Taliban video shows release of US army sergeant after five years of captivity

Taliban video shows release of US army sergeant after five years of captivity

The dramatic moment a US Army Sergeant was
freed after 5 years in captivity. Video footage has been released on Al-Emara,
a Taliban website, showing the handover of Bowe Bergdahl. He’s clean shaven, with a shaved head, dressed
in a white salwar kameez and is seen waiting in a white pick-up truck as Taliban militants
outside lean in to talk to him. A helicopter lands in the Khost Province throwing
up a cloud of dust, Bergdahl is led to his rescuers by two men. One man leads him by the hand and another
walks alongside waving a white cloth tied to a wooden stick. US officials pat him down for bombs or weapons.
A plastic bag he is carrying is tossed away. After less than a minute on the ground, the
helicopter lifts away for an American base. Subtitles flash across the screen: “Don’ come
back to afghanistan” Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was released in a prisoner-swap
deal with the Taliban brokered by the Qatari government last week. Five Taliban militants
were released from the US prison at Guantanamo Bay and flown to Qatar. The Pentagon says the army sergeant is in
a stable condition at a US Army Medical Center in Germany, where doctors were assessing his


  1. Invading another people's homeland and when they resist calling them terrorist.
    Being best friends with Taliban and then calling them terrorist.

    How nasty USA. ? How dirty USA. ?

    Invading people's homelands and killing millions of innocents , producing millions of refugees bringing this world upside-down.

    This world is so tired of you USA.

  2. Was machen die Amis in all diesen Ländern.Das da keine Freundschaften entstehen idt ja klar.Die haben nichts zu suchen in anderen Ländern.

  3. Governments never care about their soldiers. I don't know who we are fighting for. He is lucky but not all.

  4. Cia and taliban had a very close friend ship and both damaged the world and killed millions of innocent people

  5. 国連IS(ハイエース)の親方(奥田ヘルプ)金と女と車と無事(武器)isのメンバーに勧誘

  6. If he would not have walk off base in his underwear and turned his nose up to his fellow soldier's he would have not faced charges when he gotten State side. He should have been bombed along with the Taliban.

  7. Question: five years there, what happened within last five years with this man? Normally you're dead in few days or there is a deal ( 1 US Sergeant vs. 10 Taliban from pakistani prison) What was the reason to keep him five years alive. Is it a muslim now? Have been instructed by Taliban for a mission in US? Strange story!

  8. La pelotudez total… Los Talibanes hubiesen tirado un misil y borraban a 12 H.D.P. del Mundo…!! 😁😁😂😂😂😂

  9. Ja jaaaaaaaa.
    Cobardes, llorones,
    ¿ Donde esta tu hombria, de morir ?
    Hijo de puta, asesinos cuando tienen un fusil, LO PEOR , SON marinas cuando están de tu a tu, sin armamentos,

  10. US is the country that likes war the most. making other countries in a state of ruin and suffering. does US rights bomb other countries?

  11. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. Always the chia and the Taliban are friends Taliban are true friend when the get to like you if you received them that when we became an enemy to them you have to know how to deal with these folks

  13. They are very loyal fighters if they do some thing the claim it's them or by other I see the tie their foot and shoot it out they will not run very hard folks to defeat all my years I have a sense of respect for them

  14. The Taliban always remember the good and thank America for their involvement during the Russian era I see a lot of capture Russian in Afghanistan are free after the war but do not want to return back to Russia

  15. Not real Taliban these r qatar's proxy. That word Taliban (student) being contaminated by war brokers. Real Talib ve no salary no insurance only fighting for their independent…Afghanistan for Afghan…

  16. Get in de chopppper,,,,this footage was taken in Ibiza,,if U listen, carefully you'll hear monolith kicking Off his set,, bangin'


  18. I'm sorry but this idiot put himself in this dumb situation by walking off his post and into the arms of the enemy by choice. Dumptruck

  19. I hate the taliban the war and America.
    But all these comments with 'pLoT tWiSt aMeRiCa kIlLeD tHeM aLl' , blah blah blah'

    No they didn't, America Lost. Accept it.

  20. America Killed Innocent Peoples all around the world each individual will pay the Cost for each one Bloody game Talibaan mostly enjoying The bloody game with US

  21. His acting is shitty, the whole blinking his eyes in the light lol dumbass your supposed to squint and blink rapidly smfh if I was there I would of put a bullet right between your eyes

  22. US is the the queen of illegal sex mentioned in hadith long before it come into existence.
    is also mentioned as conspirator.
    allah will drown it into sea like pharaoh drawn in river Neil

  23. I don't like war
    so much suffering
    so much poverty
    so much killing
    so much hate
    sad everything made by men for the day men got power for thousand century's

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