1. Woman assaulted him because he happened to take a picture of her from feets away while taking a video of the beach in a public beach. And you are crying why he wasn't charged ?

  2. 18 year old boy building this kind of thing is quite impressive tbh. This young bright fella has a bright future as well.

  3. Oh fuck off, the FAA doesn't have jurisdiction under 500 feet. Quit making stupid laws for people doing private shit on their own property…What next….gonna tell me the gov owns rain water to?

  4. Did that idiot really say that using drones as remote controlled weapons is NOT a viable use? Where did he grow up? Probably under a fucking rock, that very Technology was being developed as far back as the cold war, probably earlier! Why did they make them then? They must be toys! No, your very own Military has been waging war with drones for decades!

    The media is so funny that it scares me people believe this garbage.

  5. Whatever way a person designs a drone to be 'useful' is not for anyone else to say. Such nonsense. You could also design your car to be part boat….it's been done, are you then saying: "That's not useful?", just because you may not agree or like it. I think one standard will do just fine – we don't need a double standard, thank you very much.

  6. Fuck the government and the JOOO’s insane and vehement desire to find a law for EVERYTHING, they want total control and the only way we will be able to take the control back is by force . PERIOD!

  7. But the gringos are still quiet over Obama's botched gun running scam of operation fast and furious.
    This is why I bang foreigners from the other side of the world.
    My future wife is a Cambodian doctor…

  8. That thing is awesome. Hey everyone, schematics are all over the internet with a how too build these. I'd never build one but it's still pretty cool.

  9. "There are many ways drones can be made useful. Carrying a gun is not one of them." 😒 Tell that to the United States' and Russian armed forces you fucking idiot!

  10. Only the CIA and u.s. military are allowed to use weaponized drones and commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  11. @0:44 “there are many ways that drones can be useful, but mounting a firearm onto it isn’t one” well the feds did kinda send a remote controlled camera with a sawed off shotgun & a microphone attached to it to “talk” to Randy Weaver.
    And the Dallas shooter; tha guy who killed all those cops, was killed by a remote controlled package of C-4.
    So, is it useless?
    If I thought someone may have broken into my house I’d rather send a robot to check it out before I go trying to be hero.

  12. They should pass a law to ban this. That way when someone plans to kill someone with a gun connected to a drone they won't do it once they find out it's against the law.

  13. leave it to CNN to blow a kids ingenuity out of proportion. do you know how difficult it would be for this kid to actually shoot someone with this drone

  14. Let the kid be he’s an engineer, I would’ve given him a scholarship rather trying to look for a way to sue him or some shit like that

  15. no laws against that they just pissed they spent millions on drones and security to be fucked over by a simple idea that could wreak havoc worldwide lol

  16. The Communist News Network doing what they do best.Making this kid look like a serial killer jus for being creative on his own private property

  17. Trillions spent on drones that fly thousands of miles to bomb brown people and nobody gives a shit. One kid figures out how to attach a small pistol to a drone and it's "Holy fuck we need to do something!!!!"

  18. The US government uses drone with rockets to kill innocent civilians around the world. Doing this is on your property is what America is about. Guns are not toys but can be used to have fun, this young man did nothing wrong…

  19. Why they use a so called drone as a weapon for the military but even if he did break a law he was on his property he can do anything he wants on his property as long as he doesn't hurt anyone and it's not a federal crime or something that could get you locked up for serious crimes but modifying a drone to carry a gun is totally legal on his own property

  20. The government already has thousands of these kill bots ready to go they just don’t want the people having them🤔🙄

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