The Army the Republic Used Before the Clone Army [Legends] – Star Wars Explained

The Army the Republic Used Before the Clone Army [Legends] – Star Wars Explained

The Clone Army that fought alongside the Jedi Knights
against the Separatists was the first galactic sized military force undertaken by the Republic
for nearly a thousand years. But what kind of military did the Republic
have before the introduction of the Clone Army? Well for the most part the Galactic Republic’s
military forces were decentralized, with the judicial forces being its main centralized
armed forces, which acted more of a police force rather than an army. Though within the Judicial Forces was the
Sector Ranger core, which was a far more militarized branch with its members being trained with
military like tactics. They were basically a SWAT team. The Sector Ranger Core were often used in
large scale slave trade and illegal spice busting operations that required highly trained
individuals. They also were allowed jurisdiction across
all systems within the Republic, following leads that spanned across multiple planets. Aside from that, worlds of the republic were
responsible with providing their own militias within their respective territories for defense
against common enemies, like pirates and other hostile powers. Though these planetary security forces tended
to be quite small. However, there was a time where some within
the Republic did garner an actual army that numbered in the tens of thousands of trained
soldiers in an attempt to fight a small war in the Outer Rim. It was known as the Republic Outland Regions
Security Force, and it was the closest thing the Republic had to a military before the
introduction of the Clone Army since it dismantled its original forces from the Old Republic
era a thousand years prior. Created 35 years before the Clone Wars, the
Outland Regions Security Force was used for the Hyperspace Stark War and was formed unofficially
by senator Ranulph Tarkin, the older cousin of the later infamous Wilhuff Tarkin. Around this time, Ranulph was the leader of
the small but increasing political faction known as the Militarists, which was a group
that supported the creation of a powerful centralized military force within the Republic
and to disband the restrictions imposed by the Ruusan Reformation from nearly a thousand
years earlier. While for most of his career Ranulph wasn’t
taken seriously, the day finally came when his speeches began to resonate among fellow
senators and even many citizens that lived within the Core worlds. For the unthinkable had just happened within
the Outer Rim; a pirate named Laco Stark was combing his forces in the outskirts of the
Republic and forming a small army. He went on to cause a ton of problems, from
helping orchestrate schemes to drastically diminish bacta supply, to disabling travel
among the Core and Outer Rim worlds by creating a computer virus that corrupted navigation
computers that tried to use prominent hyperlanes between the two regions. This of course brought the attention of the
Senate. While Ranulph was taken more seriously than
before within the Senate, his idea of creating a Republic army was still dismissed in favor
of sending the Jedi to negotiate with the pirates. But Ranulph couldn’t accept that, so he
went on to create the army all on his own, bringing in supporters of his from the various
Judicial Force branches and planetary militias. Over the course of a few weeks, he would amass
a fleet of a couple dozen cruisers and attack vessels as well as forming an army of a couple
ten thousand soldiers that were all equipped with traditional military gear. In his mind, he was going to prove to the
Republic that the military option was the best means of doing things by wiping out the
Stark pirate army and bringing an end to the Bacta and Hyperlane crises. He was going to launch his first attack at
the very same place the Jedi were going to meet with the pirate leaders for negotiations. But his plans ended up falling apart when
Laco Stark intercepted Ranulph’s travel plans and installed a new virus onto the newly
amassed fleet. The navigation systems for more than 2 thirds
of Ranulph’s fleet caused the ships to hyperspace jump to random coordinates, with a few ships
being sent into stars, black holes, or uncharted territory. Less than a third of the initial attack force
made it to the appropriate destination, only to find themselves trapped by a fully prepared
pirate fleet that had been waiting for their arrival. While Ranulph’s fleet was being destroyed
overhead, the Jedi negotiations that were happening on the planet didn’t go well either,
as the pirates had no desire for peace, attacking their guests with full force. While the Jedi were able to escape, including
Obi Wan, Qui Gon, and Plo Koon, they did lose a fellow Master and were trapped on the planet
with no means of getting off it. The Jedi were eventually able to contact Ranulph
and convince him to land the surviving ships of his fleet onto the planet and to move all
of his men into a giant cave that was within a mountain for safely and so they could regroup. With communications offline, the jedi and
a couple hundred surviving soldiers were forced to fend off multiple aggressive attacks from
the countless pirates for over a week, up until they were rescued by another Republic
taskforce that was quickly created using Trade Federation ships. The pirate army led by Stark eventually fell
apart as well, as the pirates lost far more in the short war than they ever gained from
all the looting. Ranulph died in the action but was hailed
as a hero by some within the Republic for attempting to do something when no one else
would, and the soldiers that survived the week long siege in the mountain came to appreciate
the Jedi on a whole new level. Not only were they impressed by their skill
in combat, but also by their compassion for other beings. The entire Outland Regions Security Force
consisted of only Humans, most of whom believed in the notions that Humans were far superior
to other species. But this changed within many of them due to
Jedi Master Plo Koon, who went out of his way to take care of the injured and sick that
were within the cave during the siege. Seeing an alien care for them in such a manner
opened up many of their minds and gave them great appreciation for Plo Koon, to the point
where after the battle a few would regularly meet up with the Jedi Master to thank him
for all he’d done when he cared for them and for opening up their minds on the contributions
of non-Human species.


