Surface Force Strategy

Surface Force Strategy

Since January 2015, the Naval Surface Force
has been at the forefront of Distributed Lethality – developing and implementing an all-force
concept to prepare the world’s greatest Navy to win the fight in a multi-domain environment. Whether it’s cyber, undersea, air, space
or the electromagnetic spectrum the adversary threatens, the innovation and creativity from
an increasingly capable and lethal fleet across all domains will result in the control of
any contested expanse. The flexibility and mobility of the DL concept
seen in both tactics and operations will increase the effectiveness of assets while overwhelming
an adversary’s resources to the point where decisive actions devolve into reactive defense. To ensure victory, one must take the offensive
and focus on the basic operational principles: “Deceive. Target. Destroy.” For a quarter of a century, our adversaries
have developed weapons that keep our force at range. Distributed Lethality undermines and eradicates
this advantage by forcing the expenditure of resources so that our globally distributed
fleet can create gaps and inject targeting uncertainty to ultimately break the adversary’s
kill chain. Expect the fight. Predict the outcome. The return to sea control calls on every operator
and tactician to tap into our most basic instincts as warfighters. From here on out, every shipboard evolution
is an opportunity to practice and master the basic principles of Distributed Lethality. Through the emphasis of tactics, talent, tools
and training, which enables any ship or force package to become a critical hub in a networked
maritime environment, operational commanders and national leadership now have options up
and down the ladder of escalation. From homeland littorals to contested conflict
areas across the sea, surface ships provide persistent presence, credible capability and
tactical superiority in peace and war. The creation of the first PACSAG in 2016,
comprised of three DDG’s actualized the organizing concept of DL and has laid the
ground work for the deployment of an even more robust adaptive force package in the
year 2018 that will include an up-gunned ESG and the first operational deployment of the
joint strike fighter. Through the partnership of military and industry,
innovation and material investments will increase our surface combatants staying time in a battle
and enhance combat power. Sea control will be assured through the continued
modification and integration of existing capabilities and will ultimately lay the framework for
the development of follow on sensors, platforms and weapons. And with joint force capabilities in undersea,
surface, land, air, cyber and electronic warfare, the playing field just got bigger. Regardless of the circumstance, increased
lethality distributed throughout the globe will give the warfighter the tactical advantage
needed to make themselves harder to find and harder to kill. To deceive, target and destroy without fail
must become the war-fighting ethos engrained at the very heart of our culture so that it
may be adopted, executed and improved upon by every crew member entrusted with a warship
and empowered to take that warship into battle. The threat is real. The time is now. The future of war fighting is up to us.


  1. How did this video get a pass to be published. Like I was waiting for someone to pop up and say just kidding after the first 30 seconds.

  2. I'm absolutely 100% sure 0:31 is the face end of a Russian Soyuz TMA spacecraft. I would definitely change this to show an NROL or defense satellite launch instead and make a re-upload.

  3. Complete and utter horseshit. We have too few, too complicated ship. All highly vulnerable to small, fast swarm attacks and anti-ship cruise missiles. Our enemies know they can’t engage our Navy in a head to head battle. So they will overwhelm our defenses. Launch scores of anti ship missiles and rockets against our major surface vessels.
    We need scores of small frigates screening our carriers, not a few cruisers and destroyers.

  4. And does anyone here think that the first half of the Superbowl could be played on turf and then the second half could be played on artificial turf? Who's with me?

  5. Distributed Lethality is The Future Of Naval Warfare, that takes us back to the beginning of Naval Warfare. Find me if you dare.

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  7. This was so fucking cheesy. And it does absolutely nothing to convince me that the US intends to use it’s military to do anything but bully other countries, as usual

  8. 0:29 Apparently our greatest threat in space is a Russian Soyuz capsule with spinning docking adapter and photoshopped on ISS solar arrays.

  9. US Navy is the best. I mean in creating videos like this one. Regarding the naval weaponry, Russian fleet is smaller but far ahead in many important weapon systems.

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