Starting College Late – A Good Option?

Starting College Late – A Good Option?

joshua process of whether or not people should even go to college cell
what’s what is being a little about and this will do our best to get some good
advice what do you think bleeding to go to college knowingly sells do you recall which because say didn’t kill zone was responsible just burnett reactor and now there are jobs as doing it this way
liked me norway and indian and will back to college later on like you planned originally so
joshua asked the really quick question that because if you do not feel
responsible enough to attend college right after high school should you wait and and people on a case is it does make
more sense to wait and the reason i say that is because
college has become so unexploited so expensive an unaffordable going to college without taking it
seriously and really getting your money’s worth is an eva responsible thing to do so
maybe going back to college makes sense to you which heard i do have some life
experience and you might be able to get more out of college rather than just going straight into it
right after high school when you feel unprepared for it he brings up a really
good point the video when he says uh… you can have good reasons for
putting it off but it could be very difficult to actually end up going um… but think about if you go off and you
get a job for a year or two mean you’re gonna start to put up put on
some really really heavy expenses like if you will go on your own if you get a
car do you have these bills it can be difficult to go from having a steady
month my paycheck and all the sudden back in school i don’t have any money as
to completely change my lifestyle back to being a c no i think for a lot of
people to be very hard to do that’s true but it also works both ways although i
think for allot of people who go straight into the workforce right after
high school they’ll realize that they’re not making
the money that they need to survive right it’s a really really difficult to
get a job without a college degree because it’s extremely competitive so it
might be that experienced might survey as a motivator take get people
back into school i’d known for for my group where many of us expected that we
would go to college who thought that was the normal thing to do the idea of going in your later when all
of your friends abroad often experience the freshman year you know all the fine
and everything into hard to go after what i would feel
pretty disconnected from the group that i’d gone through high school in so there
are pros and cons to both in every sense so many times on the show everyone has a different path to success
you know no one has you can’t say that everyone has to
follow the standards in these rules in with


  1. @WhoIsNumberNone Yeah, my H.S was a bad experience, it was ghetto and trashy. I agree I think some students should take a year off.

  2. I really like the touch of sophistication and intelligence that John brings to the show 🙂 , even Ana "Which is a very smart person" needs to keep focused all of the time to keep up with him.

  3. There is also the problem of being out in the working world, If you are making a decent wage, that makes it that much more difficult to get financial aid. However, you are separated from your parents, so their wages and assets do not come into play.

    I came from a poor small town family, & for me, college was off the table. Eventually I realize I wasn't cut of to be poor dumb country boy & I entered college at about age 30, and did pretty well. GPA=3.1. Not great but not bad, & I was working.

  4. @blueboyblue You are a dependent unless you can qualify on the checklist which would mean already that you are already a dependent. There are tons of students who file taxes independently and live separate from their parents' who complain about this in every school. Basically the checklist is do you have a child, veteran, married, 23 years old or older, or have been verified homeless.

  5. @x1PMac1x That is the worse advice I have ever heard. The majority of military veterans are miserable and non-college graduates. They also do not respond well in school and can be called back to service for 8 YEARS. Saving money is good, but the reality is most veterans do not come out the same and never could graduate college. Not talking about the fake bachelor college degrees ( 90 credits for being in the military and trained is not college) that give military members degrees either

  6. Why go into the workforce right out of HS.I say work part-time and travel… There a lot of things you can do, but it's also quite a tough experience, but you change. I think for Americans its all going to be difficult, and surprisingly a lot of Americans step up to the challenges.

  7. I'm a 28 year old college freshman. I went to a few college classes right after high school, but I didn't give a shit about school back then, and dropped out and got work at a restaurant. I am able to go back, but if I had children or any really large responsibilities I don't think I would be able to do it. It takes a lot of effort to work full time, work on schoolwork, go to classes and keeping myself alive, I don't know how people with children are able to do it.

