1. haha cnn and its anti gun propaganda im laughing
    and im 15 i know theyre just squeezing this story to produce anti gun propaganda juice

  2. Would you rather a few kids injured or die, or teachers aren't armed and more school shootings. It is worth it to have an armed teacher

  3. Teachers who feel comfortable being armed should be armed. End of story. Accidental discharges? That's what a safety switch is for.

  4. Another smart American move.
    I thought they didn't want guns at school.
    Now teachers start to shoot students.

    Payback ?

  5. since you guys are geniuses, then you would've known that training prevents this. look at countries like philippines and whatnot where they have armed personnel everywhere, crime is lowered and everyone feels safer. of course, I'm not saying there should be a police presence just like the philippines, but you wouldn't think that the drones watching CNN would have figured that out

  6. Oh my lordy lordy, a negligent discharge! Even if this fabricated CNN bamboozled charade is partly accurate, these type of incidents r practically nonexistent. Dont trust a trained sound minded teacher with a small caliber handgun, but trust a egomaniacal, headstrong, anxiety prone, little red weiner, ptsd cop with the whole police forces arsenal at his disposal?…..funny stuff.

  7. Why is cnn even allowed to broadcast anymore, id be imbarrassed if i was them. Id go home and shoot myself with my potatoe gun i protect my family with.

  8. school is a place to learn and make friends. not a place to shoot guns.
    I know banning guns in the united states will be very hard but it has to happen. i’m not american but i am worried of all the precious american’s lives

  9. How about we have no guns allowed anywhere near a school? Like my school, we have a cop sitting outside our school in the morning and afternoon.

  10. Just because he was a 5 year police veteran doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. You can’t except everything to be 100%perfect.

  11. We should give all the students guns too! and their dogs. and kindergarten kids. if everyone has a gun, no one gets shot! right???

  12. Such bullshit. Show us PROOF! Besides a kid wearing makeup on his neck where's the slug? The hole in the wall. More than one person must have heard the gun go off. Right!?

  13. I feel people should carry guns and such, but I disagree with arming a teacher. Why give a teacher a lethal weapon? It’s a flawed idea. I can’t think of a way around it other than giving them a taser or something. I honestly don’t know. Wouldn’t security guards work though? Or like, a patrol officer?

  14. Why don't we just have more trained officers in school. My school has 2 officers that switch out and they don't make any of the students or staff uncomfortable.

  15. most obvious fake news i've seen in awhile lol. those people obviously shot the guns on purpose probably paid by some liberals to do it and intentionally aimed it to not shoot anyone, but one of the kids managed to catch a fragment. lmfao. liberal will do anything to fuck over this country.

  16. The real problem is if it is a Glock. I hate Glock because they and other striker fired guns, you have far more unintended discharges instead of regular guns with a hammer.
    Now we again see the liberals and media foaming at the mouth.
    There is no such thing as an accidental discharge.

  17. There has been hundreds of incidences of cops accidentally firing their gun even killing suspects and victims, one time in 2016 a cop accidentally shot a 4 year old girl!! yet you never here from CNN talking about disarming cops why??

  18. These are 2 incidents against many successes, and both of them were human error and could be solved by better training. You should never touch your gun at school unless you need it. If you are going give a demonstration, make sure it is unloaded. Also, the kids in the school shouldn't even know the teachers have guns, because that makes the teachers much bigger targets in a shooting. A very high number of shootings start with the cop being shot first.

  19. Keep your gun in the holster and it will not go off, but I guess since you liberals don’t know that I spelled it out.

  20. Wow, you mean people are still learning LMAO? Soldiers, cops, anyone around firearms can have a discharge lol. Bunch of crying pansies…

  21. I against gun control but I'm still don't thing arming teachers is a good idea because there not going to be responsible with them but at the same time with all the people in us there going to be accidents.

  22. Hahaha! I bet there will be more casualties with accidental blue on blue shootings in schools than could be committed by any gun attacks by a fruit-cake attacking the schools! Hahaha! Americans sure are dumb!!!! Yes, lets give all the kids and teachers guns so they can accidentally shoot each other and traumatise the lot of them in the process!!!!

  23. First off gun safety shouldn't be taught in a public schools. Whoever is gonna be the gun owners protecting the children at the school should be taught at a gun range.

  24. Drugs, obesity, suicide, no free healthcare, poor education and wages,shooting deaths, racism. Welcome to USA.!!!!

  25. If you have guns at schools there should be rules of not having a round in the chamber while on school grounds; or something like that…. I feel more safe with teachers being armed TBH

  26. It’s not the gun why do they try to go against guns when there with no way to protect against this other than not allowing students to bring like I’m checked bags into school

  27. We have cops and FBI agents accidently shooting themselves and others. So yea, teachers would be sooo much safer with guns…lmfao

  28. We need complete body armor legislation…everyone can keep their guns but everyone must wear a bullet resistant Burqa! Head to toe protection


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