Swedish Weapons | Depictions in video games

Swedish Weapons | Depictions in video games

The real m/45 is full auto only, this is an error that we’ll see in a few more games. No idea what the fuck the bolt is doing. Nice that the trigger finger is animated. Holding the magazine is bad. The gun appears to be closed bolt here, which is wrong. This one looks a bit small, and it commits the error of having a semi-auto fire mode. These sights are more misaligned than a British persons teeth. The firing animation depicts the gun as closed bolt, but the reload shows it being open bolt. There shouldn’t be a fire selection sound since the CBJ-MS has a progressive trigger. The drum should hold 100 rounds, but in game it holds 50+1, presumably for balance reasons. Misaligned sights, reeeee. The magazine incorrectly holds 4 more rounds than the real one. The rear sight notch is too open, but that applies to all weapons in BFV. Note how the character puts on the safety before reloading, this is to avoid getting your fingers caught in the bolt. Nothing to really critique here, just a good depiction. You can also use detachable magazines via an upgrade. No need to enable the safety here since you don’t get your fingers near the bolt. Fire selector doesn’t move, but that’s a minor detail. You can tell that this is an original AK5 and not a modified AK5C because it uses STANAG magazines. Also, the original AK5 didn’t have a bolt release, so this is correct. The fire selector is actually animated which is nice. Here’s the high-powered ammunition that the Pointman class has access to in Warfighter. The bolt doesn’t lock back on the last shot. The gun isn’t loaded here. Sorry This was the only instance of the AK5D in a video game I could find, and it happens to be the worst depiction. The recoil just pushes the gun up completely straight. And when you scope, the audio comes from the left ear. For some fucking reason. The real AK5D doesn’t have burst-fire. Relod no good When you fire in full auto the gun just shakes about like you’re having a seizure. I don’t know about you, but I would feel a bit uneasy having that huge block of steel fly back into my face while shooting. You shouldn’t have to push the bolt forward, since inserting a shell into the magazine does that automatically. No comment. The Carl Gustaf in this game actually simulates backblast, which is nice. The rockets are guideable for some reason. The gun is incorrectly called the M2 in game. It can also lock onto targets hit with a tracer dart which is stupid. Why does it shoot 2 rockets without reloading. The rocket is loaded through the muzzle for some god forsaken reason. This depiction is really good, as expected from Insurgency: Sandstorm. Ok, don’t open the launcher just throw an invisible rocket in there yeah thats good Where did the casing go The front and rear grips are also swapped in Far Cry 5. You can see that this is the Swedish version of the M136 by the foregrip. The Pansarskott m/86 doesn’t have a tracking feature. By far the best depiction of the AT4. It even shows the adjustable sights. Putting on the safety is a nice touch. Nothing really wrong with this depiction, but how can you carry 3 launchers on your person?


  1. You Guys mist 1 swedish gun the swedish mauser m41 sniper rifle that gun was in Sniper elite 4 as the Swedish mauser

  2. I think that the AK5D is in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, not pretty accurate, but at least you can see the gun.

  3. One thing I really hate about Battlefield V is the return of the really angly looking hands that disappeared in BF4 and I thought they'd fixed that then. Apparently, they still think hands aren't formed in the womb but as an afterthought with an angle grinder.

  4. 1:59 For a PDW, those are some real loud sounds, like holy shitbuckets those sound like they came out of full power rifles or intermediate rifles

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