hello you guys are welcome back to
another top five countdown today we are doing something very
special for all the students out there it’s back to school time wouldn’t it be
sweet if you could get a discount on your favorite fast food spot yep there’s a lot of fast food
restaurant that will give you a discount just for being a student so take
advantage of it helped a parent out here five fast food places to go be to grab
on with a sweet student discount number five mickey d’s everybody knows make it ease there’s probably a mickey d’s half mile
from your house ten percent I don’t think they advertise
this did you know when you went to go get those chicken nuggets did you know when you went and got those
biggie fries do they still have for your friends i hope so students get ten percent off their meal
when they go to Mickey D’s thank you make these did you know did
you know did you know number four chick-fil-a do you know how
much money I would have saved by now if I knew this one here’s another reason
why my daughter will be making the chick-fil-a runs from now on sweetie don’t forget your ID did you
know did you know did you know number three tcby mmm yogurt we all love it couple years ago it was a
giant yogurt fat going around everybody had to go get yogurt now go pick up your yogurt and your
yummy toppings and get a discount how much sweeter is this you’re going to
be when you get fifteen percent off that is a nice discount yeah y’all you
got save your parents of money fifteen percent off your yogurt come on
did you know did you know did you know I didn’t know number to chipotle I told
my daughter this one and she was piss she’s like who knew what nobody’s told
her they don’t advertise it it’s on the deal next time you go to
chipotle don’t forget your free drink now a couple of websites are saying
fifteen percent off a couple of websites are telling me it’s a free drink with your meal either
way you’re getting something for free or at a discounted rate is good either way
you go did you know did you know did you know
number one the sweetest deal in the bunch taco cabana top of Cabana will give
students twenty percent off number one deal best deal i found twenty percent of all
students when you go to the restaurant and order some yummy food who doesn’t love Mexican food anybody
know nobody everybody loves Mexican food go get it it’s gonna taste even better
now because this twenty percent off yes did you know did you know did you
know alright guys that was five restaurants
that you can get us wheat student discount at don’t forget write it down save this video remember
parents remind your kids now there’s a couple of disclaimers not all locations
participate in the student discounts so ask before you just assume also things
change maybe it was ten percent maybe now it’s
only five maybe it was a free drink now it’s fifteen percent things change i’m just laying check before you assume
but just know that most restaurant have a student discount now you know now you’re a little smarter
when you go back to school to your friends you’re welcome all right you guys if you have enjoyed
this video if you have benefited if you believe that you’re going to save some
money give this video a thumbs up because i’m
starting to save money immediately my daughter will take her ID everywhere
and she will go everywhere with me now because i need ten percent off at least
when I will get my food if you check my youtube channel is
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what that does but I’m excited it’s kind of a big deal i think maybe not it’s
probably not who cares it’s the little things I got
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video give it a thumbs up if you know of a student discount that i haven’t
mentioned leave it in the comments below so that we can share the knowledge let’s all share the discount code people
put it in the comments I’ll see you in the next one bye


  1. In Canada we have a SPC Card that students can purchase and use at more than just restaurants…. stores of all kinds accept this discount card. Unfortunately it came in when my younger daughter was on the tail end of being a student.

  2. not helpful to me 'cuz my kids are still in elementary school. however i do still love the info & pass it along to others. thanks Viv🐙

  3. Hey Vivian, do the discounts apply to only college? Or does this hit high schoolers, too?
    Discounts! How YOU doin'?!

  4. Lol…No I didn’t know! I just graduated last May, I could of saved lots of money…where was my Vivian when I needed you?

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