imply that he’s a
bad person but he’s already shown through his actions that he doesn’t
share their values and seems like he doesn’t
want anybody to get hurt the same way the Mandalorian tried to stop Matt
Lanter former Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars from getting killed by these
other bounty hunters please don’t hurt it’s just a what did you do it I
protected if it wasn’t for me he would already be dead please so hopefully
he’ll come back in the finale and they can pay that off by having him help the
Mandalorian and the kids somehow hopefully that explains what baby Oda is
capable of right now he’s powerful but there’s a limit to that so they can give
you some realistic expectations for what they can do with him in the finale but
what’s going to happen this week big reminder is that Mandalorian Episode
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