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  3. If George Lucas or Disney should make an Star Wars episode 4 how would it be if order 66 failed like you said in the video: What if order 66 failed? Could they make an good episode 4? Or would the idea just be scrapped?

  4. Pretty interesting story on the Republic’s currently armed forces before the Grand Army of the Republic and the 3-year long Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY).

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  6. wonder what went wrong on the intel part to tip off the pirates of this force coming. either way this is the wake up call that the republic should had reformed the army before using the clones out right but sadlly it is not to be and now the place is in a state of war and blood shad that the new republic army has to fight not only with recruits but also to reforge there battle experience lost over that long mellenia of peace.

  7. If only the Republic had an existing army before the Clone Wars.. They would not have a need for The Clone Army therefore making it SO MUCH HARDER for Palpatine to take complete control of the conflict and the Republic maybe to the extent that he would never have been an Emperor of the Galaxy,

    It actually makes EXTREME sense for a Government in a universe like Star Wars to ALWAYS have some military capability, after all hundred of wars have raged since the birth of the Republic and they suddenly think their is no need for a Military at all? in a Galaxy so vast where they have possibly thousands of Planets under their jurisdiction where anything can happen? Where they have multiple rival entities like The Hutts who they have an uneasy peace with, maybe waiting with the intention to take over the ''Undefended'' Republic??

    I can go on and on about reasons why an ''Official Demilitarisation'' makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE whatsoever for the Republic or any Government body in Star Wars.

  8. See this kind of stuff is so awesome and fascinating. When I heard we were getting spinoff starwars films I wanted something like this or the Mandalorean war with the Jedi to be made into Star Wars spin off films. But what we got was the dumpsterfire that is Solo: A Star Wars Story.

  9. Hey all, I'm searching for some info. I remember seeing a picture of a scene in Knights of the Old Republic with a droid being passive aggressive about people running at jedi while only weilding blasters. Can anyone tell me the name of that droid?

  10. Clone army – Galactic sized – 6 million personnel

    Oh shit nobody tell Stalin the Red Army could have roflstomped its way across the milky-way.

  11. I can see some of the proto-republic army troops using what looks like A280's and other blasters that would come into service of the rebel alliance.

  12. Starwars can never truly get the scale of a war right. 10,000 is considered an army? Small countries have hundreds of thousands and even that is still considered small.

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  14. I was under the impression that the Republic didn’t have any form of military at all after the Sith supposedly disappeared. Glad I came across this vid

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  16. General Kota would have loved this army. Instead he received the most incompetent clones who were really unfit for battle.

  17. Since this video is including legends stuff, You should probably mention the old republic army, as it still counts as being the republic

  18. Wow, just wow. For such a gigantic political organisation spanning over different systems in the galaxy, the Republic really had almost nothing to fight a big war with… which was on its way.

  19. The whole anti military stuff Star Wars often pull is so stupid. Every nation needs an army to be able to defend itself, peace is not always an option and even if it is you will probably have to fight before you can get it

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