  8. I have to disagree with Ana on the idea that you cant get a well paying job without a degree. I dropped out of college and became a machinist. My pay is comparable or better than my sister (journalist), brother and father in law (teacher ), wife (psychology ). In fact the only.people I lose out to are the IT people I know. I've done the math, if I were to go back and get a degree my education would not pay for itself for 30 years. At which point I'm one step from retirement.

  9. “I will never go back to school. I always hated it. I learned enough to know I’ll learn what's left off the internet.” SpartanBard

  10. i have a trade degree that cost me 30,000 for two years i make 3 bucks more an hour than students with no trade education something messed up about that

  11. @tytuniversity How exactly do I get my video responded to on your program? I put it on your facebook page. What else should I do?

  12. @tytuniversity people from Connecticut have an accent? Or was that a joke (in which case I am making myself look stupid right now)

  13. I started college when I was 22.. and even then I didn't take it seriously, because I didn't fully believe in myself that I could accomplish this. I'm 33 now, and going back to school full time. It is very difficult to go back at this age, from a financial stand point, but i know what I want to do with myself, and I have to do it now, before I get TOO TOO old.

  14. ill be 29 when i go back to college in september, boulanger & baking art. $4260 for the one year course, and im pretty sure i can get EI to pay for it.

  15. i graduated early from high school a semester early went to community college to get a taste
    and than i'm in a real one and i have to say i dont love it personally i wished i made the same decision like my friend and joined the army when he graduated
    its not like i hate college but i dont have the passion for business that i used to
    you really need to give yourself a reason to go i guess

  16. @Gangularis
    lmao it's true so its better now than later where you dont feel like you have a different set of standards than the rest of the generation
    i got a student in my communications class and she is like in her 50s not judging but she is a freaking suck up and the whole time she talks the whole class has this face

  17. @14Schofield
    its not the degree that an employer looks for
    the degree is a just a paper
    its the knowledge you have that makes the person an asset

  18. @payasoinfeliz
    it will always be this way at this rate until we become so dumbed down that another country decides the start invading us- metaphorically
    we refuse to be like other countries and let creativity expand
    in other countries they will pay for your education to learn a skill and in the end theyll pay you back- we arent motivating the generation enough we have become mindless zombies the last few decades who chose not to advance ourselves

  19. In Australia its extremely common to have what is referred to as a "gap year" between completing high school and starting university. Usually it is used to travel with money saved via a part time job during highschool.

  20. @tytuniveristy
    I waited a year between High school and College but I did prepare for it during that year with various things. It was the right thing for me to do due to the fact the school system where I lived sucked very much.

  21. @tytuniversity Denmark & Germany have a education system in which the students get paid 500 Euros a month just for attending the college. TYTU has done 2 videos on this in the past, but it was before you started working there. Hope that cleared but the comment a bit. =)

  22. I never understood why I was pressured so hard, by everybody, including my highschool to go to uni.. when since I got there, I wasnt studying what I wanted (because I didn't get the entry requirement grade), and so I was paying crazy fees, learning about things I wasnt even interested in… they never mentioned the debt when they encouraged us to go. So I left quickly and travelled and worked overseas for a few years and found out what I really liked, then went back to school. Best decision 4 me

  23. @DiamondChrome42 I don't know to much about the college competition between Germany & The U.S., but Denmark also has this system, so are they competing with America too? In Fact, there are 13 countries in the world with free post secondary education. But i think Denmark & Germany are the only countries that pay you.

  24. I can relate to this. I'm finishing up a two-year college program right now, not the regular way, but for free and for people with special needs. I've gotten a great education, good work experience, grown as a person and made a few great new friends. For my last couple years, I plan to enroll in a medical coding program, to meet more people and learn a new skill. After, I'll go back and get a degree, put my career on hold because I like college. It's awesome, in a lot of ways, but are you ready?

  25. It takes a lot of sacrifice. I choose to join the military instead of go to college. Now I'm a 34 year old single father of three, working part time, and doing night classes. It all depends if you are comfortable with your life style or if you want change. I'm rolling the dice and keeping my eye on the prize.

