TECH SA: Cybersecurity jobs available at Joint Base-Lackland

TECH SA: Cybersecurity jobs available at Joint Base-Lackland

we’re looking at protecting the data protecting the information because it’s really what’s best for the nation and really our daily lives with the constant threat of cyber attacks the Air Force is looking to fill more than 70 civilian jobs to defend our nation and this week’s tech s AG MSA at 9 Stephanie Huertas gets a look inside the 67th cyberspace wing at joint base san antonio lackland who says they want local talent to fill those slots and we’re comprised of military civilian and contract employees and they have a lot of different knowledge and skills and training colonel Melissa Cunningham is the commander of the 67th cyberspace wing at joint base san antonio lackland this wing actually has roots back to 1947 now that wasn’t the focus at the time if because 2006 that we really shifted the focus to start looking at cyber and information warfare cunningham says the wing analyzes cyberspace vulnerabilities they can be criminal threats and they can be nation-state threats as well the wing is made up of nearly 2,000 people but the wing has 77 vacancies for civilians Theresa Hawk is the wings civilian director and represents the local talent that they are looking for Huck graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with an electrical engineering degree shortly after graduation she was recruited by the Air Force um it has provided me some really amazing opportunities and I’ve spent 16 years working for the Air Force Hawk says they are looking for people with a variety of skills information technology cyber security Computer Engineering computer science Electrical Engineering software development I think this is an incredible start and an incredible purpose to have an opportunity to serve the nation on if you type in technology and Lachlan you will find all the different job opportunities on their website we’ll have that link on cassette com Tiffany what does case at 12 News

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  1. They need to hire more minorities. My son has a degree and has a hard time getting hired becaise he's Hispanic???

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