Take a Break: Old Navy

Take a Break: Old Navy


  1. if you read this comment i hope you have the most FANTASTIC day and i hope all your dreams come ture🤩🦋 my dream is to reach 450 subscribers! hopefully one day i can get there🤪

  2. I was watching a John Cassavetes movie. Bored, and irritated. Paused. Came to YouTube. This came up in feed. thanks, man, James Corden.

  3. Hi. I grow pot and could use a break. Know much about gardening? Maybe you'd be better in a dispensary since there are people to interact with.
    Yup. I think you should give a break to a budtender

  4. As a former seasonal Old Navy employee…this DEFINITELY triggered memories. I low-key felt pissed 😤 but it was still comical LOL. I was mainly working the sales floor & dressing room; so I can imagine how these employees must be feeling… I remember how I constantly spent most my time recovering the jean wall and shirts & working through a lot of my go-backs, and staying overtime; not goin home until my area was mostly cleared up! 🥺😂 My BLACK FRIDAY that year… WAS A TOTAL FRIGGIN NIGHTMARE!!! 🤬 Roflmao.

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