1. If a new $25 tax puts you out of business, maybe you shouldn't have been in business in the first place. I mean, you could always move your business, to Lakewood where your customers are already saying they're willing to drive to. But I'm guessing it's easier to play the gun-toting victim, what a whiny little b.

  2. Fuck yeah!

    Bro, if you stay in business, you will have loads more people buying your stock, because we'll actually be involved in making our community safer.

    Rent willing, when I move into the heart of Tacoma, I'll definitely be buying some home defense now.

    I didn't/don't want to have to buy from Federal Way.

  3. Turn the store into a hunting equipment store. The guns can be secondary profit. Or you can sell hunting vest that comes with a free gun or ammunition with the gun or ammunition fixed into the price of the vest then no taxes 😜

  4. Follow Seattles lead that taxes guns…from a city that allows an ounce of heroin and shoot up Right in front police…and wonder why the city is falling apart

  5. How did the Seattle tax work out for crime rate and small businesses? O lookie here:
    "Comparing the first five months of 2017 with the same period before the gun tax went into effect, reports of shots fired are up 13 percent, the number of people injured in shootings climbed 37 percent and gun deaths doubled, according to crime statistics from the Seattle Police Department." All while raising estimated $100k of the projected $300-$500k in tax revenue. Largest dealer in the Citys total sales are down 20% and gun sales down 60% leading to layoffs. Why emulate a failed piece of legislation?!?
    Info pulled from https://www.foxnews.com/politics/seattle-gun-tax-failure-firearm-sales-plummet-violence-spikes-after-law-passes.amp

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