  26. @01jerm10 Im 18 and i want to take the same path but everyone is trying to push college education on me. What I really want to do is join the army and eventually get into special forces(SF is awsome)while making a career out of that so if i ever decide to go to college I can have the military pay a big portion.I can also try and make a business while in special forces.My moms boyfriend is a green berets but has his own business He doesn't have much time to work on his business though.

  27. I think you should definitely go to college right after high school and then after you graduate, get some work experience before pursuing grad school, if you feel that's your passion; The maturity levels of a freshman straight out of high school compared to straight off the job market after a few years might be too distracting in terms of bonding and making college friends, especially if your major is highly group work oriented

  28. is it weird being a 21 yr old freshman in college living in a dorm because I want to go to the marines for 4 Years after I graduate for the gi bill

  29. I chose not to go to college right after high school. I'm 23 now and starting next week. Ive worked, got some job and life experience and now know what I want to do. Lots of my friends who went right after high school ended up dropping out or getting into a lot of debt with a degree they don't use.

  30. Going to high-school for me caused social isolation that I'm pretty sure was psychologically damaging. I had the test scores to go to college at 14 and I definitely should have. High-school was the root cause of so many psychological and social issues from the isolation that I'm just going to college now at 23. The career damage the late start at a crappy college may bring is unforeseen. I'm confident that I'll salvage a carreer out of it, but fortune favors the early starter.

  31. I think that the military is a great choice. After your time, you can go to college and your education is paid for by the government.

  32. After High School I didn't want to go to college. I started working at warehouses &restarurants. I was always a smart kid but with mixed up priorities. Going through life after High School definitly made me change my perspective toward what the whole point of a college education was about. I am 23 and just started going to a community college full time and still have a full time job to take care of my expenses.Being an adult now, I take school seriously.I'm now mature & responsible.

  33. …as a student in Germany, I can say this: in some countries (in Germany) you have to pay 500€ (a bit above that) for attending college, in some you don't. But I don't get -paid-. That would be sweet.

  34. I left school when I was 16 and partied hard for 7 years… Now I'm back at uni with a more mature attitude and I'm doing better than I ever would have done as my 16 year old self. Plus I worked a fair bit and have nice things (tech, furniture, etc.) for my time at uni.

  35. Starting early is definitely the smarter way to do it but if you go when you're older it's still going to be worth it depending on what kind of subject you want to specialize in.

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  37. Never give up on improving your future, people. I'm 27, have tried and failed to begin attending college 2 times, and am just beginning my third run. You can do it. You need to reach out to school staff and let them help you figure out what to do. There are several free online sources, as well; Coursera, Edx, The Kahnacademy- just to name a few.

  38. I mean no offence, but I hope both of these anchors know that a large majority of the reason they got this job was for their looks.

  39. I'm on probation and I'm not going to receive financial aid. How the fuck am I going to receive money for my books and materials?

  40. I didn't took a gap year, I took a gap trimester (my college operates by trimesters), and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life, I was going to start august 5th (heck, not even a month after I finished highschool) but I just wasn't feeling it, I felt sad, tired, I didn't feel excited, I wasn't sure that I was passionate about my major, (software engineering), etc… so I dropped out even before classes started and I dedicated those 3 months to reflecting about everything.

  41. in my life and now I feel super ready and excited to start college on november the 5th, these 3 months made mature so much, I haven't realize how inmature I was in some aspects until then.

  42. In my opinion…there is only one valid reason to go out and pursue a college education or degree. That reason is to learn, grow and develop new skills and to push your mental( and sometimes physical) limits. 

  43. A part of me wishes i didnt wait to go but no way i would of been able to afford the school i dreamed of fresh out of highschool, let alone the i debt i would have incurred would have been lethal. Its a bittersweet feeling of never getting exactly what you want. I got the school but I lost some of my youth. Man..27 already. I only hope future generations find a way improve the system so struggling & outrageous tuition are a thing of the past & eliminate the problem with degrees to job ratio while at the same time make it bullet proof so no one can abuse it either.

