‘Study in Holland’ in 100 seconds

‘Study in Holland’ in 100 seconds

Do you want to study in Holland? Of course you want to study in Holland! The next 100 seconds will definitely convince you! Alright… …let’s go! ‘Study in Holland’ Every year, many international students undergo the Dutch Experience. But what does this mean? What makes studying in Holland so great? Holland is really internationally oriented. I mean, where else would you find students from over… a hundred and sixty different countries? One out of ten students is an international student. Did you know that we have more than twenty-
one-hundred English taught programmes? Pretty good, right? You know what’s even better? The quality of our education. You won’t find this quality of education at such an affordable rate anywhere else! The open-mindedness of the Dutch people is reflected in the way we educate. It’s in the way we teach, in the way we interact, in the way we work together. Once you are done studying here, Holland offers a ton of opportunities for entrepreneurs and job-seekers. Holland is the home of some of the world’s biggest multinationals, such as Philips, Shell and many more. We even have a special one-year program for you to get employed, called ‘’Orientation Year’’. You can be part of the Holland Alumni Network, for everyone who had the Dutch Experience How much time do I have left? What? 30 seconds? Well, that’s enough time for some facts! Dutch people are the best non-native English speakers in the world. Holland is also one of the happiest and safest countries… and our educational institutions rank amongst the world’s top two percent. But there’s more to Holland. Holland is creative, high tech… diverse, innovative, nicely located, exciting… has a unique cuisine and a rich history …we’ve got a unique culture and very welcoming people. Just barely made it! So now you know, why you should… Study in Holland!


  1. i hope i can come to Holland soon. It's wonderful country suitable for me. i think that 😀 i hope i can do it soon

  2. Did you know that 'Holland' are just two provinces in the Netherlands? It is like calling the USA 'Dakota', just because there is a North- and South-Dakota!

  3. I am a student in the Netherlands (not Holland!!) and I am positive about everything you said but… UNIQUE CUSINE? COME AGAIN????!!!!!!!! PLEASE DUDES! Cusine is THE LAST (or the non existent) reason why one should choose to study/live/work in the Netherlands. Be damn objective. Ps: I love you duchies. But this is a blatant lie.

  4. well, that was nice part, let me add fact, Amsterdam is most fun city to live in, however , it is also one of the most difficult cities in the world to find a room/Apartment, trust me, you have to have VERY rich parents to allow you to study in Amsterdam.


  6. can any one in here please tell me and help me with few pieces of advice ,
    am an engineer in electrical major , i would like to study more in renewable energy and get a equal job in there though i am a student from India .
    i appreciate the time for your info video it is surly a useful 100 sec

  7. I loved this video 🙂 I’m starting the process to go study in my beloved Netherlands ❤️ that’s why I started my channel 😀

  8. I really want to make my master degree in Hollan but i would like some advice about scholarships and every day life there

  9. Lol the only reason why big companies are here is because of the tax evasion system we have. Don't misunderstand me, the Netherlands is a great country (I'm Dutch myself), but we shouldn't be proud about the fact that companies get richer by avoiding taxes here… It's a shame!

  10. I can understand why you are calling it "Holland", but that is incorrect. As it only would hint to either North Holland or South Holland provinces. Alternatively a town in America or one of many forts during the Dutch golden age. The country is NOT Holland no matter how hard you are screaming it. It's called the Netherlands. If you want to insult people, you would call it Holland instead.

  11. As you may have noticed by now from a number of comments, most Dutch people take offence when foreigners refer to their country as “Holland”. In Dutch the country is called “Nederland”, and therefore the appropriate translation in English is “the Netherlands”. In the 17th century “Holland” used to be 1 of the original seven provinces of the Netherlands. In 1840 the province was split into two: “Noord-Holland” (North Holland), which is where the capital Amsterdam is located, and “Zuid-Holland” (South Holland), where we find Rotterdam and The Hague (“Den Haag”) as major cities.
    Since 1986 the Netherlands comprises a total of twelve provinces. Besides the two mentioned above, these are: Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, North Brabant, Overijssel, Utrecht, and Zeeland. When someone is born in 1 of these ten provinces, he or she is ‘not from Holland’. In linguistics, the incorrect use of the name “Holland” to refer to the entire country is called “pars pro toto”, Latin for "a part for the whole". Another common mistake in this category is saying England instead of United Kingdom, thus excluding Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Special thanks to Mark from Wolters World, who in his list on YouTube of “The Don'ts of The Netherlands” lists this as number 1: “don’t say Holland, say the Netherlands”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXVnvvHLCkA

  12. Ik ben nederlands en alsjeblieft zeg the netherlands want holland zijn 2 provincies maar waarschijnlijk vegrijpt niemand dit😅

  13. well.. lately there is a big public discussion what the government can do to support dutch people in getting a place in the national universities.
    because the universities get flooded by international students.

  14. but how can I manage the living cost?
    I don't want to take any penny from my home.
    plz,someone response.
    I know scholarship it doesn't bear the full cost.

  15. I am really interested in. I just graduated from the MBM and I am looking out for a Phd program in Netherlands any information, recommendations or even help 😉 thanks in advance

  16. How good holland universities are, for agriculture? I really wanna study there. Do they provide scholarship or not?? If there are, please suggest an university for agriculture. Thank you.

  17. Except that you don't offer housing for international students, and it's difficult to find a flat to rent + it's expensive, so why bother?

  18. since permit is based on income availability, can i apply for resident permit just for each term? since i will be bavk home in summer?
    anyone could answer me?

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