Strengthening The Partnership

Strengthening The Partnership

Tigra Strike is a bilateral exercise between
the United States and Malaysia, where we will execute an amphibious operation
and do some jungle warfare training and foster some communication
coordination between the two militaries. We’re gonna have them actually landing with us in our AAVs and landing craft and assaulting
a combined objective together. Following that, we’ll transition to the Jungle Warfare Training,
which will be conducted in a lane trading fashion, during which sometimes the Malaysians will be
leading the training and sometimes U.S. forces. We’re very interested in being a partner of first choice
for them. They’re a critical partner for us as well. Fostering those important relationships, building our ability to interoperate together, and learning from them just as much as they will surely learn from us.


  1. don't leave kurds alone, they need you guys….marines fight for right and freedom ….Erdogan is a dictator…he wants to destroy the YPG….please don't let him do! the eyes of world are upon you…. freedom is not free!

  2. Our BC would have made sure everyone was in full battle rattle no matter how hot and humid it was. ‘Thundering Third’ Semper Fi.

  3. U put my number of break down as ur fake ass number for video are u a edit well u all have more coming up ur asses promise and stop bullets good job

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  6. Now for some reason I'll always associate you guys the military rather with this Beatles music but that's actually okay …… BECAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK;

  7. Yeah things got to be shall we say too intricate it was fascinating to explore the US military again much love and respect here and I've also learned much from you Etc and I've also gotten people into cleaning up their communities or whatever they feel they need to to make life in the Homeland better whatever in their own capacity or what have you

  8. And I wasn't excluding certain others this morning and Cetera also it wasn't or I should say it was because of the chi coms I'll just put it that way as to why I dropped out anyways I wasn't just going to go on and on though at ease lofl. that's why I had to cut it short I had much more to share but……. It wasn't just my alcoholism I'll just put it to you that way which is very unfortunate but ya know it's funny how there's these photos of my Uncle Phil Newhouse from the Vietnam War and he'd have all these beer cans laid out this guy was a serious alcoholic just like me

  9. Also my stepfather Robert Schilling was in the Air Force or early 1960s my great-uncle Dan O'Connell served about 1936 to 1950 something I guess and he had a really fascinating story to tell and it's written to my grandma's life story I'll share some of their time, also Grandma's brother Jack O'Connell serve 1920 to 1924 something and he got a disease from a Chinese gal in the Philippines or something like that we never held it against the military we never thought like that these things can happen. Anyways ever since I've tried to clean up my Act and tried to encourage others to do the same I mean at least in part folks goodness gracious oh America you're something else

  10. Oh yeah just lately I clean up around the mailboxes around here and Cetera you do more then most in this country do before 8 a. M. Or something

  11. One of the things I do like these off songs what the Beatles of course the military doesn't like you guys having music on the mind exactly but off songs like The Ballad of John and Yoko Hello goodbye, obladi, baby you're a rich man, back in the ussr, Uncle Albert, c-moon, let em in, you gave me the answer was also GOOD like a Frank Sinatra rendition & and that was already a really old song or I should say a really old rendition and then I had a hard time remembering it that you don't often hear about and yet really popular no no you got plenty of time and this is not one of them I wish you did but yeah well if I was out on the field I would just translate it all out into what I did anyways they found that wild animals do the same thing when they're subjected to really good music they associate it with the hunt!!!! fascinating as Spock would say laugh out f**** loud. my grandpa used to laugh out loud over things like me wanted to tape record them and comparing it to Whitewater laugh out loud and he always had these big huge bear laughs he's another one I don't know why I didn't mention but he was in World War II in the army they were going to station station him either in Alaska or an Illinois or in New Orleans where him & grandma Norene lived along 920 Esplanade Avenue about 1942 to 1945 he was Frosty Maitland Hill and Grandma was Norene Margaret O'Connell. anyways Band on the Run is the last song I can think of for McCartney that sounds beatle-esque at all and even by that point it's got a very mid-1970s feel to it but you know. The military also has a very strict policy on putting out good music so that's good keep her going

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