  44. I'm 19 years old and I felt a little old to start college in the spring, but after reading your inspirational comments I've decided I'm gonna take a chance and apply.

  45. I went at 18 to study law, it really wasn't the right decision for me. I graduate but I regretted doing my degree.

    I've gone back to university at 21 and I love what i'm studying, and i'm a lot more mature. Definitely wait. 🙂

  46. I'm 24 and heading to University for the first time, and i feel as though the frustration of going to work to do something i don't love just for the money is motivating me to educate myself. No matter how challenging it will be.

  47. I am 23 and am scared to death about starting college. I didnt do very well in high school and i have generalized anxiety disorder but i really dont want to miss out on good opportunities

  48. i'm 33 lost 15 years to bipolar disorder…finally somewhat healthy & stable want to go to college don't know about the job market for 40 year old college graduates…???? i'm thinking accounting….with an Ms

  49. Honestly you just have to do it, depending on your career choice and what it is that you want to do.

    All talk will do nothing, just pray and go for what you feel is right in your Spirit.

  50. That 1st dude sounded very unsure and affraid of telling his story lol!! He look all tight like he got a giant pole up his ass!!! LMFAO!

  51. I went to college right out of high school. Lasted in semester and quit. I've now been out for a year and a half. I have a job as a realtor and my life is great, however I feel like I'm missing something without my degree. Do I regret quitting? No. Do I feel like now I'm at the point in my life where I am ready and prepared to go to college? Yes. All I needed was a little breather and to figure out who I was and where I wanted to go.

  52. I am 26 want to start college again, I am so much depressed for being late. God knows what is written in my destiny.

  53. I'm 24. I'm thinking about going to college again. However I think I'm dumb enough to go to college. Then again I'm too late on the sports so I gave up on college because of that.

  54. I wish I knew how to start my journey into college; I'm 20 and at the moment don't know how I would even apply for college. I wasn't raised or taught how the system of college works. I have always wanted to go to college and learn, but right now im just trying to learn how to basically live in the real world.

  55. I am an autistic 22 year old who is undecided about college. I didn’t consider college until I was 18/19-much to my mom’s dismay. I graduated from high school at 21-I am unemployed.

  56. I‘m from Germany and here a lot of people start studying in their mid 20s. Here school in general doesn’t end before 19/20 and so students are a bit older than in other countries anyway. I also know a lot of people who started University right after school but after their first bachelor they restarted with another undergraduate program. I guess at least until 30 it is no deal at all to study. There are even countless people over 30 that start studying. It is not 100% the same as when you start right after school but I think University in your mid 20s can still be fine. Don’t act like a boring adult and be open-minded and funny and you will definitely make a lot of friends.

  57. I am 22 and I want to start college in January so I can earn my bachelor degree and start Veterinary school but I don't have any thing ready like my fianical aid or anything like that so I don't know what to do

  58. I'm 34 with an Associate Degree in Computer Software Technology and no tech job. I feel like I wasted my life but will still go back to college.

  59. That dude is too worried about self image. The point of you even thinking about going back to school is you decided to better yourself. Who actually cares what other people think? Those "friends" arent your real friends if they down play you for getting an education at no matter what age. Here's an unwritten rule of life. Youre going to gain wisdom as you get older, you will be forever learning, believe it or not. Therefore, Do things others wont, so you can do things that others cant.

  60. I'm 33 and planning to start college, good thing I look 12 lol. Age doesnt matter it's never to late to go back. I wasted my time and money at a trade school with a useless education that has nothing to do with my career. I'm lucky to be working in the field I'm going to be studying in, by the time I get my degree there goes my promotion. 😉

  61. Why is everyone associating costs with college? Not everyone lives in US where you pay college for the rest of your life…..

  62. I am 45 and want to go back to college to pursue an engineering degree. I already have a bachelor's in Information Technology.

  63. You’ll get bullied a lot and it’s weird it affects you dating life don’t do it you don’t want to be that old hag. In with a bunch of 18 year olds vs the one older person it’s more boring when you wait

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