Suspect In Custody For Brutal Murder Of New York City College Student | NBC Nightly News

Suspect In Custody For Brutal Murder Of New York City College Student | NBC Nightly News


  1. It's disgusting that Tessa's innocent life was taken. It's disturbing to think children perpetrated this horrific crime.

  2. Now that we know who did this it well fade off the news as fast as the New Jersey Synagogue attack. We need to stop giving them a pass and I don't care how many prisons we have to build or we will forever be their prey.

  3. An epidemic of young men losing their minds and acting out. People Need to stop enabling nut jobs and start locking them right back up. And many millennials are very disturbed.Very

  4. NYPD was aware of rampant teen gangs muggings in this park, and did nothing to stop it. NYPD needs to take serious action against the street gangs and teen thugs, and support a citywide curfew until the teen crime situation is under control. The curfew will be very helpful identifying teen criminals, because the other teens will blame them for the curfew and turn them in.

  5. blacks and mexicans are kiiling you by the hundreds each year ,wake up and start defending build your country its time to reclaim it and cut each hand that raise violance aginet white people.for now you are still the majorty.start having more white babys and building your family and community strong like a rock

  6. According to mental health professionals, the teenage brain is not developed like adults. But I find it hard to believe anyone could be so depraved 13 years old.

  7. How many more years Lord, how many more decades Lord, how many more centuries Lord, how many more ions Lord Lordy Lord Lord Lord, are you there?

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