1. I really liked the facial expressions in this one. It's also a funny feeling when you laugh as your friend's gun has feeding problems but shiver in terror when it's your friend with a supportive machine gun. Another one is respawning and trying to push the front forward that inevitably ends in your frustration as you get shot over and over again along with your comrades without reaching anything. Some classic quotes include: "We will balance the teams if this match doesn't work" and "You are a volunteer". Lastly I'd like to end this text with a single word: Polarstar!

  2. I actually did break both of my wrists while at a milsim event. The first thing I thought of was to check and make sure my gun survived, even though it was already painful to even pick it up.

  3. That feeling when u hear ur ringtong but no one is calling you and u find out it was the phone of the sniper in 1:40

  4. I missed the "That feeling when there are BBs everywhere in the house". 🙂
    (in laundry, kitchen, fridge, floor, shoes, girlfriend hair :D, etc.)

  5. vy ste zo žiliny že ? bol som na vas v divadle lebo aj ja som zo žiliny len tak mimochodom aj ja hram airsoft je to super 😉

  6. Just stumbled on your channel a few days ago and have already watched all your uploads. Very funny and great production. Excellent job to everyone. If you ever visit Dallas, Texas I'd love to take you guys for the Texas experience. Texan BBQ and shooting all kinds of calibers of guns at the range.

  7. Hey guys check out my channel a recently posted! also check out Oc Airsoft he has a amazing channel!!!!!!!!

  8. Hello BirnyX, I was wondering what model is the G3 one of you guys have (sorry, I don't know your names). I didn't know where to ask, but here it is. I am starting airsoft and want to buy a good G3 model (looks I'm the most attracted to and "marksman-ish"). Also, your content is absolutely great!

  9. i now got the idea to borrow a sniper, order pizza and start fishing with the sweet sweet pepperoni goodness as bait.

  10. glad my wife plays airsoft along with me and my friends and their wives! it’s fun to upgrade with your equipment with your wife!

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